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Validity Inc. – Leveraging High-Quality Contact Verification Solution for a Better Roi from Sales, Marketing, and Service


Identity marketing is a rapidly emerging form of personalized marketing that many brands are beginning to use. It involves using personalized offers to engage consumer tribes like students or teachers, based on their deep-seated identity attributes; however, most marketers don’t understand the importance of customer verification to make this form of personalization succeed. Contact verification is a critical step in an identity marketing campaign because it protects the integrity of the offer. Members of the consumer tribe need to know the offer is truly just for them, or it loses its appeal. It also protects a brand’s reputation. When consumers know ineligible customers can take advantage of a personalized offer, it hurts a brand. Four in five consumers would shop with a brand less often, and half would lose trust in the brand. Finally, customer verification prevents discount abuse. Brands run identity marketing programs to specifically engage members of a consumer tribe. When fraudsters can redeem an offer, it cuts into a brand’s margins and weakens its strategy.

Validity Inc. is one of the most trusted names in customer data quality. Tens of thousands of organizations rely on Validity solutions – including DemandTools, DupeBlocker, PeopleImport, BriteVerify, and Trust Assessments – to manage their customer data. With Validity, these organizations make better decisions that drive more leads, close more deals and confidently plan for continued growth. The firm develops innovative products that bring data quality solutions to businesses globally.

Providing Best-in-Class Contact Verification Solutions

BriteVerify: BriteVerify is the industry’s longest standing and most complete email and contact verification solution. The technology allows you to gather real contact data at the point of collection paired with the ability to check your data at any time – protecting customer experience and your email reputation. BriteVerify prevents over 1.5 million invalid email addresses from entering CRM systems every 24 hours. It ensures you have the highest quality and most likely to engage emails possible.

DemandTools : With DemandTools, high-quality data is an attainable goal. It helps to manage data duplicates, standardization, record reassignments, lead processing, and more in record time and deliver high-quality data across your business. Automate your DemandTools data quality routines with JobBuilder for efficient and consistent data management. It prevents duplicates at the source with real-time deduplication that runs every time a record is created or modified and automatically maintains your data quality. Tailor your approach with filters that only apply matching rules to specific subsets of records or users and integrate with your web-to-lead processes for special handling of leads generated by your website. DemandTools helps establish the continual delivery of high-quality data and removes the complexities of data management with its ability to conform to your unique processes.

GridBuddy: It simplifies complex data management processes while working within your Salesforce CRM. Access and manage all the data you need from one screen, without having to click between multiple open tabs and windows. It also increases Salesforce adoption with a simple and effective way to work within your CRM. Easily edit and manage data while accessing superior visibility into the pipeline with an improved Salesforce UX and simplified workflow. GridBuddy streamlines and improves data entry into your Salesforce CRM, ensuring that your CRM data is always current.

Trust Assessments: Customer data is the lifeline of every business, be it big or small, new or old, your data should be relied on to steer the decisions that drive your success. When your data quality is high, so are the customer engagement, campaign ROI, lead velocity, and revenue growth. The Trust Assessments application installs locally on your machine and securely connects to a Salesforce production or sandbox instance through a Salesforce login within the Trust Assessments application.

The Visionary Leader behind the Success of Validity Inc.

Mark Briggs is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Validity Inc. He has over 20 years of experience building and leading high-growth technology companies with a strong track record of generating exceptional shareholder value. Most recently, he served as CEO of ABILITY Network, a company he grew from <$10m to over $120m in revenue in four years. ABILITY was recently acquired by Inovalon (NASDAQ:INOV) for $1.2 Billion. Prior to ABILITY, Mark held executive leadership positions at Carefx Corporation, at NaviNet, was the President of MPI Solutions at QuadraMed Corporation, and served as the Chairman and CEO of LinkSoft Technologies, a company that he founded.

Mr. Briggs holds a Master’s in theoretical physics and a Bachelor’s degree in physics, both from Dartmouth College.

“With Validity, these organizations make better decisions that drive more leads, close more deals and confidently plan for continued growth.”