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November Edition 2023

Van Gerard Dichoso, Dichoso and Company, CPA, Inc. President and CEO: “Our work record and ethics are impeccable. Colleagues, friends, clients and the community find us responsible, trustworthy, genuine, loyal, and operating with high integrity and morals.”


New business owners often begin by creating a DIY environment to manage their businesses, taking up various roles and responsibilities in order to cut costs. However, this approach can lead to challenges, as it may result in underperformance due to skill gaps. To maintain profitability, one of the most crucial areas that requires expert attention is accounting. As your company continues to develop and grow, relying solely on software can provide temporary solutions at best. Only an effective CPA can offer the necessary support to propel your company forward. While you might feel that it’s premature to seek the assistance of a CPA, it’s important to recognize that the way you design your operations will have a lasting impact on your company’s future success.

So, what exactly can a CPA do for your business? A CPA can help you identify the most suitable business culture for your venture, assist you in making well-informed financial decisions, and consistently evaluate your business’s standing. This guidance is instrumental in navigating the startup process, preventing potential mistakes that could lead to costly corrections down the line.

Globally, there are several CPA firms delivering exceptional services, but Dichoso and Company, CPA, Inc. stands out from the rest. Renowned as one of the most prominent CPAs of Filipino-American descent, Van Gerard initially established the CPA firm Dichoso and Company, CPA, Inc. in 2001. The firm initially focused on assisting small business startups, aiding new business owners in adhering to the myriad of ever-changing accounting and tax regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. Over time, the CPA firm has expanded its reach to serve a diverse range of individuals and industries. This includes Hollywood entertainers, movie producers, and international and multi-state corporations in sectors such as manufacturing, retail, food and beverage, restaurants, and professional services (including law firms and medical practices).

Leader behind the success of Dichoso and Company, CPA, Inc.

Van Gerard, a visionary in the accounting realm, serves as the dynamic President and CEO of Dichoso and Company, CPA, Inc. His journey unfolds as a testament to resolute determination and an unyielding commitment to excellence, setting a remarkable precedent in the field.

In a profession predominantly dominated by the white demographic, Van defied stereotypes, showcasing that his Asian heritage was not a limitation, but a unique strength. Overcoming a significant roadblock – a serious car accident in high school – he emerged as the valedictorian the following year, a vivid demonstration of his unwavering resilience. His alma mater, the esteemed University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), further enriched his trajectory.

Van’s leadership within Dichoso and Company has elevated it to a pinnacle of industry distinction, reflecting his unwavering dedication to shaping an exceptional legacy. His story is punctuated by accolades such as being named a “Top 100 Accountant,” earning the title “Asia’s CPA Superstar,” and receiving the prestigious “UCLA PAA Distinguished Alumnus of the Year” award. These honors underscore his profound impact on both the accounting landscape and the global business community.


Van Gerard Dichoso, embarked on a unique path that initially led him to explore acting with aspirations of becoming a Hollywood luminary. While the spotlight of celebrity Asian actor eluded him, he transitioned into a more influential and expansive role in the heart of Hollywood. Today, Van Gerard Dichoso holds a significant role as the co-owner of River Rock Films, LLC, a distinguished TV and film studio. This role positions him at the helm of creating and producing Hollywood’s finest cinematic creations. Beyond his integral involvement in the production process, Van Gerard has seamlessly integrated into the vibrant world of Hollywood events, frequently gracing occasions alongside celebrated luminaries. Through his multifaceted journey, Van Gerard Dichoso has not only brought his expertise as a CPA but has also evolved into a prominent figure driving the creative and business aspects of the entertainment industry. His transformative journey underscores the depth of his influence within Hollywood’s dynamic landscape.

“To succeed in business and any relationship, trust and effective communication skills are critical in establishing respect from your peers, friends, family and society at large.”