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Verint: Modernizing Customer Engagement for Today’s Digital World

thesiliconreview-elan-moriah-president-verint-2017Today’s customers expect businesses to be able to deliver service, no matter which channel or device they choose—even if they use a combination of channels and devices for a single transaction.

This new service dynamic presents a variety of challenges for your organization. You need to integrate new technology to deliver service and train employees to use it. You need to evolve processes and procedures to reflect new ways of doing business. And you need to know how effectively you’re delivering service across all channels, so you can change tactics if necessary.

Traditional approaches to customer service are seldom equal to the task.  In conversation with Elan Moriah, president, Verint® Customer Engagement SolutionsTM, we found out how this leading provider of customer experience software and services is helping organizations modernize customer engagement in today’s digital world.

Tell us a little about your business.

Verint is a global provider of customer engagement solutions. We help many of the brands you know and trust deliver exceptional experiences to their customers while achieving strategic business goals, such as better, more cost-effective performance.

Our expertise and applications help modernize every aspect of customer engagement. Organizations rely on us to help them have the right people, knowledge, and processes in place to engage, serve, and protect their customers, build trust and loyalty, and reduce costs. Ultimately, our solutions help them to stand out in the crowd by providing crucial insights, guidance, flexible technology, and automation for making smarter, faster decisions. 

You mentioned customer engagement. Why is that such a hot topic right now?

Today’s customers expect access to information, products, and services how and when they want—and they want an experience that just works. Providing an engaging, effortless journey can be the difference between keeping your customers and losing them to the competition. Conceptually, this sounds simple, but in reality, it’s not easy, and organizations struggle with the underlying technology and processes. That’s where Verint can help.

How do Verint solutions help organizations engage customers?

Our solutions focus on the core elements of customer interaction and engagement: the employees who deliver service, the internal processes and technology that support them, and the customers who take part in the interactions. Our goal is to empower employees and customers, keep decision makers within the enterprise informed about every aspect of the engagement cycle, and simplify the process for customers.

Let’s go a little deeper here. Can you elaborate?

Certainly. We’re focused on simplifying customer engagement, and we offer proven solutions that are easy to own, operate, and expand. That’s why our solutions support collaboration, automation, open interfaces, simple integrations, and cloud and other deployment models. These are all key success factors for driving modern customer engagement with greater simplicity.

As expectations for exceptional customer experiences continue to increase, having a knowledgeable, productive, and motivated workforce is critical for retaining customers and achieving meaningful business impacts. Our solutions empower the workforce by providing them with the information they need to deliver great service. We also offer capabilities for managing their performance and delivering coaching and training. And we offer automation solutions that can help organizations drive higher revenue, reduce operating costs, and cultivate greater customer satisfaction.

Empowering customers by making it easy to do business is an imperative today. We help customers quickly find the information they need, self-serve, and have effortless experiences. We also help organizations provide more proactive, efficient ways to meet customer demands anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Creating, operationalizing, and sharing intelligence across the enterprise is critical as the pace of business increases. Our solutions provide the ability to access and act on real-time intelligence, which enables faster, informed decision making and smarter outcomes.

Ultimately, intelligence is power.

Who uses Verint solutions?

Over 10,000 organizations in more than 180 countries, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 100, use Verint solutions. Our customers represent many industries, including banking, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, technology, telecommunications, transportation, and travel. Typically, they deploy our solutions in various areas of the enterprise, including contact centers, branch offices, the back office, and the compliance and marketing departments. 

What’s unique about Verint’s solutions?

Verint solutions stand out in several ways. We offer the industry’s broadest, most innovative portfolio of best-of-breed solutions for customer engagement, making it easy for customers to start anywhere within the portfolio and expand over time. We also offer deployment flexibility, which makes it simple for customers to choose the best deployment mode for their needs, whether on premises, in a private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid model. And we have an extensive network of technology and reseller partners, which helps us provide customers interoperability and simplicity in purchasing our solutions.

In just a sentence or two, summarize the value your company provides.

Great engagement and experiences shouldn’t be the exception—they should be the rule.  And Verint is a trusted partner that can help organizations achieve this goal.

Meet the key executive

Elan Moriah is president of Verint® Systems’ Customer

Engagement Solutions global business line. He has served in this capacity since September 2008 (including periods in which this business line was comprised of two units). Previously, he served the company as President, Americas from May 2004 to August 2008, and as President of Verint’s contact center business line from 2000 to 2004.

Before joining Verint, Mr. Moriah held various management positions with Motorola Inc., including Business Development Manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Worldwide Network Services Division and Vice President of Marketing and Sales of a paging subsidiary. Prior to that, Mr. Moriah worked for Comet Software Inc., as Vice President of Marketing and Sales and as Operations Manager.

“Providing an engaging, effortless journey can be the difference between keeping customers and losing them to the competition. We believe great engagement and experiences shouldn’t be the exception – they should be the rule.”