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Dillana Lim, CEO of Versium: A passionate leader bringing disruptive technologies and services to help SaaS organizations scale to new heights


An identity graph is an online database of identifying data about individuals—it links all the known identifiers (email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, etc.) that correlate to one individual. It should be clear why identity graphs are important to B2B marketers. When it comes to targeting the right prospects with ads, B2B marketers need to be able to target people based on their business attributes but market to individuals through their personal social profiles. Without an identity graph to link these two worlds, it would be virtually impossible to accurately reach them.

Versium is a data technology company that operates a powerful B2B2C identity graph which fuels marketing tools and services. Constantly speaking with marketers to understand their challenges, Versium continuously works to improve its products and services. Its goal is to help marketers increase campaign effectiveness, generate demand and re-engage customers, while being mindful of their current platforms. Inspired by a poorly-targeted direct email campaign, Versium’s founders made it their mission to apply the power of data science and analytics to the abundance of data that marketing agencies and enterprises have to deal with today to improve their marketing ROI. Combining their in-depth marketing knowledge with their love of bringing new technologies to life, they founded Versium to address some of the biggest pain points in marketing and sales — figuring out who is likely to buy, and who will never buy, so sales or marketing budgets can be spent wisely.

Leveraging Authentic and Real-Time Data Technology Products

Versium B2B REACH: Understand who you’re targeting. See a snapshot of your audience, with easy-to-read charts, graphs and other visuals that highlight key demographic or firmographic data such as job titles, gender, age, and revenue. List insights are available for lists you already own, or for any audience built with Versium REACH. Get a quick snapshot of your prospects and customers to personalize your marketing and content throughout the entire buyer journey. You can target B2B audiences that you own and can reuse across all of your digital marketing platforms, with better match rates. No more black box audiences. The company's tool makes it easy to identify and understand your ideal targets, without having to find them separately in every platform you use.

Versium B2C REACH: Visualize demographic details about your lists with ease. Every list uploaded into Versium REACH or built within the platform, will automatically create a list insights report. Versium REACH also makes it simple to share your insight reports. Simply download as a .PDF, .PNG, or instantly send via email or shareable link. It’s not a new marketing revelation that content should be customized based on which audiences marketers are targeting. But, it hasn’t always been simple to determine exactly who is in those marketing lists. With Versium REACH list insights, marketers have the ability to uncover the makeup of any list

Versium REACH APIs: It gives you access to actionable data faster, more accurately and at a fraction of the cost of alternative data and predictive marketing solutions. Get access to all of the consumer and business data you need to drive your application development. Versium data is comprised of more than 8,000 aggregated and indexed data files. This includes more than 400 Million email addresses and 300 Billion attributes. The data is generated by businesses and consumers through real life events, actions, and activities both on- and offline. By connecting through Versium APIs, you are able to access broad, rich sets of data in real time, adding value to your marketing campaigns, CRM databases and web applications. And, you are getting the highest quality and most accurate business and consumer information in the industry.

Versium Predict: The company has packed its powerful B2B2C Identity Graph and automated predictive analytics solutions right into the CRM. The result: Higher conversion rates while working more efficiently, and spending less time and money on your sales and marketing efforts. Predict does all the heavy lifting to automatically add business consumer data from its identity graph to each lead in the CRM automatically, score those leads so that you can focus on the ones most likely to convert, and generate new lists of high scoring leads, on-demand. Get higher conversion rates while working more efficiently, spending less time and money on your sales and marketing efforts. Finding the right decision makers can be challenging. Predict finds them for you across multiple verticals with a click of a button. With its data feeding directly into the CRM, you can enrich customer data to individual records or automatically in bulk.

Meet the Valiant Leader

Dillana Lim is the Chief Executive Officer of Versium. She is committed to recruiting and building high-performance teams in a positive and supportive culture, while delivering the highest quality products and solutions to solve big customer problems.

"We are a data technology company that operates a powerful B2B2C identity graph and automated data engine, helping marketers greatly improve their effectiveness throughout the entire buyer journey."