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30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2023

Canada’s Award-Winning Software Developer, Vertical Motion Inc. is creating a level playing field for app businesses and giving people freedom of choice on their devices


Vertical Motion Inc. is a trusted Canadian software development and entrepreneur assistance company that has supported the global efforts of startups, non-profits, B2B, and B2C businesses since 2006. Its team of executive advisors, project managers, software developers, business analysts, marketing specialists, and graphic designers have extensive experience in several industries including — Energy, Finance, Blockchain, Real Estate, Health Care, Clean Technology, Clothing & Apparel, Sports & Recreation, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR). With headquarters in Calgary and Kelowna, and team members coast to coast, Vertical Motion Inc. is recognized as an award-winning leader in the technology industry.

Custom Software Development

At Vertical Motion, they plan, design, develop, and test custom software solutions to improve organizational efficiency, eliminate operations roadblocks, and enhance team productivity. Their experienced professionals will work with you to evaluate your day-to-day operations and identify the key functionality needed in your one-of-a-kind solution. They can also integrate third-party technology through application programming interfaces (APIs), which reduces development costs and ensures a smooth transition away from existing solutions. Whether your business needs a new customer relationship management system (CRM), enterprise resource planning software (ERP), or a first-of-its-kind SaaS solution, their Vertical Motion team is ready to help.

Web App Development: Promoting your business 24/7

Your online web presence is often the first opportunity to make a good impression on your target audience. At Vertical Motion, they want to make it a positive and memorable one. From search engine optimized (SEO) websites to user-friendly web applications, their team of developers, UI/UX specialists, and project managers are here to assist you in developing a professional, universally accessible, and mobile-friendly software solution. Unlike native applications that run locally on device operating systems, web application software delivers exceptional performance through internet connectivity on any device. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an iOS, Android, or Windows operating system, their sophisticated software solutions will automatically adapt to fit the parameters of your screen, delivering an unrivalled experience for all users.

Mobile App Development

For Business to Business (B2B): Whether you’re out for a lunch meeting with clients, looking for a quick status update, or checking on operations while away, mobile applications have made it easier than ever to work on the go. With unrivalled functionality and seamless integration, businesses can feel confident knowing their employees are equipped for success from anywhere. At Vertical Motion, they put power into the palm of your hand by planning, designing, developing, and testing mobile applications that improve enterprise productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

For Business to Consumer (B2C): Consumer demand for improved productivity, efficiency, and performance is a major driving force in the Canadian economy. However, the process of launching a new business or application can feel intimidating for first-time and experienced entrepreneurs alike. With Vertical Motion, you can rest assured knowing that it’s okay not having all the answers. No matter if your idea is written on the back of a napkin or in a detailed requirements document, thier team will assist you in planning, designing, developing, and testing your mobile application.

Grant Funding Assistance: Smart money is good money

As a Canadian founder, you have access to hundreds of grants, vouchers, and other non-dilutive funding sources to ease the financial burden of making your vision a reality. At Vertical Motion, they simplify this process by assisting you in identifying non-dilutive funding opportunities and compiling the necessary information to complete your application on time. Their extensive experience in facilitating the grant application process will help you tell your story the right way to maximize your chances of application approval.

C-Suite on Demand: Executive expertise when you need it most

Human capital is among the most valuable assets an organization can own, yet one of the hardest to acquire. Amid increasing labor shortages and record-breaking market demand, businesses may spend weeks or months recruiting and evaluating candidates. In highly competitive markets with little margin for error, business owners cannot afford to pause operations while they search for the right person to support their changing needs. At Vertical Motion Inc., their C-Suite on Demand service works to simplify this process by temporarily placing an industry-leading executive into your organization. Your industry expert will work alongside your team to assess operational inefficiencies, plan strategic resolutions, recruit additional support and train employees to take over operations after their term has ended.

Jason Jones | President

Jason launched Vertical Motion in 2006 and has since grown the business to be one of Canada’s top software and application developers. Besides running and managing his business, Jason predominantly dedicates his time to advising founders and entrepreneurs through Vertical Motion's Product Launch and C-Suite on Demand services. As a well-regarded member of the entrepreneur community, Jason plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of startups as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) at Foresight Canada and a Business Mentor at Futurpreneur Canada. Jason is regarded by his peers as a practiced leader, self-starter, and visionary who effectively articulate both high-level business concepts and intricate technical details in a way that experienced and novice founders can comprehend. His strong commitment to supporting his clients coupled with his genuine care for their business creates an open space for creativity, innovation, and growth.

"Since 2006, Vertical Motion has been home to Canada’s top executive advisors, project managers, software developers, business analysts, marketing specialists, and graphic designers."