July Edition 2023

Viably – An all-in-one funding, banking, and funding application—reimagined for ecommerce businesses


For decades there has been a major challenge facing small businesses — access to fair capital. The hardest part of gaining access to capital — and working with traditional banks, in particular — is typically that they don’t understand the business itself. Even with endless amounts of paperwork, the data they collect won’t give them the full scope of the business — the successes that can’t be shared in a standard form.

Viably has been there and know the struggle of accessing capital while building a business. The company and its team knew there had to be a better and fairer way to help ecommerce entrepreneurs grow their businesses. It loved entrepreneurship and that’s what is driving the company to help fellow ecommerce business owners build, foperate, and grow their ventures successfully. You almost never hear the word “love” when it comes to banking and financial partners. Viably is one such an all-in-one free financial tool for online sellers to run and grow their business. Viably’s fee-free banking saves you time and money, while managing your ecommerce spend. Control debit cards and spending limits, review all transactions, and uncover opportunities to save in a few clicks.

Why Viably?

It shouldn’t be hard to understand how your product’s sales are impacting your ecommerce growth. Connect your marketplace to Viably to get a breakdown of ecommerce metrics and trends that influence your shop’s success.

Simplified sales forecasting: Easily plan your next product launch with Viably’s Growth Planning. Based on your sales data Viably simulates how your next big investment will impact your cash flow month-to-month. Make more aggressive restock purchases or expand your product offerings with Viably’s Growth tools.

Accessible ecommerce funding: Connect your cash flow and sales performance data to Viably, and let their funding wand do the rest. You’ve planned your growth; now reach your goals with fair and fast funding for your business, on your timeline. Viably uses your business data to understand your growth trends, and provide the right type of working capital. Grow your ecommerce business on your terms, without the hard credit inquiry.

Data Privacy: Protecting your data and privacy is core to how Viably works, and your data is always encrypted and only accessible by you and Viably.

Partners you can trust: Viably works with multiple financial partners to safeguard your financial records and transactions, and provide you with the most innovative service available.

Fraud Protection: They deploy advanced fraud prevention, monitoring and protection to keep your financial records safe.

Ecommerce inventory planning and forecasting platform

Viably Growth: It is the working capital product you need to grow your eCommerce business. Viably knows it takes money to grow an eCommerce business. Revenue-based funding tied to your store’s performance, with funds available within 24 hours. Viably is not a loan or debt, and unlike your bank, no personal liability is required. With Viably Growth Capital you can get up to $150,000 to grow your eCommerce business. With affordable fees and flexible settlement schedules, they can align with your inventory refresh cycle. Inventory purchasing and product launches may be top of mind when you’re seeking funding, but Viably’s Growth Capital can be used for any business expense – use it to refinance expensive debt, grow your advertising strategy, or hire help. Ditch the bank statements and expense spreadsheets. Viably enhances your financial visibility, highlighting trends in your business spending while alerting you of anything out of the ordinary. Viably predicts your future cash flows giving you a clear picture of what to expect, and how to prepare for your next opportunity. Improve how you forecast, plan, and manage the growth of your ecommerce business. Viably’s Growth tools empower sellers to strategically plan their next product launch or inventory restock, so you know what it takes to finance your next investment and how it will impact your cash flow.

Viably Cash Advance: The daily payout you need to streamline your cash flow. Stop waiting for Amazon payouts and boost your cash flow. Get a daily payout of yesterday’s sales deposited in your Viably Business Account, so you’ll always have the capital on hand to buy new inventory or grow your advertising. Viably Cash Advance is not a loan — it's one simple fee ranging 1%-2% based on your store’s performance. To qualify, you must be selling on Amazon for at least 3 months with $3,000 in monthly sales. Getting paid does not have to be so complicated. With Viably Cash Advance, you can automate your daily payouts and leave the heavy lifting to us. Get up to 80% of the previous day’s sales deposited to your Viably Business Account every morning. Connect your business bank accounts for real-time visuals into your cash flow, spending analytics, and tailored insights. Cut wasteful expenses and proactively identify opportunities to scale your business. With Viably, know exactly where your finances and ecommerce sales stand to grow your business. Streamline how you plan to restock inventory, finance a new product, or get funding. Viably’s cash flow helps grow your business with greater predictability and transparency. Easily spot trends in your spend or money movement that’s out of the ordinary, while forecasting your future cash needs.

About | Doron Gordon

Doron is a successful entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Viably. Prior to founding Viably, Doron was a Co-Founder and VP of Sales and Marketing at Continuity Software, a leading provider of disaster recovery and high availability management solutions. Earlier, Doron was a senior manager at BMC Software, a global leader in IT management software. He was also the Founder and CEO at Always-On Software, an innovative application service provider. Previously, Doron held various technical and sales roles at Crystal Systems and IDF/Mamram.

Mr. Gordon holds a B.Sc from Mercy College and an M.B.A. from Touro University.

"Viably will always be here to ensure your business has all of the financial tools, while protecting your valuable business data."