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June Edition 2023

With over 70 years of combined criminal law experience, VIB Law is the largest and most successful criminal defense firm in Northern California


When your freedom, your reputation and your career are on the line, you owe it to yourself and your family to have the best possible defense, and the most experienced lawyer defending you. With over 70 years of combined criminal law experience, VIB Law is the largest and most successful criminal defense firm in Northern California. Its partners have consistently been recognized for excellence in their fields of practice.  Its team of California criminal lawyers includes a former prosecutor and probation officer as well as a lifelong San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense attorney. The firm and its team know firsthand how cops and district attorneys put together cases. Its insider knowledge of local courts and many years of experience give a clear advantage over less experienced criminal defense attorneys. The firm is dedicated to guiding its clients through the chaos and difficulty of the criminal justice system and back to the "real world" of jobs and family as quickly as possible.

San Jose’s Top DUI Attorneys

The unthinkable just happened. You’ve just been arrested for a DUI. You may be scared and confused or even in a state of shock. Making matters worse, when you try to find answers online, you find nothing but confusing and contradictory information from questionable websites claiming to be “DUI experts.”

You probably have lots of immediate questions. Should you tell your job about your DUI arrest? What about your insurance company? How serious are the charges for driving under the influence? Will you be able to drive to work? Are you going to have to go to jail? There are actions that need to be taken immediately to address the threat of your license being suspended by the DMV.

The best way to get all the information and answers you need is to hire an experienced and aggressive DUI lawyer. VIB Law partner Pat Valencia is considered a state-wide expert on DUI cases. Pat is backed by a team of former Santa Clara County prosecutors who know firsthand how local police and district attorneys build their cases. They know their tactics and they have the experience to defend you against them. You need a strong, experienced advocate to fight on your behalf. Having one of Santa Clara County’s top drunk driving attorneys on your side gives you access to the expertise you need to put your mind at ease and make decisions with confidence. VIB's attorneys know all the proactive steps to put you in the best position possible for your first day in court.

Domestic Violence Lawyers

Unfortunately, too many domestic violence attorneys tell new clients that they should adopt a “wait and see” approach, which means they do nothing until the actual court date. And clients often hope that the arrest is just a misunderstanding that will clear up on its own, so they also decide the best action is to wait and see. The passive approach is a big mistake. You need a defense attorney now. Being arrested for domestic violence is enough to completely turn your life upside down. The first few days after a domestic violence arrest are critical in terms of gathering evidence, interviewing potentially helpful witnesses, and preparing a strong defense against the charges. If you are facing domestic violence charges in Santa Clara County, contact VIB's domestic violence lawyers to ensure that your legal rights are protected.

By hiring one of their expert attorneys early on in the process, they may be able to present evidence to the DA’s office that was ignored or overlooked by the investigating officer. This early intervention can be critical in terms of whether or not charges are filed. They can meet with you to discuss how best to mitigate your case. They can advise you on issues such as how to gather character letters, whether it is a good idea to take anger management classes or get in couples counseling, and how to prepare for court.

San Jose’s Best Expungement Lawyers

A criminal record can have a serious impact on your life, particularly when it comes to employment. With the job market as competitive as it is, having even a minor criminal offense on your record could put you out of the running for a job. At the same time, criminal convictions can have a lot of other negative consequences. You might be prohibited from travelling to Canada or getting certain professional licenses. In fact, certain convictions have life altering consequences such as losing the ability to own a firearm or being forced to register as a sex-offender.

At the Law Offices of Valencia & Ippolito, their lawyers have more than 70 years of combined experience in the field of Post-Conviction relief.  They have experience in everything from simple record clearances and expungements to very complicated processes like handling a Governor’s Pardons or seeking a Certificate of Rehabilitation.

VIB Law | Leadership

Patrick Valencia is a Criminal Defense Attorney, VIB Law’s senior partner as well as a founding member of the law firm. He has long-standing ties in the Bay Area, having received undergraduate and law degrees from Santa Clara University. These strong local ties allow him access to a wide variety of contacts within the criminal justice system to use on behalf of his clients. He has established credibility with the District Attorney’s office, having worked for seven years with the Santa Clara County Juvenile Probation Department. That experience helped him develop keen insight into the Juvenile Justice System.

Mr. Valencia, handles most of VIB Law’s Juvenile Crimes cases. But, like both of his partners, he has experience handling every type of case, ranging from simple petty thefts to complicated homicide and “three strikes” cases. His 31 years of experience in criminal defense provide him with the agility, perspective, and tenacity needed to navigate the toughest cases in and out of the courtroom.

Riccardo Ippolito is a Criminal Defense Attorney. He first started practicing Criminal Defense upon passing the California Bar Exam in 1993, over 25 years ago. During his career, He has handled every type of criminal case, from petty thefts to gang homicides. He handles each of these cases with his same high level of care and attention to detail. Like all the partners at VIB Law, he recognizes that even a relatively “minor” criminal case can potentially have extremely serious consequences to a client’s career or professional reputation.

Mr. Ippolito was one of the founding partners of VIB Law in 1997. He is currently VIB Law’s business manager and has an accounting degree and a background in business.

"At VIB Law, we are backed by a veteran team of attorneys, support staff and investigation resources that is big enough to level the playing field for you."