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A forerunner offering innovative solutions by leveraging unparalleled experience and expertise in the IT segment: VIC IT Consulting


In the current economic situation, businesses are trying their best to find new ways to stand out from the rest, increase revenue, and tighten operations while minimizing the cost. As businesses continue to struggle due to unprecedented reasons, the day-to-day operations are more than enough to keep the management occupied. Experts are directing businesses to make use of consultants to give the businesses an opportunity to grow instead of simply maintaining the status quo. One of the most significant benefits a consultant can offer for a business is temporary expertise. By hiring a consultant, businesses can choose to pay only for the services that are needed instead of investing in expensive technologies or hiring a standby staff in hand.

Picking the right type of solutions for your business is similar to how women try to find the right dress for an occasion. She might have hundreds of them, but not everything might serve as a perfect fit for that particular occasion. Choosing the right solutions for your business is a landmark decision, and when it comes to taking the huge step, choosing the suitable, IT consulting company is very important. There are various companies providing excellent consulting services for businesses globally, but VIC IT Consulting stands out from the rest. VIC IT Consulting has 15 years of experience in the field of information technology, and the company is an IT solutions expert that provides advanced IT services allowing them to create innovative solutions for an extensive array of clients. VIC IT Consulting was founded in 2010 and is based in Sandton, Gauteng.

In conversation with Nash Pillay, Director of VIC IT Consulting

Q. VIC IT Consulting is a 100 percent female-owned enterprise, and it’s a level-1 BBBEE enterprise. What inspired you to start VIC IT? Was there any prior experience that led to the establishment of the company?

Whilst working for one of the Telco’s here in South Africa, I found that the vendors rarely delivered on what was promised and thus leaving the client without any benefit realization. It was at this time that I started up VIC IT Consulting with the premise that we will be known for exceptional delivery.

Q. What’s the greatest challenge your company has faced? How did you overcome it?

With any startup, the acquisition of clients is always a challenge. Cyber Security was on the radar of many Enterprises but was not a ‘must have’ technology. I signed up partnerships with various OEMs that were pioneers in this field and then went on an extensive upskilling exercise. We began assisting these enterprises in developing their security roadmaps, and now we’re a partner of choice in Cyber Security.

Q. You are an IT solutions enterprise that provides advanced services, creating innovative solutions to a large array of clients. How uniquely do you address your clients’ pain points per this?

We have grown our business organically, largely by our reputation of being easy to do business with and our fast turn arounds. Our ability to create solutions that meet business requirements set us apart from the competition., We believe in a philosophy of keeping it simple and ensuring that it is always easy to do business with us from the outset. We are known for digging in the trenches with our customers to ultimately give them the best possible solutions that meet their requirements. Yes, it was a long road with lots of learning along the way, “school fees,” if you must, but the journey has been amazing. The greatest single thing that has allowed us to grow is to fail fast and fail forward and don’t dwell on the mistakes, learn from them and keep moving forward.

Q. How do you measure success, and over what time frame? How are these metrics determined?

Success can be measured in many ways, be it the bottom line, the number of assets you have, or the number of countries you have representation in. At VIC IT, our success is measured by customer satisfaction and retention. The relationship is based on a partnership with open lines of communication. It is with this that we have an excellent reputation in the marketplace. We regularly run client satisfaction surveys that are done independently to allow the response to be unbiased.

Q. Who are your clients? If possible, would you like to share a success story?

Financial Services and Telecommunications with a few Government Organizations. Our success in the Financial sector has come from the implementation and management of encryption and tokenization tooling. We have started growing this business practice globally and are doing work throughout Africa, the Emirates, and Europe. We hope to enter the US market in the next five years.

Q. Could you describe your typical management style and the type of employee that works well with you?

I dig the trenches with my employees. Be it our daily standup meeting or a late-night implementation; I am there to support. I have many employees with different backgrounds, cultural beliefs, and at different stages of life. I make it my responsibility to understand each of these and help them balance their home and work life.

Q. What new endeavors is your company currently undertaking?

We are currently engaged with partners in the Middle East and some countries in Africa. Our short-term goal is to establish a new office in the EU and serve the European market.

Q. About your plans, where do you think your company will be in five years?

In five years, we aim to be a multi-national company with offices in Africa, Middle East, and Europe.

About the CEO in his own words

My core skill lies in my Technical Capacity when it comes to Large System roll-outs. My unique blend of skills is backed by a belief in ethics, respect, and hard work. I depend on and build trusting relationships and robust networks to ensure that I apply my best innovative delivery within a strong support structure. I hold myself accountable, and I work well with people who are also inspired by Pioneering opportunities. I believe in strong teams and in being self-driven. I lead with passion, patience, and a belief in continuous learning. I strive to create a progressive work environment for myself and my teams. I believe that leadership should be dynamic, changing according to the environment and its requirements, so I stay fluid in my behavior and strategic in my thinking and planning. These two approaches bring about a unique blend of innovation, creative flair, and meaningful delivery.

My Motto: Welcome a challenge and adapt to change. Keep a steady pace, tell the truth and live your commitments without deviation. Stay open-minded, remain excited about the journey ahead, and always act in the best interests of those you lead and serve. Never be afraid to say, “I don’t know,” and always be willing to find out. Be Solid. Focused. Steadfast. Honorable. Trustworthy. Always deliver!

“When it comes to new solutions we are keen pioneers, learning lessons and always finding ways to do things smarter.”