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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2021

An organization focused on creating global prosperity and paving the way for innovation by solution seekers: Viet Hai Communication


Information Technology (IT) is influencing global business operations regardless of industry type or size. With rapid expansion plans, the modern IT landscape is playing a massive role in the way we do business, and it is also helping companies find new ways to innovate and thrive within the technological infrastructures. Consulting in the IT segment and innovation go hand in hand as they work together and drive themselves forward. It must be noted that IT in business requires innovation, and innovation in business requires IT. To justify the statement, IT has reached a point where it can dramatically affect every aspect of businesses from digital marketing, cloud computing, online shopping, social networking, communication, and more, becoming the inevitable part of the business evolution.

Globally there are various companies that help organizations achieve success in their transformation endeavors, but one that stands out from the rest is Viet Hai Communication Inc. “Viet Hai is an organization creating global prosperity and, paving the way for innovation by Solution Seekers” and transformed itself into an eco-system as Venture Builder. The company’s main focus is on creating value in the process of Digital Transformation, overcoming the limitations of time and space. Viet Hai Communication was founded in 2006, and it is based in Quan Dong Da, Hanoi.

In conversation with Nguyen Ngoc Toan, Founder and Chairman of Board of Viet Hai Communication

Q. What are the challenges addressed by your solutions?

The Internet opened new knowledge and lowered information access barriers everywhere. We are in exponential age whereas technology inventions and innovations happen in every corner of the world. We are entering the door of the unknown. First time in history, we faced unknown global challenges, and there was no clue for us to cope with them. Many of us have been realigning our lives and redefining what we would like to see after that unknown door. Viet Hai, as a Venture Builder, we define what we want to see as Digital Transformation, something that happens under four layers of transform:

  • Transformation in infrastructure: we spun out a digital media self-service agency platform that combines geofencing technology and Rich Content Services to democratize the advertisement industry, whereas millions of skillful hawkers or SOHO entrepreneurs now can easily reach their own local clients via broadband networks within a certain radius of pedestrian inhabitants. We tap into underserved people and opened new doors for them to grow their businesses.
  • Transformation in the process: our technology consultancy branch is still thriving with a footprint in more than 30 countries, serving over 2 billion inhabitants in Asia, Pacific Ocean, Africa, and Latin America continents. The technology consultancy arm also serves as a shared hub for knowledge, networks, and resources accessible to other spun-out start-ups.
  • Transformation in skillset: we are close enough to establish a new deep-tech innovation training hub in Asia, whereas it would connect the world’s top centers of innovation with our people, who are already well recognized as excellent competent in operation. We prepared for a longer future, ten years from now, when Asia is already a major driving force of the world’s technology adoption.
  • Transformation in mindset: We realized that humans are not consuming goods or foods. Actually, they are consuming experiences through their five sensor faculties plus their thinking, just in order to create their feeling. In the future, with the brain-computer interfaces, plus sensor technology, plus high broadband speed, low-delay wireless networks, the human’s experiences shall never be the same as today. Viet Hai spun out a new start-up named Fundoo in order to prepare for the new future, with the new business environment, where consumers consciously know what they are consuming and why they need those experiences. We called Fundoo as a platform where you can find yourselves and other beautiful souls who are connected to you via Love, Joy, and Happiness experiences.

Q. How do you manage to understand the operational culture of a business in-and-out before strategizing a change management or a transformation plan?

A transformation plan should start from mindset first. Buying new infrastructure, adopting new process? No, nothing changes if the silos way of vertical hierarchy and linear thinking is still there. Changing mindset (or operational culture, in other words) is a painful and costly journey; we went through it. But it is the only way the organization has to disrupt itself; otherwise, someone else will disrupt it. Promisingly, once we defined our operational culture clearly, it is an asset that could be transferred and inherited by any of the spun-out companies in the ecosystem.

Q. In an increasingly regulated world, organizations are facing greater scrutiny than ever. Tell us about your compliance system.

The world is changing fast, so the regulations have to change too. That is good for human beings as we all need regulations to adjust our behaviors in order not to violate the right of others. The best way for designing a compliance system is that: make business clear, simple, and easy to understand. That is why when we grew fast, it has to spin out other start-ups. Each new spun-out company shall define itself in a simple way of doing business, while the whole ecosystem can share resources, methodology, mindset, etc., with many diversified innovations and marketplaces. That is one of the reasons why we transformed ourselves into Venture Builder.

Q. What does the future hold for Viet Hai Communication and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Imagine one day, you are living in New York, and you own a set of one wetsuit, two earpieces, two contact lenses, a small sniff device, and a loudspeaker that all are kept in a bank’s vault in London. That wetsuit is made of from trillion sensors (equal to human skin); all of them are connected to high speed, low latency broadband network with secured digital identity (make sure that set belongs to you). All the signals from that set shall be connected to a remote microdevice, and that device is interfaced with your brain. Now you can hire someone else to wear all of them, go to site seeing, do some business meeting, enter theatres, whatever you want, and you have the full experiences that you are there, in London, without buying an airline ticket. That is the future of communication. We evolved from Morse code to Bell’s telephone, then Motorola texting pager, Nokia mobile handset, iPhone, and now Zoom. All were conveying information via words, then hearing and visual sensors. Someday, we may convey touching, smelling sensors via a communication network, and then the human experiences shall never be the same today. You can see yourself present everywhere in the world, instantly, at will. That is an exciting future, and we believe it is not too far from now. We all want to embrace that future, and we want to contribute to that future.

Meet the leader behind the success of Viet Hai Communication

Nguyen Ngoc Toan is a seasoned serial entrepreneur in telecommunication and broadcasting industries. Nguyen is Founder/Chairman of Board in Viet Hai Communication, a technology consultancy company that successfully grew fast with footprint covers 30 countries and transformed itself into a Venture Builder. His new ventures are including digital media self-services agency, digital identity and a promising tech start-up named Fundoo. Fundoo is a digital platform that gives new meaning of “innertainment” and “prosperience” as Toan said: our prosperous experiences (“prosperience”) came from our own story of life, how we enact and connect our inner-self, in a nutshell, entertainment is others’ stories, while innertainment are our own stories.

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