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Visier – A Cloud-Based Analytics Platform Improving Employee Retention, Diversity, and Inclusion, Engagement


We all know that humans are good decision-makers when they are unbiased. However, there are times when they give in to emotions, prejudices, biases, etc. Decisions made under such influence can hurt the company’s ROI and growth. Also, the time that is taken to analyze and manage such a vast amount of data is more and prone to mistakes. This is where Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning come in. When these decision-making models are fed with data, they can deliver error-free decisions, provide actionable insights, and catch trends in the data, which helps in propelling the growth of the organization. Companies experiencing high turnover can use People analytics or HR analytics to understand the reasons for the dip in their performance, and the factors which impact their productivity. By doing so, they can instill faith in their employees, and they can maintain the current workforce instead of replacing it. The idea is to identify factors that affect employee engagement and overcome them by fostering suitable conditions.

Visier is the recognized global leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business. Founded in 2010 by the pioneers of business intelligence, Visier focuses on what matters to business leaders: revealing the fundamental questions and actionable truths capable of elevating your employees - and your business - to new heights. Headquartered in Vancouver, BC with offices and team members worldwide, Visier has 15,000 customers in 75 countries around the world, including enterprises like Adobe, BASF, Bridgestone, Electronic Arts, McKesson, Merck KGaA, Uber, and more.

Leveraging Industry-Leading People Analytics Solutions

Visier People: It is designed to answer mission-critical people questions out-of-the-box so you can make better decisions. With years of experience in analytics and HR, they’ve created the foundation for people analytics. Designed to scale, they provide the backbone for a successful data-driven function. Their customer success team works to ensure your success–whether it’s making sense of your complex data, answering a question, or drawing from the team of experts to configure your solution to your needs. Visier is designed to answer the most valuable and prevailing HR questions out-of-the-box. So you get the answers you need right away–no complicated set-ups, queries to run, or data scientists necessary.

Visier NOW: With nearly 50% of workers considering quitting their jobs—plus, a shrinking labor market—retaining your top talent is critical to your business’s success. Retention Focus identifies turnover risks and shows you the actions to take in order to keep your best people. Visier NOW enables you to target and tackle the biggest priorities for your organization today. Visier’s AI-powered analytics and predictive insight uncover what’s behind your challenges. Their experts help you understand the insight needed to create effective, targeted action plans. Execute a plan rooted in the workforce challenges identified in your data and proven strategies. Set goals and measure progress. Experienced consultants, purpose-built technology, and streamlined onboarding help you deliver proven results now, not in months and years.

Visier Embedded Analytics™: Accelerate revenue by embedding people analytics in your product to drive critical insights for your customers. With their seamless technology, you can go to market in a snap. Visier Embedded Analytics™ provides the technology, market expertise, and partnership to help you succeed further with your customers. Visier’s curated content helps your customers craft the right questions—and corresponding insights—to address their most-asked questions. Their guidebooks allow anyone to drill into topics, perform analysis, and see results paired with detailed explanations. No matter the size of your customer, use predictive analytics to address issues within their organization. Their standardized predictive data model aggregates and anonymized data to highlight the five most important drivers for each employee’s prediction to take action. Embed a full-stack analytic platform right within your product that has all the capabilities your customers are asking for. No lengthy timelines and no hidden costs. Best of all, they’re connected to your customers’ stickiest products with their expansive ecosystem network.

Meet the Formidable Leader

Ryan Wong is the President, CEO and Co-founder of Visier. A pioneer in the Business Intelligence Industry, Ryan brings more than twenty years of Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Software expertise to Visier, having led and contributed to the industry’s leading technologies and products.

Prior to co-founding Visier, Ryan was the original author and the Chief Software Architect for the Crystal Enterprise Platform. During his time at Crystal, he led the team through a succession of innovation and growth stages culminating in a successful post-acquisition integration with Business Objects. This was followed by an acquisition by SAP where Ryan continued to lead worldwide BI innovation as Vice President of Engineering for SAP Business Objects.

Ryan’s passion for software, data science and analytics stems from a deep desire to help facilitate fact-based decision making in the business world and beyond. It is his belief that analytic workflows and automation will one day inform everyday activities, making it easier for all of us to make better, more effective choices.

"Powered by AI, Visier is like a superpower for people answers. And our quarterly product releases mean you’re always innovating ahead of the curve."