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Through a uniquely patented biotechnological process, Vitana-X Inc. is creating a union of nature and research


Skin aging is a very sophisticated biological process influenced by the amalgamation of endogenous and exogenous factors. Beauty and skin health are considered a representative for health in humans, due to this in several years; many anti-aging strategies were developed. Vitana-X Inc., a comprehensive health and wellness company, specializing in the areas of anti-aging, DNA analytics and tailored nutrition, as well as the recently released product line "VITApure" consisting of extracts made from highly effective polyphenols in a completely natural form in combination with a new award-winning manufacturing process. VITANA X has been entrusted with the development of various vitamin, mineral, and protein products, all of which are based on this patented process. VITANA X would like to play an essential role in research, education, and the production of suitable products that achieve significant efficacy through structural cell mobility and maximum bioavailability.

Bioavailability increased of up to 18.500%

VITANA X thus achieves the highest possible bioavailability and purity in terms of biophysics. The process is called micellization (> 95%). Natural active ingredients such as curcumin, frankincense, or cannabinoids such as CBD or CBN, which were originally difficult or even impossible for the human organism to use, have now been scientifically proven to have 95% cell mobility. In cooperation with an award-winning Swiss laboratory and institute, the miraculous process of so-called micellation was once again significantly improved. The comparison is even more impressive in studies and tests. For example, compared to taking dried curcumin in capsule form, and up to 185-fold intensification was measured in the test subjects' blood that was given the micellated substance, which corresponds to an increase of up to 18,500%.

Immune X by Vitana X

The latest product, "Immune by Vitana X, was developed by a dedicated team of scientists and medical professionals from the areas of "Functional Medicine". The clear goal was to develop a highly effective product to strengthen the human immune system sustainably. The antiviral properties of glycyrrhizin, a saponin, and a triterpenoid, which occur naturally in the licorice root's roots, are especially promising. The polyphenol curcumin and the extract from the frankincense tree (Boswellia) create a synergetic effect and have very strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Market expansion 2020/21


Vitana X is currently mainly successful in Central Europe while the first countries on the African continent are opened, and preparations are made for the Russian market. According to the Swiss co-founder Bernhard Sammer, the USA is on schedule at the beginning of 2021: "We already have countless inquiries from the USA. We follow a very clear and structured process, which includes the USA and North America as a very strong market in the coming year. Our mission is of global value, of course, and is intended to give millions of people access to great products."

New product innovations coming soon

The product range of the trendsetter is also being expanded: "We are also preparing other unique products that have never been available in this form before. We will take on the areas of weight loss, cosmetics, dental care, and much more. And again, it is a science that enables us to find the wonders of nature. I can't say any more, except that it will change a lot on the market. Be excited! "

Vitana X Interview with Bernhard Sammer

During your career in sports you have worked for many years as a prominent promoter of health products for global corporations. Now we meet you as co-founder and product developer of a new wellness group called "Vitana X“.

I've been in a great position to work for some of the world's most successful corporations, and I've seen how fascinating the healthcare industry can be. Now is the time that I will use this experience and follow my inner conviction to go one more step further here. True "anti-aging" based on highly scientific and equally natural products. The result is more energy, health, beauty, youth and joie de vivre.

VITANA X stands for?

Our name symbolizes the union of nature and research. The main cause of premature aging and most chronic diseases is always the same: the separation and turning away from nature. VITANA X aims to inspire and help rejuvenate and strengthen the organism, taking into account the latest research and scientific findings. We work with the world's leading experts, researchers and institutes, who use their knowledge and insights to learn from nature and to provide the very best for us. It's just amazing what is possible then.

The new term 'tailored nutrition' therefore also plays an important role?

Exactly! With the feedback from the personal gene analysis, we can now offer our customers targeted and highly precise advice, e.g. Which vital substances should be substituted, or how to improve your sleep, faster weight loss, how to increase your energy and awareness. And while we offered combination vitamin products in blind flight years ago, so to speak, today we can start precisely where it is effective immediately. In the lead time to VITANA X, we've worked closely with many successful and well-known athletes, including well-known Olympic champions and multiple world champions, and today provide a unique set of data and feedback that make our evaluation and personal guide unique.

“The focus of the VITANA X product effect is the human cell, as well as its fascinating “drive cores” - the so-called mitochondria.”