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November Monthly Edition 2022

Vujà Dé Digital – Creating innovative strategies, plans, and solutions that tangibly paves way to digital transformation


The use of digital tech consulting is rapidly increasing in the world of digital-first experience and widespread automation. Yet, the value and role of consulting are often underestimated. A digital business consultant is often perceived as someone only enterprise-level companies would need and could afford. Today, companies of varying sizes either implement or consider digital transformation. To avoid ad hoc initiatives, executives choose to start with a digital strategy to ensure a smooth transformation journey, mitigate risks and justify the investment into innovation. However, building an efficient digital strategy for a company is not an ordinary job. It requires technology, industry, market and business expertise and thorough analytics capabilities. Digital consulting firms specialize in the development of digital strategies and tactics, among other services.

If you are looking for an experienced digital consulting partner to help you future-proof your business then Vujà Dé Digital is the right partner. It is a San Diego based digital consulting firm that is focused on a disruptive and new business model for providing performance-based digital media and analytics. They are ridiculously passionate and competitive founders about doing the right thing and producing the best outcomes. If you have been doing the same thing and getting lackluster​results, it might be time for a radical change.

The Business Model

Vujà Dé Digital doesn't perform a “service” for its clients; they work for you as if they were internal. They can do this for you because they don’t have an hourly rate to measure the profits against and handcuff their staff to, they don’t have set fees, and what they earn is based on their performance. They are hands on–never passing work off to the “B or C” team after you were pitched by the A-Team. And because the founders personally oversee all of the clients, they only work with a select group of clients that share the same vision and approach for a true partnership; yes it takes two to make the real magic happen.

Vujà Dé Digital operates with a critical eye for pushing the limits and creating innovative custom plans and solutions. They do not apply a one size fits all formula or have a “set it and forget it” mentality. Instead, they are constantly improving and growing the clients’ digital performance. And most importantly, they treat their client’s money as if it were their own; they are true fiduciaries of the investment. Failure is not an option, the company is accountable for the media performance or may not get paid - imagine that in your business.

Vujà Dé Digital's commitment to the clients is based on a model of economic performance incentives and accountability, not an hourly rate. They take responsibility to deliver results and achieve the growth that realizes better returns for their managed partners. If they haven’t moved the bottom line, then they haven’t done the job, and you won’t have wasted your money paying them for not performing since the compensation is tied to performance. Vujà Dé Digital takes on all the risk, versus the client.

Programmatic Advertising Services

Programmatic Advertising is the use of software to buy digital advertising. While it involves the use of software, it does not equate to the complete automation of the ad buying process. With programmatic advertising, intelligent humans have more time for strategy development, targeting, and optimization of ads that are executed through ad placement software. Vujà Dé Digital Programmatic Advertising Services have been built to harness the true potential and value of programmatic media buying. While many media buying agencies take advantage of the efficiency of automation, they take advantage of the power of data and scale. This means that they leverage the access that programmatic offers to find just the right audiences, deliver ads in just the right environments, and measure the impact that has on meaningful business results. The foundation is laid and comes to life in the onboarding process. This is where they uncover the various segmentations; they can apply to a campaign setup and ongoing campaign optimizations. Because the company's focus is on performance to hit business objectives, this allows them to identify and scale the best performing components within any campaign.

Todd Juneau | Co-Founder and CEO

Digital has been a part of Todd’s professional career since its early inception. Todd began his career in the late 90’s and rode the early .com wave. Soon after that crashed Todd ventured into various agency and client-side roles and eventually embarked on his first agency start-up’s with his now partner and co-founder Kelly Maguire. Today Vujà Dé Digtal represents their newest vision in digital consulting and innovative business growth initiatives for an intimate and exclusive list of supported partners.

Of personal interest, Todd dedicates his non-work time to participating as much as possible in a variety of sports, Yoga and other training, or watching his kids compete in sports. Todd is passionate about the ocean and eventually plans to sail to exotic destinations to chase waves and learn about foreign cultures.

"We are a hybrid model providing digital growth strategy and consulting combined with deep business analytics and performance based digital media."