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David A. Rendall, VUMI® CEO and President: “A smart decision is to have worldwide coverage available when you need it most; because health care is not an expense, but an investment.”


David A. Rendall, VUMI® CEO and President: “A smart decision is to have worldwide coverage available when you need it most; because health care is not an expense, but an investment.”

A health insurance policy is now a necessity. In light of rising medical expenses, lack of specialists and cutting-edge medical technology in some regions and an uptick in illness frequency, health insurance has evolved into one of life’s most essential requirements. Insurance firms are modernizing their policies by adding new and unique coverage options in response to the growing demand for health insurance and evolving preferences and lifestyles of individuals.

Global coverage is one such advantage that is gradually becoming available in many plans, such as the policies offered by VUMI®.

“As part of an international healthcare group with over 35 years of experience, we  span the globe, offering  access to the world’s top physicians and medical institutions. Our affiliated companies provide integrated services and quality care with specialized expertise in management, cost containment and medical assistance”, states David Rendall, VUMI’s CEO and President.

VUMI® currently boasts a network of 1,600 direct contract providers worldwide, and offers access to over 800,000 providers and 7,000 hospitals in more than a hundred countries through affiliated companies and strategic alliances. In the U.S. alone, VUMI® offers access to an additional 1.1 million healthcare professionals and 5,500 hospitals.

Health insurance plans no longer have geographic restrictions. VUMI® Group, the leader in International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) new sales in Latin America, has created specialty plans to cater to each region’s specific needs:

  • VUMI® offers worldwide coverage for insureds residing in Latin America.
  • VUMILATINA® is VUMI’s prepaid healthcare company in Ecuador.
  • LRDS|VUMI® provides medical services worldwide for insureds residing in Panama.
  • VUMI® Canada offers expanded access to local and international healthcare.
  • VUMI® Global provides medical coverage for insureds in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

“In today’s world, change is a constant. Our senior team is focused on identifying emerging trends, and formulating optimal strategies to address evolving consumer needs. We observe, for example, that customization has become increasingly significant for consumers seeking tailored solutions. Our response is to create plans meticulously crafted by each individual customer, specifically designed to align with their unique needs, lifestyle, and budget requirements,” tells Rendall.

Advent and Rise of VUMI®

In 2012, David A. Rendall, CEO and President of VUMI® undertook a thorough examination of the International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) market. Drawing on his extensive background in international health, he recognized a compelling need for health insurance plans that not only provided comprehensive coverage and flexibility but also prioritized a VIP service , emphasizing the highest standards of service delivery with a human approach. Thus, VUMI® (VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group) was born to offer major medical and travel products to both private and corporate clients.  

VUMI’s affiliated companies provide integrated services and quality care, coupled with specialized expertise in management, cost containment and medical assistance. VUMI’s wide range of comprehensive plans for private or corporate clients is tailored to the specific needs of each regional market. Regular updates and enhancements to the range of benefits are consistently integrated across their entire portfolio:

  • Individual health plans with coverage from USD 2,000,000 to unlimited coverage.
  • Corporate health plans tailored for companies of all sizes.
  • Specialty health plans that cover specific needs, such as a certain chronic conditions, travel, lifetime coverage, financial protection, hospitalization and outpatient treatments.

“None of this would be possible without our top-notch team of brokers who are completely conversant with their regions of service. We hold frequent in-person and online meetings and seminars with them to introduce new products, get feedback from those on the front lines and familiarize the network with marketing tools that make brokers' jobs easier," says David Rendall.

Fostering innovation with latest technologies

Creating and embracing solutions built on innovative technology allows VUMI® to facilitate communication with its agent/broker network while improving its insureds’ experience. Some of these tools are:

  • VUMI® (Lab): A digital training system created to eliminate the need for time-consuming travel to new agent training seminars. Agents can progress through VUMI (Lab) program at their convenience from anywhere in the world, and familiarize themselves with the information designed to help them become successful VUMI® agents. 
  • Agent Portal: A one-stop repository of all forms brokers may need, allowing real-time tracking of claims and payments.
  • Agent Central: A new mobile application that transforms an agent’s device into a digital office, featuring information and tools such as communication, an online quotation tool, information about VUMI’s plans, incentives, and much more.
  • MyVUMI™ App: An app designed exclusively for insureds, offering easy access to policy documents, contact information, plan updates, messages, and the ability to track their claims.

At the same time, VUMI® focuses on streamlining processes to simplify and expedite claims. Their robust data and operational infrastructure facilitates seamless information flow among clients, agents and the company’s various teams, dramatically reducing the time from initial claim to payment.

Upcoming innovations by VUMI®

As VUMI® continues to evolve; it focuses on creating a more intuitive experience for insureds, and developing features that enable brokers to offer services in real time. Alongside launching new products, such as Special VIP Plus, a health insurance plan tailored for residents of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay, VUMI® is developing innovative tools for its brokers and insureds. Some of these upcoming innovations include:

  • My VIP Care®, an innovative plan that insureds can design themselves to meet their specific needs.
  • VUMI’s New Agent Desk, a trilingual (Spanish, English and Portuguese) team exclusively dedicated to promptly resolving agent inquiries.  
  • Agent Central App, an application that transforms the agent’s phone into their digital office.
  • Clinical Account Manager, a position created as the primary contact for questions related to medical cases, handling complex issues with in-depth medical analysis and facilitating open channel communication with agents, treating physicians and VUMI’s medical team.
  • MyTravel VIP App, a tool that enables VUMI’s insureds quickly and efficiently access essential features to stay protected while traveling.
  • MyHealth, a new global telemedicine service that allows insureds to schedule virtual medical appointments via the phone or video conferences.

The Path ahead for VUMI®

“I’m proud to say that VUMI® continues to grow as a financially robust company,” states David Rendal. VUMI’s sustainable portfolio for 2023 is projected at 110,000 insureds. Already this year, VUMI® has opened new offices in Medellin, Colombia and Quito, Ecuador. The company is also solidifying its presence in Latin America, where new products with very competitive premiums have been launched. The company is solidifying its presence and laying the groundwork for expansion in Europe.

VUMI® is committed to developing new plans that offer enhanced flexibility ensuring they better meet people’s diverse needs – and delivering them with utmost speed, ease and efficiency.

“VUMI® offers innovative healthcare solutions and extensive flexibility, and VIP services to provide insureds with the peace of mind that they are protected anywhere, anytime.”