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Receive the best in class advisory services and go public to meet your funding goals effectively with Wall Street IPO


In an economy, listed companies tend to enjoy higher status and reputation due to the fact that the stock market is the sign of an organization’s stability, maturity, and transparency. Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a great option for companies that are struggling with success and have a tough time getting acquired by another company. In recent times we are seeing that the companies are looking for ways to raise funds from sources other than VC firms, individual investors, and Banks. Globally there are various companies specializing in IPO advisory, but one that stands out from the rest is Wall Street IPO. The company provides excellent IPO Advisory Services to help clients meet their funding goals. Wouldn’t it be helpful if the IPO process could be made much more efficient and predictable? Without spending endless hours and months taking the next steps? Wall Street IPO’s customers get a tailor-made solution and their own personal contact from them.

GH Bill Inc.’s Wall Street IPO previously announced the expansion of its IPO Advisory Services as the company continues in its pursuit of meeting the diverse needs of clients. Additionally, the company has extended its IPO Capital Market Advisory Service to more clients to include more businesses across Europe, especially in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Cyprus. Going public remains one of the primary goals of businesses across the globe. Unfortunately, the somewhat tedious and time-consuming process sometimes makes it difficult for companies to live their dream of public listing and attracting investors. While there are several investor relations consultancy and IPO solutions providers on the market, many of them have not been able to meet their clients’ needs. This is where the likes of GH Bill Inc.’s division Wall Street IPO have been able to make a massive difference over the years.

The company’s recent expansion of its IPO Advisory Services further reiterates Wall Street IPO’s goal of strengthening its hold as the go-to IPO solutions company. 

Beth Guerra, GH Bill´s Head of Operations commented,

Wall Street IPO has carved a niche for guiding and assisting international companies from different parts of the globe, like the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, to complete the whole process of going public from start to finish. This includes Reverse Merger, S1, F1, Rule 144, Reg A+, and many more. The company’s services are designed to guide even startups and emerging growth companies through each step of the capitalization journey to a successful IPO or public traded company through a direct listing.

Companies such as Nestle or the automotive giant Nissan are not part of NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange but chose to grow on the OTC market. This decision is justified as the costs of being part of the OTC market are much lower, and the profits are nonetheless the same.

The services from Wall Street IPO span initial assessments of readiness and advice on optimal investment banking syndicate selection, prospectus, and marketing materials creation, and key investor introductions long before the IPO roadshow. The company delivers the process needed to secure growth capital and long-term shareholder support.

One of the categories of IPO Advisory services from Wall Street IPO is planning, which includes the assessment of IPO readiness and investment banking landscape, syndicate selection advisory, and Coordination of complete placement process. Wall Street IPO also does Execution, with solutions such as virtual Roadshow scripting, Prospectus drafting, Industry, and peer intelligence, and a host of others in the category.

“We know all the ins and outs. We know the difficulties you could face if you are engaged with the wrong IPO advisory partner. Even more important, we tell you exactly what you need to know in advance to avoid any delays or pitfalls. Our professional team of experts from diversified industries will ensure that your firm comes first and will prevent your firm from getting ripped off.”