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10 Fastest Growing Mobility Companies 2017

“We are the leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for containerized application security for enterprise mobile computing”: SyncDog


“We are working to simplify security across enterprise application development and deployment within common  standards such as HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, FISMA, PCI DSS and others.”

SyncDog, Inc. was founded in 2013, and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia with development offices in Canada.

SyncDog is the leading independent software vendor (ISV) for building secure infrastructure frameworks that protect enterprise networks from cyber breach from mobile computing sources. The SentinelSecure™ product line for application containerization and IoT (Internet of Things) module monitoring provide the industry’s most proactive approach to securing enterprise mobility computing.

The SentinelSecure™ data security solution delivers defense-grade secure mobile device partitions or “containers” that can secure emails/contacts, calendar items, IM apps, Internet browsers, mobile file stores and other business apps provisioned on personal devices to be used in a BYOD or COPE (corporate owned personally enabled) setting.

In Head-to Head with the Key Executive: Jonas Gyllensvaan, Founder & CEO

How is your company positioned in the current market scenario?

SyncDog is uniquely positioned in the market to offer the most flexible solutions that deliver the most comprehensive mobile security. The acquiring companies generally go into a sort of maintenance mode with the solution that is acquired. The resulting ability to support, service, and provide personal attention following an acquisition is lacking or discontinued entirely. The enterprise vendor benefits but the customer is left out in the cold. Our size positions us well against enterprise mega-software vendors and these types of practices.

Who are your Competitors?

SyncDog’s enterprise mobility security products are complementary to EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions. While SyncDog’s flagship product, SentinelSecure™, is viewed to be in competition with other container-type vendors such as AirWatch (VMware), MaaS3600 (IBM), Good Secure, (BlackBerry/Good Technology), Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite, XenMobile (Citrix), and others. SentinelSecure™ has been designed for deployment as a complement to existing EMM/MDM investments or as a standalone EMM.

What are the pain points of the industry addressed by SyncDog?

As BYOD and COPE force organizations into better EMM strategies, attention must now be focused on securing the data on devices in addition to the physical management of devices. Mobility as a whole is turning into another endpoint for government and industry to manage as the market looks beyond MDM to determine what tools can be used to protect key data from all mobile threats – whether internal or external. We view MDM/EMM tools as a good security start with SentinelSecure™ as the finishing touches.

Case study to highlight the story

Large Metropolitan Police Department – This case study represents a typical metropolitan police department (MPD) and the challenges it faces managing workflow and managing security intelligence on employees’ mobile devices as they work in the field while facilitating an efficient transfer of information from mobile devices to the department’s secure network environment.

Audited MPDs struggled to transfer data from a crime-scene to the MPD’s secure datacenter securely, and unsecured SMS texts about investigations were often found on personal devices not secured, potentially compromising police investigations. The mobile security insufficiencies presented a high risk of data leaks. SyncDog’s Sentinel Infrastructure Framework and SentinelSecure™ container provided the MPD with dramatically-improved workflow and compliance when handling sensitive crime-scene data. SyncDog’s solutions were deployed quickly, easily configured, and provided secure data transfer to their secure network from a FIPS 140-2 certified (NIST #2687), AES 256-bit encrypted container residing within each device. Employees have found the solution easy to install and configure, and very intuitive as they work within the container.

This simplification of crime-scene processing and security ties up the loose ends of the old way of processing crime scene data, previously using SD cards and unprotected SMS texts. This new workflow from SyncDog allows police and detectives to focus more on investigations and not having to worry about security risks, auditing, and compliance.

About the Leader: Jonas Gyllensvaan, SyncDog Founder & CEO

Jonas Gyllensvaan is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in mobile IT solution development and software business development. Jonas has founded three successful start-ups and is a current board adviser to several others. Over the past 20 years, Jonas has designed, developed, and implemented technology projects for government agencies and commercial enterprises in more than a dozen countries. Jonas spends a good portion of his time visiting customers and traveling to leading industry conferences learning about client and marketplace needs, using this knowledge to build solutions with a focus on technology architecture, product design, and business management.

Across his 20-year career in mobile IT, Jonas has a proven track record of leading-edge product development, building profitable companies while forging beneficial business partnerships for clients.

“We have partnered with global solutions and services providers to bring the best mobile security container technology available on the market today.”