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We create software that helps companies shape the future: CA Technologies

thesiliconreview-mike-gregoire-ceo-ca-technologies-17CA Technologies helps thousands of companies succeed in the application economy. We believe that a single idea can change the world. But great ideas only matter when they become real, ready-to-launch products and services. That’s why our mission is to help our customers eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes. CA Together, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, is dedicated to improving the lives of underserved children and communities. We do this by supporting organizations, programs and initiatives that enrich the lives and well-being of people everywhere, with a primary focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. We’ve helped organizations around the world transform their business and create lasting value. The application economy has forever changed the role of technology in business. To compete today, every company needs to be a software company. That means fostering innovation that delivers real business outcomes and balancing raw ideas with customer demand. It’s time to embrace digital transformation—and make amazing things happen.

“Transformation is a messy process. You need the right environment for continuous improvement, discovery and experimentation”-Otto Berkes, CTO

Making best out of better

Secure your digital enterprise

Secure your digital enterprise to win in the app economy with identity and access management. CA Security offers identity and access management solutions that empower you to take a proactive approach to enterprise security. Instead of waiting for bad things to happen, you’ll be on the security offensive, engaging your customers and partners with seamless access across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments.

API Security for the Open Enterprise

The CA API Gateway and CA Mobile API Gateway provide that perfect balance by selectively enabling the right users, apps and partners to access your data while protecting against external threats. They’re trusted by the most regulated and security-conscious organizations, with certifications like Common Criteria, FIPS and PCI-DSS.

Build, Ignite innovation through the continuous development of quality applications

When it comes to delivering high-quality apps, every second counts. That’s why CA delivers end-to-end parallel app development solutions to help your teams continuously develop and apply agile development practices simultaneously—eliminating roadblocks throughout your application lifecycles, leveraging APIs and opening up new paths to increased efficiency, productivity and speed. Because the faster you get to market, the farther ahead you’ll be.

Virtualize what’s missing. Realize what matters

Composite app development involves numerous dependencies that act as constraints. Through the practice of continuous development, you can eliminate them with CA Service Virtualization—the first solution that lets you simulate dependent systems and customer behaviors as virtual services—whenever and wherever you need to. It’s virtual technology with some very real benefits, like cutting development time by up to 50 percent, identifying defects before deployment by up to 90 percent and dramatically accelerating your ROI.1

Turn ideas into insights

CA Agile Central is an enterprise-class platform that’s purpose-built for scaling agile development practices. Provide a hub for your teams to collaboratively plan, prioritize and track work on a synchronized cadence. And in effect, you’ll achieve continuous development by connecting your development work to your company’s most important business initiatives. You can measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness with real-time performance metrics with this technology.

Test, Your key to better software is through continuous testing

It’s a stark reality that legacy testing methods and tools have not kept up with today’s agile, continuous application delivery model. In many ways, testing is the final, critical requirement of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Traditional testing inhibits development speed and impacts quality. Developer and testing teams don’t have weeks to test, but hours. By adopting next-generation testing practices, you’ll have the ability to test early, often, automatically, and continuously.

Higher quality, Greater agility- Mainframe deployment Solutions

Our mainframe testing tools reduce test cycle time for faster time to market, while lowering costs to improve mainframe economics. Our testing solutions help address the key pain points, such as managing complicated inter-relationships between various test assets and test data—without wasting monthly license charges and LPAR space while masking data for security.

Performance Testing Democratized,

With next-gen, SaaS-based performance testing, you can address all aspects of application resiliency to meet peak performance demands. You now have an easy-to-use, free-to-try continuous testing tool that offers 100 percent compatibility with open-source testing engines like Apache JMeter, Selenium, Gatling and Locust. 

Operate, Maximize visibility from mobile to mainframe with application and infrastructure monitoring

Agile Operation solutions from CA can give your enterprise the holistic monitoring and in-depth management capabilities it needs to turn this feedback into valuable functions and reduce mean-time-to-recover.

Get real data. Make a real difference

Applications are your new first impression. And you only have seconds to make a great one. Respond immediately to real performance data with CA Application Performance Management. When you can pinpoint the exact cause and timing of problems, it’s easier than ever to boost application performance and make happy customers even happier.

Behind the Digital Transformation

Mike Gregoire, CEO: Mike Gregoire is Chief Executive Officer of CA Technologies, a $4.5 billion global software company. CA Technologies is helping companies seize the opportunities of the application economy—a world where software is crucial to global business and application development is the engine of innovation. Mike joined CA Technologies on January 7, 2013. Under his direction, CA has accelerated its software leadership, with innovative offerings, a renewed brand, and strengthened market presence. He has brought fiscal discipline to CA operations; invested in developing, retaining, and hiring talent; and built a winning team focused on the success of CA customers in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape.

“We serve our customers, our colleagues and our communities by integrating sustainability into our work every day.”