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10 Fastest Growing ERP Solution Providers

We deliver a business solution that provides value from day one: Demand Solutions Group


“Our services may not be the least expensive, but we are 100% confident that we are the best.”

Demand Solutions Group (DSG), a wholly owned subsidiary of NetSuite, delivers cloud accelerated business solutions based on leading ERP, CRM, and CPM applications NetSuite, Salesforce™, and Adaptive Insights. With its deep business and technology expertise and the experience gained from hundreds of successful projects, DSG is acknowledged as one of the leading cloud business solutions providers by its major business partner, NetSuite, and by cloud media and analysts such as IDC and CRN. Since 2005, hundreds of companies—from startups to the Fortune 500—have worked with DSG and benefited from its proven Realize, Optimize and Revitalize methodologies. The DSG experts are proud to implement tailored NetSuite, Salesforce™, and Adaptive Insights solutions that deliver value, insight and business acceleration, starting on day one. In April 2016, DSG became a wholly owned subsidiary of NetSuite.

The DSG Solutions

NetSuite + DSG: You’ve heard that NetSuite is the #1 Cloud-based solution, but how do you know if it’s right for the business and if it will run your business the way you want it run? Ask DSG, it knows NetSuite’s ERP solution better than anyone else. It’s no accident that DSG has been voted one of the top NetSuite Solution Provider Partners for the last eight years, and NetSuite Worldwide Solution Provider Partner of the Year for 2013.

Top Reasons to Buy NetSuite from DSG

  • Solutions, not licenses: DSG focuses on business solutions and the business, not license sales.
  • What you need, not what we want to sell: When you purchase NetSuite from DSG, you’ll only buy what you need. Nothing more.
  • Straight talk, not lip-service: Customers buy from DSG because they like the straight talk approach to business, it tells customers what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.
  • It’s our neck, not yours: Each one of its customers must be completely satisfied with their solution. Or it doesn’t stay in business.
  • A partnership, not a transaction: The company takes a long-term view of its customer relationship instead of trying to maximize revenue and profit on a transaction.

Salesforce + DSG: Salesforce led the cloud-based business revolution. Now, more than 15 years later, Salesforce has become the world’s #1 CRM solution. Companies that leverage Sales Cloud® solution from Salesforce can close deals more quickly, capture more leads, and make better decisions based on real-time data. DSG is proud to be a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner. It has been involved in some of the most complex Salesforce implementations in the world, and it will put the expertise to work to ensure the success of the project.

Netsuite and Salesforce Integration: The DSG Powered CRM Collaborator provides the industry’s most complete closed loop collaboration between and NetSuite. While emerging Cloud standards and more robust APIs have made application integration easier, it is still not a plug and play environment. The DSG Powered CRM Collaborator embodies DSG’s deep expertise with NetSuite and and includes the DSG Transaction Management and Business Rules layers. These layers prevent transaction conflicts and establish transaction continuity while maintaining business process integrity across NetSuite and The DSG Powered CRM Collaborator can work through the NetSuite and Salesforce RESTlet APIs. Using the RESTlet API method, NetSuite and Salesforce communicate directly without the need for an integration service or middleware.

DSG Customers

DSG customers have achieved tangible business value from their SaaS CRM, ERP, and CPM solutions within several weeks of deployment. Their businesses span industries and range from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Most of our clients also subscribe to DSG Optimize, staying with us because we enable them to sustain maximum, ongoing value from their SaaS ERP, CRM, and CPM investments.

“The project was a great success and DSG has proved to be a great partner. In application terms, they took us from 1982 to 2011 in three months!”

—  Cindy Wesolowski, President, OmegaBrandess

“This was one of the smoothest projects we’ve experienced. We really felt that the DSG team cared about the success of the project.”

—  Gina Calhoun, Director of Product Management, OpenTable

“Slingshot Sports has a loyal and passionate following in two of the fastest growing sports in the world. We’re confident that DSG and NetSuite can handle whatever business requirements we throw at them.”

—  Jim Kimball, CFO, Slingshot Sports

Meet the Master Duo

Todd Fitzwater, Co-founder: Todd co-founded DSG 10 years ago with the objective of bringing the flexibility and time-to-value benefits of applications such as NetSuite and Salesforce. He brings more than 30 years of practical management experience in software sales, support and engineering to this role with companies ranging from startups that he helped found such as The QuickSilver Group, Zamba Solutions and Plexus Technologies to global market leaders including Apple Computer. Todd has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Illinois with a “mini” MBA from Stanford University.

Alan Arvin, Co-founder: Alan leads DSG’s implementation, development and support practices and is an acknowledged expert in implementing business applications that improve the operational efficiencies and competitive advantage of companies of all sizes. Before co-founding DSG in 2005, Alan was a management consultant to many leading high technology firms at The Trilliance Group, a company he founded and managed. Prior to Trilliance, Alan gained his corporate experience with companies such as Trimble Navigation and Sun Microsystems and holds Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Physics from the University of Kentucky.

“We partner with the best cloud solutions to bring you the best business solution.”