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“We have developed a powerful platform to automatically analyze, optimize and migrate software applications to the cloud.” Shafi Syed, Co-founder/CTO Corent Technology Inc.


“We launched SurPaaS as a fully integrated platform that automatically scans and analyzes applications, enables optimized Cloud/PaaS migration and delivers them as a scalable, efficient Service.”

Ultimately, the cloud is the latest example of Schumpeterian creative destruction: creating wealth for those who exploit; and leading to the demise of those that don’t,”says Joe Weinman, Author of Cloudonomics

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud computing model that delivers applications over the Internet. In a PaaS model, a cloud provider delivers hardware and software tools usually those needed for application development to its users as a service. A PaaS provider hosts the hardware and software on its own infrastructure. As a result, PaaS frees users from having to install in-house hardware and software to develop or run a new application.

As an amplified version, Corent created a unified platform ‘SurPaaS’ which amalgamates numerous technologies that aid you, analyze applications, assess their complexity, efficiently migrate them to the Cloud, manage them seamlessly on the Cloud and effectively SaaS enable these applications.

Cloud adoption trends are pointing to increased use of Cloud PaaS Services, and SurPaaS capabilities to incorporate those services into its proposed cloud migration plans, and implement them either as part of the initial migration or as a

subsequent migration step are capabilities in which customers are very interested. SurPaaS can also migrate applications between clouds, and that mitigates a concern about “lock-in” that could occur with the use of proprietary cloud services.

Corent emanated from the requirement of reusable applications over the internet. The core technology that creates applications can be partitioned among numerous organizations. With the advent of Cloud technology the concept of applications as a service became a reality. All that the company needed was a Launchpad to on board the thousands of existing applications and rapidly deliver them ‘as a service,’ leveraging the Cloud technology.

What does Co-Founder say?


“The end result of a Cloud journey is to deliver applications as a Service. Cloud is a fantastic medium to deploy serviceable applications both for internal and external needs. Today, our biggest challenge is to offer a simple platform that rapidly moves applications to Cloud and continuously optimizes their operating environment by increasing the application density on the Cloud infrastructure and reducing operating cost, automatically. This is the key to realizing an effective and sustainable foundation for digital transformation for any enterprise. This is what we have been striving to deliver with SurPaaS®.”

Apropos of the institution

The name Corent commingles both core and enterprise wherein, the company aligns for the core abilities of an enterprise.

“When the initial experiments with SaaS and cloud started, we recognized the seismic shift this was going to cause in the IT industry. We decided to develop the platform capable of enabling organizations to accomplish this major transformation,” affirms Co-founder/ CTO, Shafi Syed.

Syed also added “We used the technology we’d developed to enable the automated scan, analyze, optimize and migrate steps required to migrate enterprise applications to the cloud, extending our SurPaaS® platform capabilities to encompass the whole journey of transition to the cloud.”

Present market landscape

Large contingent businesses want to adopt cloud technology but often do not have as good an understanding ofthe cloud technical expertise so that they are confident to make the transition to cloud. SIs and MSPs are struggling to accommodate the flood of requests to migrate applications to the cloud and they need to be able to do so quickly, efficiently and confidently. This presents an opportunity for Corent to partner with these organizations to enable them to use Corent SurPaaS® platform to service their customers more effectively and cost efficiently. 

Current market position

Cloud PaaS Services are high in demand, for which SurPaaS® capabilities to incorporate those services into its proposed cloud migration plans, and implement them either as part of the initial migration or as a subsequent migration step - are capabilities in which customers are very interested.

Corent offers its SurPaaS® service as SaaS to IT consulting firms and IT shops which can be used as their Cloud Migration enabling platform. The company focuses on developing partnerships with leading SI’s, MSPs and cloud providers which aids in offering full featured path to the customers in their cloud journey.

Company’s focus

“Corent’s focus is on a game changing approach of enabling enterprises to transition to the cloud as the foundation for their fundamental digital transformation. The focus of many cloud management solutions so far has been very much oriented to keeping track of resources, and their associated costs. There are also numerous products that emphasize the standardization of deployment and configuration, the DevOps integration. We think those are all important; and that some if not all of those capabilities will soon be commoditized. Corent is focused on leveraging the unique capabilities of SurPaaS® platform to offer the next level of application monitoring, metering, and managingat the application and business transaction level, which will be key to business model innovation and transformation.” says Syed.

Products and services rendered

Corent has created a unified platform called SurPaaS®, which integrates multiple technologies that help analyze applications, assess their complexity, effectively migrate them to the Cloud, manage them seamlessly on the Cloud and optionally, efficiently and effectively SaaS enable these applications.

SurPaaS® is the umbrella name for Corent’s unified software platform to automatically Scan Analyze, Optimize, Migrate, Manage and optionally - SaaSify software applications.

We see the migration to cloud as a journey, and whether that journey includes the application being offered as SaaS or not, the techniques and efficiencies of the SaaS Provider model are beneficial to anyone operating an application in the cloud. The scanning features we developed are capable of looking inside the binaries of common application stacks and discovering the underlying components and their topology. This information is used to present a series of reports on cloud migration possibilities and compatibility with various clouds, to generate standard topology deployments or Cloud PlansTM which address various objectives such as performance, scalability, cost or redundancy – allowing the customer to choose or even customize a Cloud PlanTM that will provide them the best solution for their needs. SurPaaS® capabilities enable us to automate the implementation of these Cloud PlansTM, and to do so iteratively, so that the initial migration may be just about getting to the cloud and subsequent migrations may be focused on getting more scalability, redundancy or even migrating to a different cloud, providing the customer with the ability to constantly evolve as their business needs change. Some SurPaaSTM features are oriented to the needs of the SI’s  and MSPs that are involved in the migration projects of their customers, and they rely on the scanning and analysis of a whole set of applications, and SurPaaS® reports generated, to help explain and quantify the costs, determine priority and align business objectives with migration deployment topologies and plans.

Having the ability to add their own private clouds to the mix via the SurPaaS® Cloud Knowledgebase, and consolidate costing information for the IaaS/PaaS components with the value added services and initial consulting fees is key to getting migration projects approved and implemented.

The ability to manage the customer’s application portfolio from analysis through to implementation on the cloud and subsequent monitoring and management is key to proving the comfort level and risk mitigation required to enable organizations to move forward on changes that so fundamentally affect their IT business.

The key feature for organizations that want to become SaaS Providers is the complete set of options and capabilities for Tenancy Management, which allows SaaS in whatever level of efficiency is possible and/or desirable for them, as well as all the SaaS Operations and Commercial capabilities they need. ( ex: Single, Hybrid or Multi-Tenancy, Tenant Management and On-Boarding, Application Monitoring and Metering, Lifecycle & Upgrades, Subscriptions, Billing integration, Multi-geography, Multiple co-existing Tenancy models, BI & reporting, Channel Support including 2-tier distribution, White Labeling and more). 

And the unsung feature of SurPaaS® is that it does its work for not just one application, but in a consistent way for all the applications that an organization migrates or a SaaS Provider offers. And being a Multi-Tenant SaaS application itself, SurPaaS® does this for multiple customers/tenants, keeping the efficiency of service delivery high for all customers down the line.

Top clients

Clients include large enterprises like Samsung and Boeing, and major IT consulting firmslike Wipro Technologies, CenturyLink and UST Global.

“We believe there is a large untapped market for what we’ve termed “Private SaaS,” where the CIO of an enterprise can benefit by taking the approach of becoming a SaaS Provider for their internal user base. Enterprises often have sophisticated solutions that are tailored to their particular industry and represent a large store of value.Corent’s SurPaaS®enables CIOs to become an internal SaaS Provider and transform their office from a traditional cost center to a modern profit center!” – Feyzi Fatehi, CEO

An epitome of company’s triumphs

An illustration of the “Private SaaS” model is the SaaSification of Cello, the global supply chain management system developed and used by Samsung. Corent was able to make that application Multi-Tenant, enabling Samsung to efficiently and securely offer their divisions, partners, suppliers, and vendors access to a valuable software application – without having to incur the tremendous overhead of setting up and managing separate systems for each of them. Boeing Parts Management System for the C-17 aircraft was SaaS-enabled - in about two weeks - as Private SaaS, and used by multiple divisions of Boeing. Another one is Bluestripe, the data center performance management software, which was SaaS enabled in a matter of a few days, and then acquired by Microsoft weeks after its SaaS-enablement by Corent.


“Corent is oxygen to ISVs with on-premise software applications.” - Mike Culver, Strategic Alliances, Amazon Web Services

“We are pleased to work closely with Corent to accelerate the smart migration of software applications to Azure.” - Venkat Gattamneni, Group Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

“Corent’s platform is among the leading solutions in the SaaS enablement space, and would be a great asset for customers looking to deploy SaaS solutions faster.” - Mughees Minhas, Vice President of Product Management, Cloud and Systems Management, Oracle Corporation

Corent in the News

Corent named recipient of 2017 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award by Orange County Business Journal during their 16th annual awards luncheon at Irvine Hotel celebrating and recognizing the top entrepreneurial companies headquartered in Orange County, California. 

“Grow Your Business By Migrating Your Analytics Solution To Azure” - A Microsoft Hosted Webinar with Corent held on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Microsoft invited Corent CTO, Shafi Syed to present Corent’s MaaSTM (Migration as a Service) solution to accelerate the deployment of Analytics Industry Solutions on Microsoft Azure. In this webinar Mr. Syed discussed the typical project lifecycle of migrating analytics solutions to the Azure cloud from on-prem and other cloud environments. He also discussed use cases of how global system integrators are using Corent’s MaaS in their projects to rapidly migrate existing software solutions of any kind to run on Azure.

Sean Jazayeri, former Microsoft Senior Director Consulting Services, and CIO at Avanade, joined Corent as Senior Executive, Strategic Alliances and Initiatives. 

Embrace the luminary:  Shafi Syed Co-founder/CTO

Shafi leads Corent’s Engineering development and operations. He is responsible for product development and delivery, including support, services and overseas operations. Shafi brings about 25 years of Silicon Valley product, technology and marketing background and has proven experience in building various teams in product development, technical marketing, strategic solutions, managing alliances and partner relations.


"We have a fully integrated platform to automatically Analyze, Cloudify, and if desired - SaaSify - practically any software application, on any Cloud, without any programming."