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“We have great customers and partners who are using our solution worldwide and changing the way their IT operations are being handled.” RightITnow


Higher productivity to drive the lower cost of IT operations.

RightITnow delivers real-time, cross-domain event correlation software that enables enterprises to optimize IT Operations processes so they can drive down costs, resolve problems faster and assure end-user services. It achieves this by automating the event to alert to incident life cycle and bridging the gap between IT Operations Center and the Service Desk – driving higher productivity and effectiveness.

Deep Dive into RightITnow

Founded in January 2013 by Marc Ferrie, the Former CEO of RiverMuse, RightITnow’s mission is to massively simplify the way IT operations are being managed today; In March 2013, RightITnow purchased all the RiverMuse assets to serve as the proven foundation for our mission. Leveraging the solution built at RiverMuse since 2010, Marc and the original team are delivering to the marketplace an innovative solution that you can discover on our website; from the ground up, we have established key practices that we want to share with you:

  • Streamline the design of the product to make it as simple to use as humanly possible: this is hard work but we believe that the onus is on us not on you to deliver on that promise
  • Provide a cost-effective, affordable solution by automating a lot of our internal functions (cloud services, support, Testing, videos, live demos)
  • Listen to our customers and prospects: they DO have the key insights and in combination with our product roadmap, that makes for an innovative solution in real touch with your needs
  • Deliver a common solution for the cloud and on-premises, the smallest to the largest customer, for any vertical: there is no good reason not to do it!

Over the last 3 years, we have deployed our solution across the world in a number of industry segments, such as:

  • Financial services
  • MSPs and ISPs
  • Government Agencies
  • IT consulting firms

Product Portfolio

RightITnow ECM is a powerful event correlation and process automation platform for optimizing IT Operations. Built on a scalable architecture, RightITnow ECM can comprehensively manage dynamic and fast-changing IT infrastructures for a business of any size.

Extensive IT Event Collection

RightIINow ECM collects industry standard protocols and message formats events from most network devices, systems, and web services environments.  Its native integration with virtualization platform APIs enables near real-time event collection and management of physical and virtual infrastructure.

Protocol and Message formats supported include: SNMP, Syslog, WS-MAN, XML/HTTP, JSON and Windows Events


RightITnow ECM: Save Time & Money: RightITnow ECM  lowers your IT operations costs by dramatically reducing the volume of alerts and incidents your operations and Service Desk teams need to process. And with ECM’s accurate insight into the process and productivity metrics at device, service, business or operator level – your organization can continuously improve on how you manage alert and incident operations.

Cost Effective and Easy to Use: RightITnow ECM’s subscription-based pricing and easy to use interface mean an overall lower cost of ownership, compared to complex, legacy event management platforms with expensive licensing options and consulting requirements.

More Productive: With RightITnow ECM, your IT Operations and Service Desk staff can stop wasting time firefighting and instead focus on a manageable number of service impacting alerts. And with RightITnow ECM’s automated actions capabilities you can eliminate much time consuming, routine tasks, freeing your team for more important projects.

Faster Problem Resolution: With the right knowledge in hand from ECM’s contextual/enriched alerts, and linked incident/trouble ticket records, your IT Operations, and Service Desk staff have what they need to solve problems faster.

The contextual knowledge of underlying foundational events, correlation results, and link back to performance data (say, from an original monitoring source) where applicable – all contribute to faster problem resolution.

With ECM intelligently linking and correlating raw events, including access to performance data (say, from an original monitoring source), you can spend your time on service restoration or problem management rather than hunting down the source of the problem.

Improved Service Level Delivery: Since RightITnow ECM captures all events from all sources at all times, problems relating to undetected or ‘silent failures’ are eliminated.  As a result, customers and end users gain from increased availability and uptime and assured performance against service levels.

CEO Corner

Marc Ferrie, Founder, and CEO: Marc Ferrie is the founder and CEO at RightITnow. Previously he was the CEO and Chairman from RiverMuse. Marc brings two decades of executive experience in delivering enterprise software solutions. Previously, Marc was the Senior Vice President of Engineering at GuardianEdge, a leader in endpoint data protection. Prior to GuardianEdge, he was the Vice President of Engineering at Elemental Security, a leader in enterprise policy and risk management. Marc has also led engineering and technical operations (Customer Support, IT, hosted ops) at companies such as Ventaso, a provider of sales effectiveness solutions, and Evolve Software (now Oracle), a leading provider of IT operations management and professional services automation. Prior to this, Marc held numerous executive management positions at Computer Associates and Ingres in France and the U.S., in both Engineering and Customer Service.

Marc holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Descartes, Paris, and a Master’s degree in Sociology from the University La Sorbonne, Paris.

Monitor your entire infrastructure and drive your global workforce from a single pane of glass.