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50 Most Valuable Brands of The Year 2017

“We helped its customers extract business value from a broad array of physical assets by making them intelligent; connecting them, and using the data they generate to optimize business processes”: Bsquare


“Our experience has shown that moving along the path to full IoT can be broken down into five stages.” 

Don’t adopt IoT for IoT’s sake. Instead, focus on specific business use cases and outcomes, using IoT as the basis for an overall strategy to achieve those goals. It’s important to look at IoT not just as a journey but a progression as organizational needs and adoption of IoT changes.

Bsquare’s experience has shown that moving along the path to full IoT can be broken down into five stages. Each stage provides increasing levels of benefits. Progression through all five stages culminates in a holistic, intelligent, automated IoT system that delivers the broadest range of positive outcomes for multiple business goals

Making Intelligent Connections & Optimizing Business Practices

Bsquare DataV software solutions can be deployed by a wide variety of enterprises to create business-focused Internet of Things (IoT) systems that more effectively monitor device data, automate processes, predict events, and produce better business outcomes. Bsquare goes a step further by coupling its purpose-built DataV software with comprehensive analytic and engineering services that help all types of organizations make IoT a business reality.

Professional services

Fully Operationalize IoT Systems

Much of the attention associated with IoT is focused on the “things” themselves—remote, often small, and frequently mobile devices that represent vital business assets. But in order for IoT to become fully operationalized the devices and the data they generate, along with logic rules governing how the data is handled and what actions are driven, must be integrated into existing business systems and processes. In fact, many of the data sources as well as connected systems may be external to the business. This systems integration work can be complex and difficult to manage but is nevertheless vital to achieving business objectives. Bsquare has over two decades of experience not only in the development of smart, connected devices, but in the integration of those devices into new business processes.

Deliver Applications that Delight Users

When designing the application plan for your smart, connected device, leverage Bsquare expertise to get the job done quickly and effectively minimizing development risk and cost with a comprehensive strategy. Our experts will tackle your business requirements, help your team to work through all the device requirements—including user interface design, application framework options, device and data management, connected services, comprehensive testing support and security.

Reduce Development Time

Manufacturers leverage Bsquare expertise when selecting the right platform for projects. Bsquare offers extensive development services for all leading platforms. Our teams also help speed time-to-market for new solutions with design, application development expertise, porting across platforms and devices, and by supporting hardware and system integration. 

Meet the Master Deo

Jerry Chase, President and CEO

Tying Jerry Chase is our President and Chief Executive Officer, having joined Bsquare in September 2013. Jerry was a member of the Bsquare board of directors prior to that. Before Bsquare, Jerry was CEO and director at Lantronix (NASDAQ: LTRX), a provider of secure software, and embedded and external hardware solutions. Prior to that, Jerry served as CEO and director at Terayon (acquired by Motorola), then a publicly traded cable, satellite and telecom supplier of digital video networking applications. Earlier, Jerry was Chairman and CEO of Thales Broadcast & Multimedia, a supplier of transmission, digital video and test equipment to television and radio broadcast and telecom broadband markets based in Paris. Jerry held a variety of senior management roles earlier in his career, including General Manager at General Instrument, and Vice President, Systems Engineering & Program Management at Scientific Atlanta. in to the, Bsquare used its DataV software stack to implement predictive failure capabilities and data-driven diagnostics.

Dave Wagstaff: Chief Technology Officer

He is our Chief Technology Officer, having joined Bsquare in November, 2013. In this role Mr. Wagstaff drives a comprehensive and integrated strategy for all Bsquare products including DataV, the company’s Internet of Things offerings. Dave has held a number of senior and strategic technology positions including Chief Architect, Advanced Solutions at Lantronix (NASDAQ: LTRX), Director of Engineering at Lantronix, Director, Software Development at Open Text, Inc. and Software Development Manager at both Gauss Interprise, Inc. and Diebold from May 1980 to September 1999. 

"Our progression through all five stages culminates in a holistic, intelligent, automated IoT system that delivers the broadest range of positive outcomes for multiple business goals."