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“We offer a variety of resources and are experts in the fields of incentive solutions and awards, group travel, meetings services and planning, creative communications and more”: Incentive Solutions

thesiliconreview-steve-damerow-ceo-incentive-solutions-17“We have broadened our portfolio of solutions to help our clients increase sales, build customer loyalty, motivate employees and change behaviors.”

Regardless of what industry a company is in, you’ve likely been a part of a round table discussion about how to improve employee performance? Performance and motivation are frequently identified as imperatives companies must move the needle on.

For years, companies of all sizes have tried numerous ways to improve work performance. We can’t point to one method as a winner; that’s because the biggest mistake is thinking there is one-size-fits all solution.

There isn’t. Think about it: at most workplaces, you’ll find a collection of individuals in different stages of their careers who span multiple generations and have their own preferred motivators. That’s why winning companies are taking a more holistic approach to the overall employee experience. Based on the art of motivation, Incentive Solutions is one such winning company.

Incentive Solutions, 1994 is a full service incentive management house. For over 16 years the firm has helped companies improve employee and dealer performance, and we have developed successful, thriving loyalty programs for their customers. It offers a variety of resources and are experts in the fields of incentive solutions and awards, group travel, meetings services and planning, creative communications and more! Its employees take pride in the company and set value on the programs.

“We have made incentive managements our careers, and our commitment is to our clients. We know the key to success is building lasting relationships with our customers. We have the experience and expertise to deliver state of the art and one of a kind incentive programs, and look forward to talking to you!”

In dialogue with Steve Damerow, CEO

Why did you choose this arena as your business?

I founded Incentive Solutions as a response to the incentive industry’s fragmented market place and its desperate need for technology. Having worked in the incentives industry for years prior to starting Incentive Solutions, I realized there was something missing. The incentive program industry needed an IT authority and Incentive Solutions created online incentive software that other incentive companies based theirs on. Incentive Solutions strove to do for the B2B industry what Salesforce did for CRM.

Can you explicate on the initial product you launched?

Our first product was promotional debit cards, which we offered as short-term performance incentive funds (SPIFFS) and incentive rewards. We later developed our SAAS platform, RewardTrax, which has now been in the industry for 10 years. It provides incentive rewards in the form of cyber currency and is unique in the marketplace in that it includes rewards, administration, and recognition, the three components essential to successful incentive and loyalty programs.

Our first project was a test study for a Fortune 1000 company selling through distributor sales reps. They were able to prove a 4%00  ROI, so they rolled the program out nationally 8 years ago and have been growing the program ever since.

Could you please unveil apropos your company expansion and offerings?

In 2009, Incentive Solutions acquired Loyaltyworks. We merged their clients onto our platform. Beyond that, we have focused on adding additional offerings to our clients, including global, mobile, gamification, leaderboard, performance tracking, and training features.

How are you anomalous?

  • We’ve earned the Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For® reward five years in a row thanks to our excellent company culture where everyone is motivated by common financial goals.
  • We practice what we preach, using our own incentive technology and strategies to improve performances and change behaviors.
  • We partner with clients as trusted advisors, not just product suppliers.
  • We focus on providing B2B clients advanced, flexible incentive programs that meet their specific needs.
  • We focus on engaging today’s diverse, multigeneral workforce.

How do you succour the society and global IT platform?

Our technology can work in 55 countries, which allows us to work with numerous companies worldwide. There’s also a charitable aspect to rewards beyond just rewarding individuals, with the option for participants to redeem their points towards charitable donations.

At present are you working on any new product?

We introduce new products to the market every 3-6 months. We are currently working on making our platform more user-friendly for Spanish speaking individuals. However, we constantly have different priorities going through development.

Any anticipation on company’s future?

We have doubled our EBITDA in the last two years and we expect that trend to continue moving forward. Our company has grown and we believe that our company will continue to grow and we will bring on more bright individuals to enhance Incentive Solutions.

Say hello to the neato persona

Steve Damerow, CEO of Incentive Solutions founded Incentive Solutions in 1994. With over 40 years of experience in the incentives industry, marked by countless award-winning incentive programs, Steve has earned a reputation for formulating innovative concepts that have changed the industry. He earned a BS, an MBA, and Master’s degree in Economics.

"We believe that we can be of best service to our clients by continuously adapting to new business models, technologies and changing marketplaces."