30 Fastest Growing Microsoft Solution Providers 2016

We partner with you to build business-critical systems: Catapult Systems


Superior commitment is our blueprint for superior value.”

Catapult Systems is a full-service consulting firm that uses technology to solve complex business challenges, delivering exceptional value to the clients based on their priorities and timeframes. Recognized as the 2016 Microsoft Partner of the Year (U.S.), Catapult specializes in digital transformation and cloud-based technologies. It works on behalf of its clients to imagine, build, and sustain IT-enabled business solutions that people love to use.

‘Catapult Systems is committed to helping you succeed,’ says David Fuess, CEO

We Always Deliver: We are passionate about delivering on our commitments and doing what’s right for you. Our most fundamental core value is that we do what we say we are going to do – always. Even when circumstances change or an unexpected situation arises, we will do whatever it takes to make it right for you.

We’re Easy to Work With: We are committed to being the easiest, most flexible and most convenient technology partner you have ever worked with. Our local, professional and friendly employees go out of their way to respond quickly and accommodate your needs. We collaborate with your internal staff and other strategic partners and believe that long-term success is achieved through mutual education and information-sharing.

We Bring the Whole Team: We do everything as a united Catapult team. Even when you engage a single consultant, you benefit from the collective experience, expertise and creativity of our entire organization. When any one of our employees encounters a challenge, they have all our internal and external resources at their disposal to overcome it quickly. We have staked our reputation on hiring and retaining the most talented individuals in our industry, as well as partnering with the right firms to provide the most value to you.

Enabling companies to operate more efficiently and effectively

Cloud: Catapult’s cloud services looks at the big picture helping you create a leaner, controlled economic model that takes into account all that is essential to the business including infrastructure, system management and device management. Catapult’s Cloud Services team provides the necessary building blocks to digitally transform the business. Using its proven Cloud Adoption Methodology, it will help clients develop key strategy that aligns with the business initiatives.

Application: With more than 20 years of scaled application development delivery success, the company had the opportunity to deliver over 2,000 projects, ranging from small mobile applications, to enterprise level, mission critical systems. Its rich requirement evaluation process begins by listening to you.  It collects key users’ input to help us identify the most valuable system features, allowing us to create widely embraced, agile, and precise applications at a fair cost.

Analytics:  At most companies, data analysis falls to employees whose main responsibilities lie elsewhere, or to people who lack ample training or bandwidth for the task. While it doesn’t make sense for most to staff a full-time data scientist, rigorous and accurate analysis allows an organization to extract truly impactful answers from data.

  • Catapult offers business intelligence, scaled to fit the specific needs. With its subscription-based BI solution, receive continuous data insight while eliminating the need to invest in software that will eventually become obsolete.
  • Treat the data to a full-spectrum, state-of-the-art platform. Microsoft Cortana Analytics Suite does it all: from reporting, dashboards, and alerting; to proactive data insights and analysis like regression, clustering, and pattern mapping; to big data.
  • Envision the full scope of what the data has to reveal. Track trends with quick-reference dashboards and drill-to-detail with reports in Microsoft Power BI.

Meet the Master

David Fuess: As Chief Executive Officer for Catapult Systems, David’s priorities include accelerating the growth and expansion of Catapult’s business to new U.S. and Global markets. He also sets the vision and strategy for the organization, fosters Catapult’s strong relationship with its business partners and will continue refining the company’s business model to provide a broader range and greater value of services and solutions.

David brings 25 years of leadership and management experience, including 18 years of experience in the IT professional services industry. David has organically started 3 offices for Catapult Systems including the Dallas, Denver and Phoenix business units while serving as Group Vice President and President. Prior to Catapult, David was the Dallas General Manager for BORN and previous to BORN, he served in the role of National Director of Sales for Avanade.

David graduated with honors from The University of Tulsa in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. He was an All American football player and record holder, and played in the Blue Gray All Star game in 1989. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two teenage daughters, and his hobbies include golf, biking, hunting, and pretty much anything outdoors.  David is a former member of a Vistage CEO Peer Group in Colorado and previously sat on the Associate Board of Boys and Girls Club of Denver.

“Our mission is to enable you to achieve your business objectives through the innovative use of Microsoft technologies.”