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“We Solve Your Most Important Data Protection Problems”: Veritas Technology


The only true source of differentiation is your information.

Today, companies are digitally transforming at an ever-more-rapid pace. Keeping up requires absolute confidence in information and a solution that facilitates new ways to re-invent processes and engage customers. Companies need a reliable way to sort through these immense changes and mountains of data, and reach clarity. What if there is one solution that helps you manage the cost of storage, difficulty migrating to the cloud and risk due to regulations like GDPR—all while protecting your data? What if there is a multi-cloud data management solution that works as hard as you do?

Founded in 2016, Veritas Technologies’ mission is to enable people to harness the power of information. Its 360 multi-cloud data management solution can visualize, protect, access and migrate your data, letting you unlock the insights needed to drive your organization forward. With Veritas, you’re free to truly treat information as an asset—not only to save money and reduce risk but to use data as a differentiator. Welcome to the truth in information.

With the right information, anything is possible. The firm’s work supports some of the most vital sectors of the world. It has clients dedicated to improving healthcare, the military, education,and economic opportunity. And Veritas is dedicated to them. When the stakes are high, every decision is only as good as the information behind it. And that information relies on Veritas. The company makes education smarter. It helps schools lower storage costs, so they can expand programs and access to education. It improves healthcare services. Hospitals rely on Veritas to protect mission-critical data and keep vital applications running. Veritas helps keep troops safe. Veritas helps the military safeguard operations, so decision-makers stay informed.

Reveal the Truth in Information: Veritas Technologies

Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information—their most important digital asset. Using its platform, customers can accelerate their digital transformation and solve pressing challenges like multi-cloud data management, data protection, storage optimization, compliance readiness,and workload portability—with no cloud vendor lock-in.

Veritas Technologies empowers businesses of all sizes to discover the truth in information—their most important digital asset. Eighty-six percent of Fortune 500 companies rely on Veritas today. It operates in 58 countries worldwide, with over 7,500 people employed across many roles and functions: technologists, sales professionals,and specialists in business roles like HR, marketing and finance. The company helps organizations to unlock the power of information to create jobs, boost prosperity, protect lives and make the world around us a better place.

A Robust Portfolio of Solutions to Meet Your Needs

360 Data Management is available in several editions that are easy to configure, maintain and upgrade.

  • Data Visibility: Get a global view of your information environment to make informed decisions and reduce risk.
  • Digital Compliance: Prepare for GDPR, identify vulnerabilities, automate data retention and classification.
  • Data Protection: Help ensure backup and recovery for any workload. Enable self-service access to virtual data copies.
  • Storage Optimization:Break the ties to expensive hardware with SDS to reduce cost and improve performance.
  • Data and Workload Portability:Enable seamless migration and movement to and from the multi-cloud and avoid lock-in.
  • Business Continuity: Keep your business running with automated, predictable resiliency and monitoring.

A Brief Solutions Outlook

Veritas enables organizations to harness the power of their information, with solutions designed to serve the world’s largest and most complex heterogeneous environments.Get industry-leading solutions that cover all platforms with backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage, and information governance


Multi-Cloud:Veritas guides you from migration to mastery

Without the right guide, navigating the multi-cloud can be daunting. The likelihood of increased complexity, costs and vendor lock-in can become real. Fast.Veritas gives you choice, without compromising reliability in the multi-cloud.The truth is,its multi-cloud data management can help you get to the cloud, from the cloud or between clouds with ease.

Comprehensive Solution:Its holistic approach to managing data is built for the multi-cloud and geared for the digital business.

Gain Visibility:Smarter decisions begin with better visibility. Identify what you have, then move it, keep it or delete it.

Migrate with Confidence:It helps you migrate to, from or between clouds, simply. Veritas’approach offers you flexibility and control of where to run your critical systems

Avoid Cloud Outages:When the cloud goes down, expect headlines and negative impacts on your business. Help avoid unplanned downtime with Veritas.

Protect Data Everywhere:Protecting data across clouds, platforms or infrastructure doesn't have to be done with separate point tools. Veritas gives you the right tools and a simple way to manage it all.

GDPR: New EU regulation has global reach

The General Data Protection Regulation, the world’s most expansive data privacy law, went into effect on May 25, 2018.Any group that processes the personal data of European residents must comply with the new law.Non-compliance can result in fines up to €20million or 4% of annual turnover, whichever is higher.The new law requires organizations to manage personal data appropriately or face serious fines.

Compliance with GDPR isn’t an option—it’s mandatory. Veritas combines market-leading technologies and the expertise of its Professional Services advisors to lead you toward GDPR compliance.

Pinpoint your GDPR maturity:Achieving regulatory compliance can be tricky without a concrete plan. Veritas’ custom GDPR Readiness Assessment will create a roadmap, so you can plan the next steps.

Provide visibility into all your data:Mapping and managing information you can’t see is impossible. Veritas helps you uncover dark data, identify risks and classify your information.

Policies protect your information:Veritashelps orchestrate your retention strategy with automated workflows so you can track activities based on facts.

Data visibility: Data is dynamic. Your view shouldn’t be static

The truth is you can’t manage what you can’t see. Reduce corporate risk and free up resources by dealing with the majority of your data that has no value to the business.The only way to control data is to fully understand what you have. Veritas shines a light on your dark data and sees the complete picture with global data visibility.

Immersive Navigation:Easily explore your unstructured data. Then identify areas of risk or waste and take action.

Decisions at Scale:It’s impossible to manually manage billions of files. Aggregated insights allow you to make impactful decisions without a file-by-file inspection.

Global Perspective:Obtain an end-to-end view of your entire data environment across geographies, data centers,and cloud.

Storage Optimization: Optimize your storage at an optimal price

We’re storing more data than ever. But the truth is, it’s costly, wasteful and risky. Modern cloud-based applications and workloads require an agile, scale-out and resilient storage backbone. Get back in control with Software-Defined Storage. Break ties to hardware and scale out as fast as you need with lower cost storage.

Software-Defined Storage can reduce your cost while boosting performance, scalability,and availability.

Slash Storage Costs: Commodity or cloud storage can be up to 70% less expensive than proprietary hardware.

Bring Data to Life: Build innovative modern apps and increase your information capital.

Maintain High Performance: Help ensure high-performance and availability for your mission-critical apps in the cloud or on-premises.

Clientele Reviews

“We’ve used Veritas NetBackup as the backup solution for our VMware cloud service and also for tape-based backups. NetBackup has enabled us to deliver a reliable, consistent and secure multi-tenant service to customers for years.”

  • Bryce O’Kane, Associate Director, Cloud, Networks,and Security (CNS), Datacom

“With the Veritas data protection solution, we are confident that our systems are available 24x7 to support our customers’ online gaming experience.”

  • Ziv Oren, Vice President Technologies, 888 Holdings

“Veritas cloud solutions enable us to concentrate on bringing benefits to the company rather than administering systems. We’re safe in the knowledge that Veritas takes care of our systems day-to-day.”

  • Scott Paterson, IT Manager, BEAR Scotland, Ltd

“Veritas has a unique ability to deliver insights regarding enterprise data. They are hyper-focused on offering solutions that provide visibility into their customers’ information.”

  • Sean Pike, Program Director, Next-Generation Data Security,andeDiscovery& Information Governance, IDC

Greet the Thought Leaders

Greg Hughes, Chief Executive Officer:

Greg Hughes is the Chief Executive Officer at Veritas. Greg is an industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience as an executive in enterprise software.

Previously, Greg was the CEO of Serena Software, where he led the successful turnaround and sale to Micro Focus International Plc. Greg has also held executive roles in technology investment firms HGGC and Silver Lake Partners.

Greg came to Silver Lake from Symantec where he served in a variety of senior executive positions, most recently as President of the $4 Billion Enterprise Product Group.

Greg joined Symantec through the acquisition of Veritas, where he was Executive Vice President of Global Services. Prior to Veritas, Greg was a Partner at McKinsey & Company, where he founded and led the Software Practice.

Greg holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.


Jim Schaper, Chairman of the Board:

Jim Schaper is Chairman of the Board for Veritas. Schaper is a 30+ year veteran of the technology industry. He founded Infor in June 2002 with the $30 million acquisition of the process manufacturing division of SCT Corporation. Since 2002, Infor has grown to $3 billion in annual revenue. As an Infor board member, Schaper is responsible for assisting management in setting corporate strategy ensuring Infor’s investments continue to drive growth, superior performance, and customer satisfaction. In addition to his duties at Infor, Schaper also serves on the boards of Q2 Holdings, (QTWO), BMC, and Quest Software and is an Operating Partner of Golden Gate Capital (GGC).

Prior to Infor, Schaper was Chairman and CEO of Primis Corporation, an internet property management software and data provider that was sold to Land America Corporation in November 2000. Prior to Primis, he was COO for Medaphis (later renamed Per‐Se) and also served as COO for Dun & Bradstreet Software, which was sold to GEAC. Schaper also held numerous management roles at Banyan Corporation, Memorex Telex, and Lanier. Schaper holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina.

“We don’t just believe there’s truth in your information, we live by it ourselves. As a leader in multi-cloud data management, we are consistently ranked as one of the best in the industry, and we have the data to back that up. So here’s our truth. We believe it speaks for itself.”