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WeDigTech Founder and CEO Pranay Mathur:“We specialize in delivering customized solutions with our capabilities in conceptualisation, UX/UI, Cloud and App Development”


Software development is an essential pathway if a business wants to go digital and grow its customer reach. It encourages companies to create customized solutions for their businesses to meet the clients’ requirements. By implementing a perfect Custom software development process, businesses can gain popularity and reach new heights of success. When we talk about the software development process, it is all about imposing a structure in the development of software. It aims at creating a software product that meets the users’ objectives. The custom software development process consists of a detailed plan that describes the development, maintenance, replacement, and enhancement of the software. This process is also popularly known as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It has a few stages that need to be followed to complete the development of any software product. They are – Planning, Defining Requirements, Architecture Designing, Developing, Testing, and Deployment. WeDigTech is on the mission to be the first choice of dreamers who dream to develop innovative digital products for niche communities by leveraging our unique blend of agile business, design and technology skillsets.

WeDigTech’s vision is to collaborate with the best minds across the globe and build innovate digital products that make communities stronger and empowered. WeDigTech was established in year 2010 as an offshore software product development company with its headquarter and development center based in Jaipur, Rajasthan (INDIA), focused towards helping startups and enterprises to launch great mobile, web, IOT products with quality and speed. WeDigTech offers comprehensive mobility services with adaptive and compelling designs. From the word go WeDigTech’s UX/UI designers strive to bring ideas to life ensuring compatible, scalable and superior quality mobile apps that load promptly, are user friendly, and ensure a delightful user experience. WeDigTech, being a pioneer UX/UI design agency, delivers quality and functionality with eyeball grabbing web portals and sites under one hood. Amalgamating responsive, reliable, engaging and fast web designs with flexible content to ensure visibility and offering an enchanting cross channel user experience is WeDigTech’s forte.

Web App Design

Offering the best in class Web App Development Services, WeDigTech has the expertise to create simple, responsive and user friendly interface. Incorporating features like Speed optimization, intuitive and efficient UI, streamlined content structure, smart use of visuals, and color schemes the company delivers only the best. WeDigTech, as a web development company has a penchant for designing and delivering a data-driven digital experience that not only is equipped to drive traffic and engage, it is also deft at meeting the potential customers’ requirements. WeDigTech’s web application development teams understand the need for developing cross-platform apps and use the best of tools to ensure the app is deployable across multiple platforms allowing a wider reach. WeDigTech ensures a secure and hack proof Web App by not only keeping checks in place but by also constantly monitoring the apps for malicious activity and running scans to detect security vulnerabilities. Regular updates ensure hackers stay at bay. WeDigTech’s teams go the extra mile to ensure the web app has been optimized to reach millions of users by simplifying the content and reducing loading time.

Business Workflow Automation

WeDigTech as a web development agency understands the need to automate business workflow. Web apps that automate everyday tasks and streamline data management and communication, create accountability, reduce costs and errors and create workplace efficiency are its specialty. Being one of the pioneering cross platform mobile app development company, WeDigTech helpd transform ideas into applications that run across multiple platforms using the best tools available- Automatically supported on Android, Windows and iOS devices. Providing the best of mobile application development services, teams at Wedigtech have a penchant for developing native smart phone apps that have the advantage of being performance –critical and highly reliable. Digitalization is changing business models and processes; making them increasingly customer centric. Fuelled by data, digitalization is the catalyst of the metamorphosis that is defining success. Leverage information and share technology for a competitive edge and direct customer engagement. WeDigTech’s deep expertise and processes means that it provides & implements AWS solutions with a quick turnaround time, whether it’s migrating you to AWS for the first time, providing cloud operations management of your AWS environments, or leveraging AWS solutions for business value through automation and analytics.

Meet the leader behind the success of WeDigTech

Pranay Mathur is the Founder and CEO of WeDigTech. Pranay is an Entrepreneur, Technology Influencer & Startup Evangelist, has initiated and implemented digital transformation and business growth for internationally renowned brands in the domain of Energy drinks, Healthcare, Music, Food, Fashion and Retail. Over a decade, he has transformed these brands with cutting edge technologies like IoT, AI, Cloud Computing and Lean Product Development Methodologies. As a technology influencer and startup mentor, he holds board observer seat in promising startups touching lives of millions of users worldwide. He created new disruptive opportunities for his projects by developing first stage prototype, creating technology roadmaps and developing go-to-market strategies. With his unique capability of understanding various business models and fitting them into ROI driven technology architectures, he has established businesses from scratch, set-up teams, processes, technology and operations, led businesses and teams, substantially scaled each business in terms of revenue and headcount; and turned around businesses to profitability. Just in 7 years Pranay bootstrapped his company to a multi million dollar business and is working with large team of 500+ technologists in a distributed environment across the globe in diverse domains and driving technology innovation with emerging technologies.

“After all the basic necessities have been met, the quest for lifestyle becomes important for an individual. Let us help design, build and deliver technology that speaks for itself in each individual’s lifestyle”