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August Edition 2022

Webflow – Building the World’s Most Powerful No-Code Development Platform


No-code solutions, as the name indicates, is a software approach that is easy to use by any user of any programming level, requiring few programming skills, and allowing one to quickly build a platform. This allows employees who have business knowledge but lack the knowledge of programming languages to create platforms such as websites or apps or to add on or modify existing ones. In other words, no-code solutions allow marketing teams in organizations to create applications without formal development training. All tools needed are available without any interference from the IT department. No-code solutions are similar to website design companies and graphic design apps that have simplified hard work into easy-to-understand tools and user-friendly designs, allowing anyone to lunch a platform in minutes. In no-code solutions, the heavy work remains unseen to users. It is done by the no-code tool providers, such as drag and drop tools that use data abstraction to hide the complexity of what users accomplish through simple maneuvers.

Webflow is the leading no-code visual web development platform. It seamlessly generates sophisticated code so anyone can build powerful web-based businesses and adapt to changes without developers or months of building. From entrepreneurs and creative agencies to Fortune 500 companies, Webflow makes the internet a more inclusive place by making the tools to build on it more accessible to more people, fueling business growth. Webflow powers websites for innovators like PwC, MURAL, Rakuten, TED, and Univision.  

Leveraging Industry-Leading No-Code Solutions for Enterprises

Designer: Take control of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in a completely visual canvas — and let Webflow translate your design into clean, semantic code that’s ready to publish to the web, or hand off to developers. Drag in unstyled HTML elements for full control, or use pre-built pieces for complex elements like sliders, tabs, background videos, and more. Turn nav bars, footers, signup forms, and more into symbols you can change across your whole site with a single edit. View and reorganize your pages' element structure in the Navigator — and ensure your pages remain accessible to all. Blazing-fast page loads powered by their global Fastly CDN and enterprise-level uptime SLAs mean hosting is one less thing for your team to worry about.

Webflow Enterprise: Empower your digital teams to build a website that stands out and own website publishing without relying on developers. Build better websites — faster — with the power of Webflow. Backed by advanced security, custom traffic scaling, guaranteed uptime, and much more. Let your teams focus on what they do best. Give your marketing and design team greater control and free your engineering team to focus on bigger challenges. Launch with peace of mind. Webflow's global hosting infrastructure is prepared to serve use cases of any size, and has the security features your team needs to feel safe. Webflow Enterprise is backed by SOC-2 certification and comes with advanced security features like single sign on, custom security headers, custom SSL certificates, and much more.

Interactions: Webflow's Interactions and animations tools bring all the power of CSS and JavaScript into a completely visual tool, empowering designers to build complex, rich animations without even thinking about code. Link your animations and motion to scroll progress to achieve effects like parallax, precise reveal animations, progress bars, or whatever else you can dream up. Create the content structures you need, add content (by hand, from a CSV, or via their API), then design it visually. Connect any design element to your Collections, then work with that content right on the page. No messy code work or database management required.

Webflow Editor: Push the limits of web design and create unique commerce experiences for your customers. Build a business around any type of custom products and digital goods or services. Create a new revenue stream while strengthening your brand. Shape your customer's experience every step of the way — all without writing a single line of code. With the Webflow Editor, you can create and edit content right on your page, so there’s no need to navigate a messy backend content management system (they're looking at you, WordPress). Once you’re happy with the changes, you can publish them to the site with the click of a button. Adding new content is as easy as filling out a form. You can even write new content right on the page to see exactly how it will look once it’s live. With the Webflow Editor, there’s no need for a plugin to manage and update your site’s SEO settings. From page titles to meta descriptions, URLs to Open Graph settings — it’s easy to optimize every page of your site for search. Use your Meta titles and descriptions for Open graph, or set custom display titles and images for social sharing.

Vlad Magdalin | Co-founder & CEO

"We’re dedicated to building a diverse team — in all senses of the word. We're empowering everyone to create for the web — and leading impactful, fulfilling lives while we do it."