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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

Liran Zvibel, a revolutionary architect guiding WEKA's long-term vision and strategy as its Chief Executive Officer


Businesses are dealing with a barrage of data which requires a lot of their time and attention. Data management becomes more difficult as the volume increases, and it can be quite costly to keep up with increasing growth. Data management is the process of collecting, storing, organizing, and protecting data generated or received by a business over its operational lifespan to guarantee data accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness. Integrated data management necessitates an enterprise strategy as well as dependable techniques for accessing, integrating, governing, storing, and preparing collected data for analytics. The importance of data management is that it can assure the accuracy, accessibility, and availability of data to be processed and analyzed in order to make better, more informed business decisions and get deep insights into customer behavior, trends, and opportunities.

WEKA believes data-driven organizations shouldn’t have to choose between speed, simplicity, scale, sustainability, or seamless data portability. In the cloud and AI era, these should be foundational elements to every data environment – not points of compromise. That’s why the company is building an entirely new data management approach designed to support next-generation workloads flawlessly. The WEKA® Data Platform is purpose-built for the cloud and AI era. Its advanced architecture seamlessly and sustainably delivers speed, simplicity, and scale regardless of where your data needs to run so you can take full advantage of next-generation workloads – even the ‘impossible’ ones – in virtually any location. The platform is mind-bendingly fast, infinitely scalable, effortlessly sustainable, seamlessly spanning edge, core, cloud, hybrid, and multicloud. The WEKA platform can help you overcome complex data challenges and turn ideas into outcomes.


Unify Data Silos: Legacy storage designs have forced customers to deploy different architectures to satisfy the needs of different workloads. WEKA was built from the ground up to address the diverse requirements of modern workloads enabling you to pool all your data and manage them through a global namespace. With dramatically simplified administration, you can easily access and manage your data at scale to deliver better outcomes.

Accelerate Time to Insight: Push the limits of what is possible. With industry-leading performance, you can dramatically accelerate time to insights. Instantly adapt to any new workload with no knobs to tune and no expertise required. Get up and running quickly in the cloud or on-premises with validated reference architectures.

Deploy Anywhere: WEKA lives anywhere your data does, whether on-premises, in the public cloud, or hybrid. Take advantage of elastic compute resources available in the cloud at massive scale by deploying their cloud-native storage solution. WEKA offers you the choice of either deploying on dedicated storage servers or as converged compute/storage on-premises or in the cloud.

Simplifying Data Management through Robust Solutions

High Performance Computing (HPC): Eliminate the complexities associated with the antiquated parallel file systems and deliver simplicity, speed, and scale for any data profile, on-premises or in the cloud. The WEKA Data Platform accelerates scientific discovery use cases with the highest performance density and zero metadata bottlenecks. WEKA supports thousands of concurrent compute clients and common HPC networking, interfaces and tools such as Infiniband, Ethernet, MPI IO, HDF5, NetCDF, etc. Lower your storage TCO with WEKA’s automated tiering to object storage plus integrated back-up, disaster recovery and cloud bursting. On-premises, public, or hybrid cloud, the choice is yours. WEKA provides the industry’s first data platform for HPC with data portability across multiple cloud platforms. WEKA delivers performance for any workload without tuning.

High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA): WEKA is a high bandwidth, low latency file system that dramatically reduces wall clock time for High Performance Data Analytics. HPDA workloads are now applying predictive models for deeper insights, and success is measured by the fast execution of algorithmic and deep learning model results. HPDA is at the intersection of high performance computing (HPC), traditional business analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). Critical applications, from fraud and anomaly detection, affinity marketing and business intelligence, are leveraging HPC technologies to gain competitive advantage. WEKA is used by leading companies who are constantly seeking out new advanced technologies to gain a competitive advantage and improve business outcomes. HPDA requires a modern storage architecture that can handle the most demanding I/O intensive workloads and latency-sensitive applications at Petascale.

Kubernetes Workloads: Speed Application development and optimize operations with Persistent storage and simplified data management. Weka accelerates and protects your Kubernetes workloads whether you choose to deploy them in the public cloud or on-premises. Weka Limitless data platform offers you a complete data management solution that provides the performance, protection, simplicity and scale needed for your container implementations. One platform to handle a diverse set of workload requirements and a Global namespace with NVMe flash for performance and object for economics.

Liran Zvibel | Co-Founder & CEO

Liran co-founded WEKA in 2013. He previously served as WEKA’s Chief Technology Officer. Before establishing WEKA, Liran co-founded and led research and development at social startup Fusic, where he was responsible for the engineering, design, and development of its rich social media application portfolio. Prior to Fusic, Liran was the principal software architect and a founding member of the technical team at XIV Storage Systems before its acquisition by IBM in 2007; he then managed XIV’s hardware and platform teams at IBM for several years. Before joining XIV, Liran served as a Software Engineer with the rank of Captain in the Israeli Defense Forces for five years. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

"WEKA is uniquely positioned to support a significant transformation in the market for data-intensive applications using machine learning and AI."