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30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2023

Welcome Tech – First digital platform providing immigrants the resources needed to thrive in a new country


Digital platforms have the ability to connect people, organizations and resources with the aim of facilitating the core interactions between businesses and consumers as well as assuring a greater efficiency for the business management. New business concepts, such as innovative start-ups, are therefore created based on innovation, scalability and the relationships within the community around them. The purpose of this work is to deeply understand the evolution of business models brought by innovative and dynamic companies operating through online platforms.

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, every company whether they realize it or not, is creating multiple digital platforms. Why? Because platforms transcend traditional value chains and enable companies to create new business value. What this really means is companies are moving away from processes to platforms to create competitive advantages. The top 10 Fortune 500 companies are platform companies (Apple, Facebook, Google and Salesforce, for example). Moving forward, companies that master platform thinking and design will be the champions. Such is the power of this new way of thinking that most if not all firms are in the process of assembling and refining. If you and your company are to fully benefit from them, you need to understand why this is happening and how you can take advantage of it.

Immigrants to the United States face myriad challenges besides having to learn a new language. In many cases, they are dealing with a foreign and complex financial system, may struggle with finding adequate housing and healthcare, and often are just generally feeling lost. Welcome Tech, a startup aiming to build “an operating system” for immigrant families in the U.S., has raised $30 million in new capital to help these individuals not only adjust to but feel comfortable and “thrive” in their new environment. Built by immigrants for immigrants, Welcome Tech wants to do just what its name indicates — help immigrants feel more welcome, have an easier transition and achieve greater success when moving to the U.S.

Welcome Tech is the world’s first digital platform to provide the global, multigenerational immigrant community with the linguistically and culturally relevant resources to thrive in a new country. Welcome Tech’s unparalleled consumer insights, first-party data, and proprietary technology inform affordable, fair, and best in-market custom solutions across key services. The company’s initial and highly reputable immigrant platform, SABEResPODER currently serves millions of Hispanics.

Welcome Tech leverages proprietary data to provide trusted information and tailored services for immigrant families pursuing the American dream. Welcome Tech prioritizes privacy and security. We leverage military-grade and financial service-level encryption to protect the data of our members. With over 9M immigrants interacting with our platform every year, Welcome Tech has the largest collection of proprietary data in the country reflecting the needs of the immigrant community. We’ve built highly relevant services based on these unique insights. Millions of immigrants are underbanked, unbanked, and lack credit scores, being forced to spend upwards of $50B annually on predatory financial services. They are solving this crisis with machine learning technology, relevant financial education and tailor-made services. With over 1 million downloads of our app, our numbers speak for themselves. Welcome Tech leverages data and technology to provide trusted information and tailored services to immigrant communities.

Secure Operating System for Immigrants

Welcome Tech prioritizes privacy and security. The company leverages military-grade and financial service-level encryption to protect the data of their members.

Messaging: AI drives scalable information resources

Resources: Improved matching of key services to consumers with machine learning

Digital Wallet: World class security and identity management enhances digital commerce


SABEResPODER - Knowledge is Power, is a digital community platform dedicated to sharing relevant information and services to the Latinx immigrant community in the United States.

Community Platform

Welcome Tech leverages data and technology to provide trusted information and tailored services to immigrant communities. Whether it’s getting access to healthcare, building credit or seeking further education, immigrant families are striving for the American dream. Welcome Tech has built the right platform.  the solution.

Benefits of PODERcard

No monthly maintenance fees: Manage your money with confidence that you won't be charged monthly, minimum, or overdraft fees.

Your safety is priority: PODERcard complies with banking security standards to protect your personal and financial information.

Receive your salary in advance: Stop worrying about whether you'll be able to pay your bills on time. With PODERcard and ASAP Direct Deposit™ your salary is credited to your account up to two days in advance

Take control of your family finances TODAY!: Better manage your expenses from the palm of your hand, with the help of a mobile application.

The bank that speaks your language: PODERcard comes to you through SABEResPODER, the largest Latino digital community in the US Take advantage of the empowerment platform created especially for you.

Personalized customer service: Welcome Tech bilingual customer service team is at your service, your satisfaction and safety is their #1 priority.

Amir Hemmat, Co-Founder, President & CEO |In his own words

At Welcome Tech we are using our proprietary data and robust technology to build a platform that addresses critical needs of our immigration system and propels society forward. Financial services and education are core to our ecosystem. And we are excited about having secured world-class investors and a diverse and highly experienced team to achieve our goal of creating a world where everyone can succeed anywhere.

"We have a significant opportunity to improve the lives of Hispanics by providing them with our bespoke products and services, and we have a singular commitment to empower their success."