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50 Fastest Growing Companies Of The Year 2019

When it comes to AV Control and Management, Utelogy Corporation is the Most Trusted Name


“Our objective is to redefine the way AV media is deployed, controlled, and managed.”

Utelogy Corporation is an IT solution company based in Costa Mesa, CA that offers intelligent IT management software for monitoring, analytics, and control for AV, IT, and UC technologies. The platform is a hardware agnostic, open architecture, and open standards software system that can sit side by side other business platforms and tools to provide intelligence and operational insight. Flexible and seamless to deploy, the platform is highly scalable and secure.

Founded in 2009, Utelogy is focused on providing an efficient manner of controlling audio-visual devices. When it comes to AV Control and Management, Utelogy has helped corporate, education, and government introduce unprecedented efficiencies and business intelligence.

The Genesis of Utelogy Corporation

Companies across the globe are challenged to improve their business processes and develop new capabilities and business models. With this digital transformation, we see an evolution of hardware-centric technology becoming software-defined. The ability to virtually manage a wide range of components and devices not only delivers significant enhancements in performance and scalability as well as improved cost structures and productivity. However, perhaps the most important advantage is it brings agility to IT service delivery. This is the motivation behind California-based Utelogy, and why it continues to promote the concept of software-defined AV to control and manage audio-visual devices. “Our objective is to redefine the way AV media is deployed, controlled, and managed,” says Kevin Morrison, CEO of Utelogy.

Struggles in Bringing Futuristic Transformation

The biggest challenge Utelogy faced in its initial years is that the company’s thinking was too far ahead of the market. The players in the Audio/Visual market, buyers and sellers, were still accustomed to buying proprietary hardware and had a hard time understanding the value of an open ecosystem and the transition to a software platform. However, it saw a faster change in organizations’ mind set to switch to this equipment on the network and to be able to manage, monitor, and secure it just like they can with all other IT infrastructure.

Some traditional AV professionals and programmers see this network-based approach as a threat because it suggests that some of these roles will be eliminated.

In spite of all criticisms and hardships, Utelogy stayed motivated as it saw the long-term value in being able to manage and monitor these systems to the point where it can take data and add real value to the organization by delivering workplace insights to maximize current investments and intelligently plan for the future.

Software-Defined Services Meet AV Technology

Responsibility for collaboration technology with audio/visual has moved from a very specialized part of the organization to the IT department. One of the critical components of Utelogy’s SDAV platform is its U-Manage service portal. Now organizations have the ability to view alerts and usage reports for rooms and all technology, including other control systems, as well as asset details like firmware versions and warranty reports.

A higher education institution in California was challenged to support and maintain its existing AV technology due to its cost and complexity. The traditional proprietary solution was costing them millions of dollars to support, maintain, and deliver a sub-standard user experience. After deploying the Utelogy platform, the college was able to monitor its AV devices across the entire campus. In addition to enhancing the user experience and lowering cost of ownership, Utelogy’s software solution enabled “just in time AV” so they could deploy technology as it was needed.

Utelogy recently enhanced its management and control platform and extended its integration to enable control and analytics for the popular Zoom Room video conferencing service and Cisco’s Webex solution. With this integration, the technology in meeting rooms can be controlled, monitored, and managed through a single touch panel configured using Utelogy.

Continuing to add value for the enterprise, Utelogy also released its REST API and Business Intelligence Data Connectors to enable further integration with other enterprise systems including ticketing systems and ERP. The REST API allows integrators and partners to take the data from U-Manage and integrate it into other systems while the Data Connectors deliver system data to BI tools for analysis, trend detection, and correlations. Actionable intelligence is the new currency in technology.

Success Story

Utelogy has seen tremendous growth over the last two years as a result of its innovative enterprise features and the evolution of the workplace and the technology it uses. Companies want their communications technology to be consistent across the organization for security and support purposes and they want everything on the network so that it can be monitored and maintained using the same standards. The global nature of companies and their distributed workforces along with the need for teamwork and collaboration have necessitated the advancement of technology that makes communication and document sharing more efficient.

As IT and AV integrators look for ways to add more value, this is a path they’re considering as it evolves the relationship from transactional to much more strategic.

Meet the Extraordinary Innovator 

Kevin Morrison, CEO: Kevin has held senior international management roles in the IT hardware and software market and professional AV markets for more than 25 years. He brings vast global experience with the investment community and management of high-growth technology companies. He was formerly the CEO of Endeleo, Executive VP of AMX, Senior VP of Harman Professional, and is CEO of Integritas Ventures, a global team of industry specialists supporting new technology companies in the IT & AV industry. Kevin is a Business Studies graduate from Ealing College, WLU. He is an avid road cyclist and skier. He is passionate about the training of young people in the Professional AV market and allied industries to encourage and fuel innovation.

“We help IT departments to manage, monitor, and scale their AV systems like any other IT system.”