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Whispir: Engage your audience through communications applications

thesiliconreview-jeromy-wells-ceo-chairman-whispir-2018Everyone wants to be amazing at communications, but it’s not easy when people are everywhere and your data is constantly changing. Whispir bridges the communication gaps between devices, systems, businesses and people. Whispir’s intelligent workflow instantly enables smarter data-driven engagement. Whispir helps you manage your communications processes with practical tools and intelligent workflow. You can create beautiful content without having to be a designer or developer with our easy-to-use drag and drop templates. In addition to that, one can also increase engagement by connecting the right message to the right person at the right time through smart, data-driven workflow.

In 2002, we were looking for a better way to collaborate and share information across mobile work teams. Initially focusing on the construction sector, we started with 3 employees on the top floor of Bradman’s Building, on the corner of Swanston and Bourke Streets, Melbourne. We've come a long way since then. Today, businesses of any size and industry use Whispir to manage their entire business communications ecosystem. Whispir let's them communicate using single or multi-party communications in times of crisis as easily as they can in their everyday operations.

Here’s how we do it?

  • Who – Are you talking to me?
    People are defined by difference - we love that. There’s lots of great stuff to consider - behaviours, preferences, devices, locations, languages, capabilities and individual quirks.Our tools automate data integration from multiple sources to make sure you’re speaking to the right ‘who’ every time.
  • What – What are you saying?
    Instantly create structured, elegant content using dynamic components such as maps, videos, response rules, data, copy and images to get going fast. You don’t have to be a techie or a designer to put the ‘what’ together.
  • When – Timing is everything!
    Never miss an opportunity to be at the right place at the right time. Activate your communications securely across any channel with our advanced automation to deliver awesome, reliable and secure communications.
    You get to do what you do best, while we take care of the ‘when’.
  • How – Make it happen!
    Whispir brings all of this together to enable smarter, data-driven engagement bridging the communications gap between devices, systems, businesses and people. ,br> You don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting to manage the ‘how’.

What can you do with Whispir?

  • Create value - Whispir lets you manage your customer profile and send them tailored communications that are relevant and meet their individual needs. It gathers information from multiple sources and delivers structured elegant content in a flash. It activates rapid response rules when an event occurs. You never want to miss the opportunity to be there when it counts.
  • Crisis Management - Event based communications driven by critical and/or emergency incidents require speed, accuracy, and accountability.
    Whispir manages communications during these mission-critical events, ensuring responses reach contacts at the right time at the right place.
  • Customer Engagement - Engage your customers, manage, and guide the experience at every contact point with your product, service and business.
    With Whispir you can leverage mobiles to engage them through personalised SMS and Rich Message communications, using metrics such as market segment, location data, and social profiling.
  • Staff Communication - Operational communications form an integral part of business across every industry. Whether it’s day-to-day internal messaging between staff or external communications to customers about service outages, works notifications, and maintenance.  React to market and unforeseen conditions, stay ahead of competitors, and coordinate responses to with speed.

Testimonials of success

The customer can control if they want messages through SMS or email, but we also use Whispir to push out the information to our website via and RSS feed ... and we have have different Twitter accounts hooked up to Whispir depending on which train line the messages are for.

Simon Lock - Digital Communications Advisor, V/Line

The platform also provides complete accountability and auditability with uninterrupted audit trails and real-time reporting of communications, even when accessed from mobile devices.

David Sandery - Senior Project Manager (IT Infrastructure), Essential Energy

Meet the man behind Whispir’s success

Jeromy Wells, CEO and Chairman

Born in New Zealand, Jeromy Wells began his career as an architect in Melbourne, before turning to new technology innovation and pioneering the development of new communications solutions that use the internet as a platform to solve communications management challenges.

In 2001 Wells established Whispir, a company that has become an international technology success, leading the world in the delivery of easy to use communications management solutions. Whispir is recognised for its unmatched capacity to service crisis communications scenarios, its multi-channel flexibility and ability to become an organisation’s operational communications backbone. The business is distinguished by its international focus, methodology authority and global reach.

“We love that people are different and with those differences come complexities. Accounting for these differences, then knowing what to say in a dynamic and engaging way, is king. Knowing when to say it makes for great communications management. That’s what Whispir does.”