10 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2016

Widely Known for Operational Excellence and Quality Workmanship: Genesis Network Group


Genesis Network Group, LLC was founded in 1995 by Mark Drizing and George Frangos. From the beginning, these two partners have shared the same vision: To deliver personalized IT support by providing guidance & implementation. Genesis Network Group, LLC works under the precedence that their customers are their partners. Genesis guarantees that they will go to any length to keep their customers happy and more importantly, that the services are delivered on time, on budget, with a 100% money back guarantee.

In the current domain, the company’s goal is to couple leading-edge, innovative IT solutions with the customer’s overall success and profitability. Monitoring infrastructures and detecting early areas of trouble, and dealing them before having any effect on the client is of paramount importance. Genesis also keeps a sharp eye on trends in the field, advising their customers far in advance if upgrades or changes need to be made. Genesis Network Group, LLC are the eyes and ears of their customers’ operations.

Due to the fact that personalized IT support & customer service are the cornerstone of its business, the clientele falls mainly in the New York/New Jersey Tri State area. The company takes the time to understand the customer’s business so that it is able to build the IT solutions that will deliver the outcome that is expected. The majority of its services are done remotely and ‘behind the scenes’. However, if the need does arise for the Genesis team to come on site, they like to know if they can be there on a timely enough basis to cut down on ‘down time’ for the customer’s business.

Personalized IT Support
The company is a Managed Service Provider offering 24X7 monitoring ensuring that smaller infrastructure problems do not become big ones. It specializes in cyber security & cloud services, firewalls, VoIP, security camera installation, data backup & disaster recovery, remote access & VPN. These services give the clients peace of mind in knowing that all of their data is protected and secured, resulting in increased productivity and minimal downtime.

The Customer Spectrum Genesis Network Group, LLC caters to businesses that want to focus on their business and not on their IT. It caters to all businesses and sectors that want to eliminate unexpected and wasteful costs on their technology. The company fosters relationships with customers who desire comprehensive IT solutions by understanding their businesses, goals and how they work. It then comes in and establishes a tailor-made platform to give them all that they need to meet all of their business objectives. It is obsessed with the customer’s success!

Currently, its largest client base happens to fall under the realm of medical services and legal services. The technicians are all versed in HIPAA compliance regulations and it aims to ensure compliance with these laws. However, the customer base ranges to any and all businesses that use technology and needs assistance growing their company. Anyone with 20 to150 users will benefit from the Managed Services and various other services it provides.

“Our company has multiple offices which operate 6 days a week and require constant IT functionality. Genesis Network Group, LLC provides a consistent level of professional support that is highly skilled, very responsive and thorough.” – Michal Furmaniak, NJ, Pain-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Group

“The real hallmark of any company are the people who represent it, work hard to make it better, take pride in what they do and always put the clients first above all else and that is my definition of Genesis Network Group, LLC. I rely on them and they always exceed my expectations, try them and be surprised.” – Justin A. DiPisa, Century Pharmacy

Present and the future
Genesis Network Group, LLC is working diligently at integrating customers over to cloud based platforms. The face of the business world is changing and being able to maintain an adaptable communication, network and IT infrastructure is more important than ever. This revolutionary approach allows all applications and data to become accessible from any PC, Mac, mobile device, online or offline, via a secure connection. As the face of business continuously evolves, companies are looking to trim costs of information technology and employees are working outside the confines of an office setting way beyond the typical ‘9-5’ day. Genesis believes it as a critical, yet reliable, secure and accessible way to stay connected from anywhere, at any time. The future is now!

Meet the Master Duo

Mark Drizing, Partner: Mark has over 20 years of technical experience and is certified in Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, and A+ Technician. Mark has an extensive marketing and financial background, and is the backbone of the business’ inner workings. Mark lives in Wayne, NJ and has a passion for S.C.U.B.A., skiing and his Harley Davidson

George Frangos, Partner: A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology, George has 30+ years in the IT world. He is certified in Microsoft, Novell, Citrix, and A+ Technician. An expert in Network Infrastructure and Virtual Server Design and Integration, George reigns supreme in many other facets of Information Technology.

“We don’t just use the term ‘customer service’ as a tag line; instead we use it as the foundation of our business.”