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February Edition 2020

Wildway– Fueling grain-free nutritious food for all of life's wild adventures


"Wildway strives to inspire others to lead healthier, fuller lives. Or, as they like to call it, to live wild."

Breakfast is the most important meal you can eat because it sets the tone for the whole rest of your day. Granola is one of those so-called healthy products that tend to be more sugar bomb than super-food. That's because the crunchy breakfast and snack staple is often loaded with calories, fat, and added sweeteners like honey or agave, which sound good for you but are still just sugar. Luckily you don't need to ban granola from your cupboard. Instead, consider trying grain-free granola and cereals made from nuts and seeds instead of oats. Healthy foodies are falling for grain-free granolas in part because of their gluten-free and Paleo-friendly profile, but they offer other benefits as well.

Wildway is one of the very few companies which provide a grain-free food. It is a better-for-you breakfast foods CPG company based in San Antonio, Texas. The main motto of the firm is to revolutionize the American breakfast and inspire others to lead healthier fuller lives. Wildway believes that a great life is fueled by great food, and it's their mission to help people live their best life by fueling their bodies with 100% real foods. The firm ensures that it makes clean-label, grain-free granolas, and hot cereals that have zero added sugar and are packed with nutrients that help you to live wild.

Wildway's Products: Eat better. Live better

Grain-free granola

It is one-of-a-kind; soft and chewy grain-free granolas. Made with just nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and a touch of spice, it is everything one wants. It contains no grains, wheat, or gluten, no added oils, no added flavorings, and no added sugars, sweeteners or extracts. It is the perfect way to start your day and the perfect snack to keep you going when life gets wild.

Grain-free Hot Cereal

Wildway's hot cereal is a nut-and-seed meal based alternative to the classic oatmeal. Paleo-friendly and keto-friendly, the hot cereal won't leave you hungry. With 250+ calories and 20g of energizing fats per serving, along with with 6-7g protein and 9-10g fiber, hot cereal packs a punch. Made with just nuts, seeds, and a touch of dried fruit, there's nothing you can't see, spell, or pronounce. It is 100% real-food deliciousness.

Snack mixes

There's a new snack in town. Gone are the days of boring peanut, raisin, and chocolate candy-filled trail mixes. Meet a new generation of better-for-you snacks made with 100% real-food ingredients and nothing more. Wildway's fruit & nut snack mixes are unlike anything you have ever tasted before, using simple ingredients with unique and exciting flavor combinations to level-up your snacking game once and for all.

Contributing to society's wellness

Wildway'sWe rise

We Rise represents Wildway's initiative to foster positive and lasting change in society and local communities. This initiative is aimed at getting people involved in a cause much bigger than them, by supporting organizations full of inspiring people with inspiring stories to share.

Everyone has the opportunity to enact positive, lasting change in society, and as a business, the firm is in a unique position to use the abilities and resources to make a bigger impact. Wildway supports the environment and the outdoors, helping those in need, and promoting an overall culture of wellness within society. Wildway calls this simply the business of going good. The company believes that "together, we can make our impact that much greater."

The gallant leader behind the triumph of Wildway

Kelli Koehler is the Co-Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Wildway. Kelli along with her husband Kyle Koehler co-founded WIldway, a natural food company that makes on-the-go fuel for life's daily adventures with lines of grain-free granolas, grain-free hot cereals, and fruit and nut snack mixes. Kelli heads up the sales and marketing side of the business while her Co-Founder and Husband, Kyle, manages the finance and ops side at their manufacturing plant here in San Antonio.

Kelli aims to create a few more products that match the Wildway mentality. This mentality is what inspired her to help found the company, and continues to harness the drive behind Wildway. Kelli believes in the quote "do and be whatever makes you happy."  It's this active way of existing that keeps Kelli, Kyle, and the Wildway team moving forward and innovating.