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With Carve Systems get enterprise-level quality information security services to secure your people, applications, data, and networks.


“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security”-Jodi Rell

A specialist in Web security, Network security, Application security, Security training, Security assessment, IT security, Security assessment, Carve Systems provides Full-stack IoT Penetration Testing.

Unsure about how to get started securing your business or a critical system or application? Then Carve Systems is right here. Founded in 2011, Carve Systems LLC brings enterprise level information security, training, and risk management services to organizations of any size and industry. Like most boutique security consulting shops, Carve has its roots in delivering high-end security consulting services to Fortune 500 organizations. Unlike most, Carve also complements its enterprise consulting offerings with services specifically tailored for mid-size companies.

Array of Service Offered
Assessment Services- The real information security is an ongoing process, not a canned solution that can be quickly plugged into network. A comprehensive security assessment can have many facets, and engagements are scoped to include one or more service lines depending on the needs of the client.

Carve Systems will help to identify risks – both obvious, and obscure – and enable to begin the process of securing assets and protecting them from digital threats. Their security consultants each have well over a dozen years of information technology consulting experience and are here to ensure your data and other sensitive information is safe and secure.

Enterprise Services- Whether looking for a one time security audit or an ongoing comprehensive solution, Carve Systems’ exclusive, bespoke suite of enterprise level infrastructure security can help customer with:

  • Performing technology risk assessments to determine risk factors and understand where additional security safeguards and measures need to be implemented.
  • Developing proactive, preventative audit requirements for new technology deployments which serve to ensure safe and secure implementation across the organization.
  • Assessing the security of applications & networks.
  • Security training where stakeholders including employees, customers, and partners become resistant to devastating phishing & spear phishing attacks.

Continual Risk Assessment- Carve offers a Continual Risk Assessment service in order to eliminate gaps in security and help you routinely discover threats and vulnerabilities that pose risk to your assets. An effective security risk assessment can prevent breaches, reduce the impact of realized breaches, and keep your company’s name from appearing in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Regular IT security risk assessments also enable organizations to build up a cache of historical data that can be used to effectively gauge and communicate monetary impact related to risks – and, hopefully, convince upper management to take decisive action to reduce the organization’s threat surface.

Meet the Masters

Mike Zusman, Founder- At 7 years old, Mike was hammering on the keys of a Ti-99 computer. By age 10, Mike was a licensed amateur radio operator and was building Intel x86 computers in his room at home. Now, a two-time Blackhat speaker with media mentions in publications such as Forbes. Mike leads Carve Systems to help clients manage technology risk, and operate with appropriate levels of security assurance. Formerly a web application developer turned computer security consultant, Mike has spoken at BlackHat, Defcon, CanSecWest, numerous OWASP events, and a number of other regional events. His research interests include mobile applications and platforms, remote access technologies, fuzzing, and SSL/TLS.

Jeremy Allen, Partner, Principal Consultant – At Carve Jeremy is responsible for conducting risk assessments, threat modeling, code reviews, application security assessments, research, and reverse engineering. He has discovered numerous critical flaws and bugs. He helps organizations by understanding their key risks and building security into their organization (through people, processes, and the technology stack). Jeremy started writing code for MUDs (Multi User Dungeons) on a 66 Mhz 486 running Slackware Linux in 1995, he has never been the same since.

Max Sobell, Partner- Max began hacking on computers in The Valley and barely escaped the wreckage of the dot com bubble with his sanity intact. He trekked eastward and worked in quantitative finance before finding out that breaking computer is a legitimate profession. He has responsibly disclosed bugs in mobile payment, public transit, embedded internet devices, and Android smartphones and spoken at high-profile industry conferences such as CanSecWest and ShmooCon. Max manages Carve’s consulting practice and works with customers to understand and manage technology risk.

“Our Rapid Risk Assessment engagement will analyze the risk posture of your technology, and recommend a security strategy to begin to control your risk.”