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With Us, You Get Forward-Compatible, Purpose-Built, Next-Generation Commodities Trading And Risk Management Architecture: Allegro Development Corp.

thesiliconrview-frank-brienzi-ceo-allegro-development-corp-17Founded in 1984, Allegro’s overarching goal remains the same now as it was then: To ensure commodity professionals have the ability to understand their physical and financial positions, optimize their portfolios, manage their risk and drive additional profits.

The history of Allegro has been marked by numerous highlights and successes. Shortly after the company started operating, it began to enhance what was primarily an accounting solution with marketing and trading functionality. Over the next few years, Allegro introduced gas management and crude oil trading, along with ever-growing capabilities for refined products, natural gas liquids, risk management, coal, and power.

As the mid-2000s arrived, Allegro migrated to a full .NET architecture, keeping with its history of innovation. The change was a key development, as it provided customers with the flexibility and openness that’s associated with modern software platforms.

Today, Allegro Development Corp. is a global leader in commodity trading and risk management software for power and gas utilities, crude oil refiners, chemical manufacturers, oil and gas producers, agriculture companies, traders and commodity consumers. Allegro’s software is built to provide users with position visibility, risk management, comprehensive controls and regulatory compliance.

With more than three decades of industry experience, starting with the company’s founding, Allegro’s enterprise platform drives profitability and efficiency across front, middle and back offices while managing the complex logistics associated with physical commodities.

Serving Different Industries

After three decades of services, today, the leader of commodity management serves different industries with its first-rate solutions. The industries include Crude Oil & Natural Gas, Utilities, Chemical Manufacturing and Agriculture.

Crude Oil & Natural Gas

Supply and demand imbalances in recent years have caused extreme price volatility throughout the crude oil and natural gas markets, creating a challenging operating environment for oil and gas companies. So, to help the oil and gas industry, Allegro provides the best solution. Allegro improves visibility, risk management, compliance and profitability for upstream, midstream and downstream businesses and for integrated energy companies.


The unfortunate truth for utilities is that traditional tools for energy trading and risk management too often fall well short of what they need. That can be the case for a large, integrated utility as much as it can be for small municipal operators. Either way, this troublesome state opens the door to increased risks and costs. And that’s when Allegro comes into the scenario. Allegro is an integrated software product built for energy trading and scheduling, as well as for providing direct integration to the ISOs, OASIS, transmission system operators, regulatory entities, and market data.

Chemical Manufacturing

The demand for chemicals is driven by many factors, including long-term demographics, economic cycles, government regulations and new uses. Often, these changes occur quickly, and for chemical manufacturers, responding is a tremendous challenge that requires a powerful, yet flexible, system.

Allegro is the ideal system for chemical manufacturing feedstock procurement for the companies’ manufacturing, trading and transporting a variety of chemicals. With Allegro, chemical makers get a purpose-built commodity risk management software solution, one that provides the broad view that’s essential for business optimization, feedstock management and improving financial results.


The global agriculture industry is subject to constant change and unyielding pressure, whether that's from fluctuations in demand to unexpected severe weather impacts. Agriculture professionals have to be prepared to respond quickly, while still planning for the future. That's where Allegro's commodity risk management software comes in.

Allegro is purpose-built commodity trading and risk management software for companies manufacturing, trading, marketing, transporting and storing agricultural products, such as oilseeds and grains.

Allegro Horizon

Commodity markets experience a myriad of changes every day. Successful organizations need more from their commodity management systems – deeper trading insights, more critical risk management, improved logistics and compliance, as well as support for new deployment and technologies. Allegro Horizon is built to meet these needs, and it’s built for the cloud.

Horizon is the next generation of Allegro, taking full advantage of native cloud capabilities that increase performance, improve agility and allow you to do more with less. Being built for the cloud means one can see value in weeks, a significant reduction in the capital expenditures and increased focus on the core business, not the care and feeding of a CTRM system.

The days of relying on legacy systems, homegrown applications or dozens of spreadsheets is over. Now, regardless of the size or complexity of the desk, one can get the benefits of Allegro – the gold standard in commodity management for nearly 35 years.

The Customer-Focused Firm

Headquartered in Dallas, Allegro as a global provider of commodity trading and risk management software for different industries, it supplies the global intelligence that its users need for their complex businesses.

“We are dedicated to our customers, and when they succeed, we succeed.”

Over the years, Allegro has been recognized time and time for its development innovation. The company is proud of the fact that it is consistently named as a true leader in the space it operates. But, even so, Allegro is not satisfied. Allegro owe it to itself, its customers and its partners to keep pushing higher. And that’s what the leader is going to do.

Knowing the CEO

Frank Brienzi, CEO: Frank has decades of experience in growing and leading successful global software and technology companies. He most recently served as President and Chief Sales Officer at Misys, a global software company based in London. He was formerly Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle's Financial Services Global Business Unit (FSGBU). Frank led the transformation of FSGBU, achieving double-digit year-over-year growth for four years. Frank began his career with EDS in 1984, as part of the Financial Services Strategic business unit. He then served as Managing Partner at Accenture, helping to grow its global financial services business and leading its global application outsourcing practice.

“Our software provides a comprehensive view of logistics, inventories, positions, contracts, and profitability, and the functionality we offer can be deployed on-site or in the cloud.”