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April Monthly Special 2022

WMK Architecture – Bringing Client's Vision to Life through Award-Winning Strategy, Architecture, Interiors, and Brand Services


The world is a canvas for architects because they turn mere blueprints into alluring real-life buildings. Architects can satisfy their clients with their creativity in aesthetics. Constructing functional and visually appealing buildings is difficult without the service of architects. They create a physical environment for people to live in. More than creating an environment, it is also part of the culture. Architecture affects society and has a strong influence on its occupants. Proper planning is essential for the growth and success of an architectural project. It involves good planning and a lot of strategies because the whole project proceeds based on their planning. It helps them to eliminate different design options and narrow down their focus. Architectural planning is favorable for construction companies to keep their project on track.

WMK Architecture is a dynamic, award-winning firm that has gained a reputation for delivering value and results through innovative design, responsive performance, and intelligent commercial solutions. The firm provides comprehensive architectural, interior design, strategic planning, and corporate branding services to a wide spectrum of business and lifestyle clients. Its understanding of corporate identity and brand in the built environment underpins their approach with each of the clients on every project. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the team of more than 85 staff are specialists in their fields. They are supported by an integrated network of the industry's latest technology in flexible, interactive studio environments.

WMK’s Point of Differentiation

WMK can help your organisation reach exceptional outcomes through smart solutions. WMK offers a PhD-level understanding of environments, productivity and self-identity and can facilitate a whole range of strategy projects – from master planning, to education strategy, workplace strategy, or design strategy. The firm provides award-winning architectural services to a wide spectrum of business and lifestyle clients. Their architectural projects not only stand the test of time – they are also known to push the envelope in sustainable design and deliver ground-breaking solutions that continue to inspire. WMK's award-winning sustainable design expertise delivers commercially-viable solutions developed from a holistic perspective. They push the envelope in this important field and deliver ground-breaking solutions that continue to inspire.

WMK’s Approach

The company takes a consultative approach and follows a clear process – at each step listening to your requirements and direction as they progress the design to deliver highly innovative built environments tailored to your specific brief. Its process allows flexibility but includes checkpoints to ensure they are all aligned going forward.

Discovery: The initial phase is all about understanding. WMK establish your needs and drivers, define your positioning and target market, and identify opportunities for you.

Design: The creative phase brings together vision, experience, and industry and technical knowledge. The firm shares the concepts as they develop the design in an exciting, collaborative process with you and other specialist consultants.

Documentation: Once the design principles are clear and agreed, they’ll resolve final details and prepare the drawings, schedules and written documents necessary for council approvals, consultant coordination, competitive tendering and efficient construction.

Delivery: The translation from the design into the built environment is monitored closely during the building phase, guiding quality and accuracy on site to deliver award-winning outcomes.

WMK’s Sustainability: A Holistic Approach

WMK is a market leader in sustainable design. They apply sustainability principles to a range of projects, from master planning and new developments through to the refurbishment and re-positioning of existing assets and interior fit-outs. They work closely with the clients to provide an integrated sustainability approach that creates enduring benefits. WMK’s work is award winning for its approach to sustainability. The firm and its team understands common rating tools, the range of available materials and finishes and interaction between the interior fit-out and base building and apply this understanding to ensure the most appropriate sustainability outcome. They have developed easy-to-use processes and documents, such as a materials database, that facilitates the integration of sustainability principles.

WMK’s holistic approach considers not only environmental sustainability but the social and economic sustainability of all organizations. This holistic approach, coupled with its understanding of corporate identity, ensures a sustainability approach that is tailored for your organisation and offers long-term benefits. By taking the time to understand your organisation, the company produces enduring, flexible, and appropriate solutions that stand the test of time. WMK has trained key staff in the use of rating tools such as Greenstar and NABERS, and have a number of Greenstar-accredited professionals in-house.

The Leader Upfront

Garvan O'Gara is the CEO of WMK Architecture. He is an operations professional with a proven track record in building successful business relationships. Analytical and organized, with the ability to coach and advise senior leaders in the areas of business and project efficiency, and leading through change. Mr. O’Gara is an experienced Project Architect with 16 years local experience across multiple sectors. He is an effective communicator demonstrating excellent written, verbal and listening skills.

“We focus on achieving our clients' goals through experienced strategic thinking, award-winning interior concepts, viable sustainability initiatives, and brand integration in the built environment.”