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October Edition 2021

WoHo Systems: Transforming Architecture Sector by Increasing Quality and Resiliency While Reducing Waste and Inefficiency


At its roots, architecture exists to create the physical environment in which people live, but architecture is more than just the built environment, it’s also a part of our culture. It stands as a representation of how we see ourselves, as well as how we see the world. While the concept of shelter is a fairly simple thing, the style of buildings was originally shaped by the climate of a particular location, what materials were readily available, as well as the values of the society building them. As the world became more and more connected, the styles evolved, but even in modern construction, there is still an importance in honoring the cultural nuances in the built environment.

WoHo (World Home) Systems is a technology company, transforming the way spaces are conceived and created. The company integrates architecture, engineering, and construction into a single, streamlined platform to quickly design and build high quality buildings. It is on a mission to evolve the art of designing and building, with the conviction that its small actions will have a big impact. WoHo has engineered a proprietary Product Suite, made with prime materials and equipment that are made affordable by fine tuning the process of putting them together. Materials and systems are continuously tested and certified to meet best construction practice. The firm is addressing what people value and expect from their environment to make beautiful, intelligent, and sustainable homes a reality and is applying a novel approach to creating exceptional spaces people can proudly call home.

Factors That Make Woho Exceptional

Manufacturing: WoHo Production System is optimized to produce value with minimum waste. It is underpinned by a resilient industrial supply chain, increasingly digitized manufacturing processes and agile operations. Its off-site capabilities allow for safer construction environments and just-in-time delivery to project sites.

Assembly: WoHo produces off-site and assembles onsite to better serve its clients and cities, managing construction risks and offering delivery flexibility. Each component is encoded with smart tagging, enabling remote, digital access for any stakeholder throughout the process of construction and the life of the building.

Customization: WoHo designs are as innovative as they are functional. They collaborate with partners throughout the design process on configurations, layouts, accessories and finishes to best meet the needs and aspirations of WoHo users. Their highly adaptable Product Suite and Production System allow for projects to seamlessly scale from low-rise to high-rise.

Transparency: WoHo believes in transparency. They have the experience, partner network, product and process to lead with conviction and provide predictable results. Their systems allow for integration among stakeholders for total alignment on timing and costs. Together, they are improving the standards, economics, and process of how they design, construct and live in the world.

WoHo’s Product Range

WoHo Systems: They are made up of a series of discrete foundational components which can be scaled and configured to span residential and commercial buildings such as multifamily housing, hotels, dormitories, labs and offices. These components are optimized for fabrication, transportation, assembly, and operation. These systems reinvent reinforced concrete technology and building performance, serving as competitive solutions for high-rise construction.

WoHo Suites: They are systems most fitting for small-to-medium scale buildings. They are made up of components that assemble into a structural grid, particularly suited for residential and other compatible retail, office or parking uses. With spans ranging from 16 to 20 ft., spaces within the grid can be connected or separated three-dimensionally based on specific project needs.

WoHo Towers: They are systems most fitting for big-scale, loft-type and high-rise buildings. They are made up of components that assemble to build open plan spaces, ideal for commercial, industrial, cultural, recreational or high-end residential uses. With spans ranging from 32 to 64 ft., these column-free spaces are designed with a shell and core concept in mind, and can be completed with a rich variety of fit-out works throughout the life of the building.

The Leader Upfront

Israel Ruiz, Co-Founder serves as the Chief Executive Officer of WoHo Systems. He is the former Executive Vice President and Treasurer of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). While at MIT he oversaw the capital renewal and construction program of thousands of residential units and over 2 million sq. ft. of labs and offices and was instrumental to the real estate development of Kendall Square. He helped grow the university’s innovation ecosystem and orchestrated the conception and launch of The Engine, MIT’s venture capital spin-off focused on Tough Tech. Prior to that, he held supply chain management, production and engineering roles at Hewlett-Packard and Nissan Automotive.

Mr. Ruiz holds a master’s degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a six-year degree in industrial and mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, in his native Barcelona.

“WOHO is connecting the dots, realigning the efforts and agendas of cities, developers, contractors, designers, and users to transform the way we build our world.”