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April Edition 2020

Working 24x7 to Find, Predict and Alert the Most Dangerous Threats in the Cyber World: Nucleon


The ease of connections through the Internet has benefitted businesses all over the world with increased productivity, profitability and numerous opportunities. But these benefits offered by the internet come at the price of extreme vulnerability to cyber-attacks. The same platform that helps businesses grow tremendously also exposes them to the risks of having their cyber security threatened. Cyber Security companies work hard to keep these threats at bay but with advancements in technology to protect data, hackers and criminals keep coming up with new ways to loot businesses and individuals of sensitive data. This is where cyber security companies like Nucleon step in.

Nucleon is an award winning cyber-security company founded in 2016 to provide cyber intelligence to organizations. They specialize in collection and analysis of current threats and they provide their clients with proactive technology that enhances their cyber security systems and enables them to defend themselves against new threats. Nucleon stands apart from its competitors by providing them with technology that helps them detect potential attacks before they happen and prevent them. Nucleon was awarded the Cyber Awards Excellence Award, 2019. The company was founded by Moran Zavdi (Co-founder and CEO), Yossi Accav (Co-founder and CFO) and Roy Heller (Co-founder and COO). They have offices set up in Israel, Netherlands and USA.

The Genesis

Nucleon Reverse Reconnaissance solutions are built upon Nucleon cyber intelligence technology. It is the first solution that’s aimed to actively protect internet exposed servers and services against theft attempts and stop attacks before they begin. Organizations can use the Nucleon Reverse Reconnaissance solutions easily, with minimal setup and training. Nucleon technology is actively learning about new threats that are emerging and is able to alert clients without human intervention. Nucleon is currently expanding their products in Europe, Asia and USA.

What Makes Them Unique

Nucleon is currently gaining traction in the market due to their ability to predict cyber-attacks before they happen and prevent them. They enable their client organizations to utilize the power of Data Awareness and Machine Learning in order to have a cost effective cyber threat intelligence program. Due to this, organizations choose Nucleon proactive cyber security solutions over traditional threat intelligence companies. Nucleon operates and runs; one of the most popular security sites in the world with thousands of daily users world-wide.

Their Intelligence briefing podcast is constantly gaining new followers and listeners and has thousands of subscribers all over the world.

Polymorphic Sensors

Nucleon technology is based on its own patented system called polymorphic sensors. Nucleon operates hundreds of globally distributed polymorphic sensors to monitor the Internet and to detect and learn from known and unknown attacks. Nucleon’s Polymorphic Sensors can be best described as the natural evolution of advanced decoy systems. Each polymorphic sensor is crafted to look and feel exactly like a real network, whether it mimics a bank, municipality or airport, with some vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited. The information about the glitches is sent for processing to a Nucleon system called S.H brain. S.H brain is a sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) neural network that studies the data and derives appropriate conclusions or solutions. The system is completely autonomous and is able to learn, analyze and predict cyber threats and attacks. The polymorphic technology allows each sensor to change its location as well as the type of network it mimics, to protect their real identity from being revealed.

Nucleon technology starts to block and predict cyber threats as soon as it is installed.

Nucleon Network

Nucleon further describes their technology akin to Sherlock Holmes’s (British Drama Series) homeless people network. The idea behind the comparison is that the Nucleon sensors are like the homeless network of constantly moving homeless people Sherlock Holmes builds around the city to help with his detective work. The Nucleon Cyber sensors live on the internet and are constantly moving and changing locations to detect anomalies and threats.


Nucleon technology is currently being used by hundreds of clients that joined during 2019 including enterprises like telecom companies, international banks, governments around the world and hundreds of SMB (Server Message Block) clients. All of them enjoy the proactive technologies Nucleon brings to the market and reduces the cyber costs and risks for the clients.

Company Culture

Nucleon cares deeply about their employees and their wellbeing. They believe that the best teams are built by the inclusion of diverse ideas, experiences and people. They offer paid parental leave to all employees. Be it moms, dads, birth parents or adoptive parents along with healthcare services to the employees and their families. The employees are granted unlimited paid vacation days as they believe that growth happens beyond the office and promotion of self-care is important. Employees can also take time off to volunteer for their personal interests and Nucleon supports each employee’s personal passion.

Visionaries behind the success of Nucleon

Moran Zavdi, Co-founder & CEO of Nucleon is a world known security expert responsible for the development of several technologies that are standard today. With over 20 years’ of experience in penetration testing, vulnerability research and assessment he leads the vision of Nucleon.

Yossi Accav, Co-founder & CFO of Nucleon is a certified CPA with more than 20 years’ of experience managing the financial side of startup companies from seed to round E.

Roy Heller, Co-founder & COO is responsible for all the sales operations spanning Asia, Europe and USA.

As a team of accomplished individuals, Zavdi, Accav and Heller enable Nucleon to continue to be the trendsetters of the industry. Their experience and expertise in their respective fields helps nucleon stay up to date with the industry trends and grow their impressive clientele. They are the driving force behind the companies kick off and immense success over the past 3 years.

“Our mission is to develop and deliver the ideal proactive cybersecurity technology.”