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10 Fastest Growing Manufacturing Companies 2017

“Working in close partnership with our customers, we solve complex engineering challenges to transform the way we fly, drive, build and power.” Arconic

thesiliconreview-david-p-hess-interim-ceo-arconic-17“From advanced materials that are helping make the concept cars of today the reality of tomorrow, to engine components that operate in temperatures above their melting point. We break barriers. We engineer solutions”

Arconic is built on an extraordinary heritage of innovation that began with Alcoa’s founding in 1888. Our businesses have helped shape the aerospace, automotive and building and construction industries since the days of the Wright brothers and Henry Ford, and the first modern downtowns. On November 1, 2016, Arconic launched as a global leader in multi-material, precision-engineered products and solutions for high-growth markets, following our successful separation from Alcoa’s bauxite, alumina and aluminum products units. Today we continue to build on more than a century of innovation to help transform the way we fly, drive, build and power.

Engineered Products and Solutions

We develop and manufacture high performance, engineered products and solutions for the aerospace, industrial gas turbine, commercial transportation and oil and gas markets.

Arconic Power and Propulsion

We excel in additive manufacturing technologies, vacuum melted alloys, machining, performance coatings and hot isostatic pressing for high performance parts that enable the next generation of more fuel-efficient aero engines and cleaner power generation.

Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings

Our rings and high-tech, multi-material fastening systems are found nose to tail on aircraft and aero engines. Our products are also critical components of industrial gas turbines, automobiles, commercial transportation vehicles, and construction and industrial equipment.

Arconic Forgings and Extrusions

Shaping metal under super-pressure and with extraordinary heat, we produce forgings and extrusions that enable the products that take us over oceans and across town. Aircraft takeoff with the strength and flexibility of the world’s longest wing components and touch down safely on our landing gear components. Truck drivers haul loads in vehicles built with our lightweight drive shafts. And military aircraft maneuver the skies on the strength of our forged bulkheads.

Arconic Titanium and Engineered Products

Titanium is the world’s fastest-growing aerospace metal, and we’re taking it to greater heights with vertically integrated capabilities and deep materials science expertise. Our engineered products and solutions help build the world’s most advanced aircraft—and also help protect our troops and power our world.

Global Rolled Products

Our product portfolio is focused on innovation, such as Arconic Micromill™ technology, which produces aluminum sheet that is 30 percent stronger than incumbent automotive aluminum, and more formable and lighter than high strength steel.

Aerospace and Automotive Products

We’re at the forefront of the automotive market’s historic shift to aluminum-intensive vehicles. Bumper to bumper, our aluminum sheet is enabling safer, lighter, and more fuel efficient cars and trucks.

Micromill Products and Services

Our breakthrough Arconic Micromill™ technology produces an alloy that is 40 percent more formable and 30 percent stronger than today’s automotive aluminum and twice as formable and at least 30 percent lighter than high-strength steel. The technology is allowing our customers to redefine the boundaries of vehicle design to create lighter, safer, more fuel-efficient and stylish vehicles for the future.

Brazing, Commercial Transportation and Industrial Solutions

Our proprietary multi-layer sheet solutions are a design enabler for advanced thermal management systems, offering increased efficiency regardless of application. And our world-class R&D center in Lancaster, PA is dedicated to brazing sheet product innovations.

Transportation and Construction Solutions

We are proud to have invented the industries we lead: Kawneer created the first modern storefront more than a century ago, and Alcoa Wheels created the first forged aluminum truck wheel nearly 70 years ago. Today, both brands hold number one market positions. Millions of people around the world live and work in beautiful, secure, sustainable buildings that our technology—whether Kawneer, Reynobond or Reynolux—makes possible. On roads and highways on six continents, Alcoa Wheels keep trucks, trailers and buses rolling, efficiently and with less maintenance.

Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products

We invented the first forged aluminum truck wheel in 1948—and by doing so, we created an entire industry. Seven decades later, we’re proud to be the global market leader in the forged, aluminum heavy-duty truck wheel market, holding the number one position. We’ve helped customers around the world to increase payload while saving fuel and reducing maintenance by switching out heavy steel wheels for lightweight aluminum.

Building and Construction Systems

Arconic innovation has given rise to modern skylines from New York City to London to Shanghai. From self-cleaning facades to blast proof and hurricane resistant entrances, we help bring visionary architectural ideas to life—for more modern, beautiful, secure and sustainable design.

Latin American Extrusions

For trains, buildings and a diverse range of industrial applications, Latin American customers know that they can rely on our innovative extrusions to build their growing cities and infrastructure.

Meet the Key Executive

David P. Hess, Interim CEO: Hess joined the Arconic Board of Directors in March 2017 and has served as the company’s Interim CEO since April 2017. Prior to joining Arconic, Hess was Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for United Technologies’ aerospace businesses, a position he held from January 2015 through January 2017. From January 2009 through January 2014, Hess served as President of Pratt & Whitney, where he was responsible for the company’s global operations in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft engines for commercial and military aircraft. He joined Pratt & Whitney after serving four years as President of Hamilton Sundstrand. Hess holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Hamilton College and a bachelor’s and master’s degree in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He was awarded an MIT Sloan Fellowship in 1989 and earned a master’s degree in management in 1990.

“Through the ingenuity of our people and cutting-edge advanced manufacturing techniques, we deliver products at a quality and efficiency that ensures customer success and shareholder value.”