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Never miss another delivery with World of Lockers’ sophisticated delivery and collection station


Fear of Missing Out (FrOMO) not FOMO is a feeling of disappointment, anger, or frustration when you miss the delivery of your goods purchased online. The majority of online shoppers admit to having FrOMO when they purchase goods online. This common experience is triggered due to a highly competitive market place and a rise in online shopping. FrOMO could eventually turn people into angry shoppers and affect online sales. The company World of Lockers, known for its innovative ideas, wants to make parcel deliveries more efficient in the coming years through its constantly growing worldwide network of lockers and thus reduce CO2 emissions by tens of thousands of tonnes annually because parcel deliveries will in future be more targeted and therefore less polluting can. Many billions of packages do not reach your recipient the first time they are delivered. The average rate in Europe is 35%. This is primarily due to the fact that the recipients are not at home during the delivery times, and the deliverer has to take the parcel again and try to deliver it later for the second time. The company World of Lockers offers every online retailer, every parcel service, and every logistician the opportunity to use his Locker in the short, medium, or long term, reducing or even avoiding unsuccessful initial deliveries. The MyLocker24 boxes are only located in heavily frequented locations, and the declared aim of the World of Lockers company is that future customers in metropolitan areas as well as in rural areas will find a MyLocker24 box just a few minutes from their home/apartment and can therefore easily reach them at any time. A code informs you when the package reaches the Locker.

World of Lockers plans to install at least 5,000 MyLocker24 Boxes with 350,000 specialist repositories through its subsidiary World of Lockers in Europe to provide these business customers and end-users 24/7. At the same time, the US market for World of Lockers will be opened up to bring at least 7,000-10,000 MyLocker24 - Boxes to busy locations by 2025. World of Lockers markets the specialist repositories to business and end customers and rents the subjects for $ 0.50 to $ 10 per day, depending on location. In addition, MyLocker24 - Boxes for the advertising industry is a perfect advertising medium. Its huge outer surface can be provided with advertising and marketed World of Lockers and large advertising screens integrated into the MyLocker24 - Boxes. Since the safes are always installed in highly frequented locations, the income from advertising revenue is also extremely attractive.

The digital collection station


The MyLocker24 box solves the central problem of online and retail trade in the digital world. Parcels and goods can be delivered and picked up around the clock by the system. Digital delivery and collection station is robust, secure and particularly flexible thanks to the wide range of compartment sizes. There is virtually no limit to the possibilities at locations. In doing so, World of Lockers draws on its own huge network. Retailers and parcel services deliver cost-effectively to well-established locations. Customers pick up orders - according to their own schedule - at the digital delivery and pick-up stations in their place of residence using their smartphones. And never miss a package again.

Attractive advertising space

The MyLocker24 box - 5.40 meters long, over 2 meters high - is an eye-catcher in and of itself and catches the eye at every location. At petrol stations, in front of shopping centers, in residential complexes or in front of trade fairs and stadiums; the potential areas of application are simply endless. On up to 11 square meters of advertising space, the digital pick-up station offers space for foils of any size, as well as space for videos and animations that can be played on high-resolution monitors on the front or on the sides. The MyLocker24 box is located where advertising messages are best perceived, but usual advertising media are not given access. The highlight: Customers can not only see the advertising, but also order the product they have seen directly on site and order it in the MyLocker24 box. An unbeatable advantage over advertisements, posters, etc.

Perks of using MyLocker24

  • Pick up parcels and items at any time - day or night. Free and flexible. Without stress. For satisfied customers
  • Deliveries around the clock. For retailers, parcel services and online shops. Stow goods easily and safely in the pick-up station. Job Complete
  • Simply book the right locker online using your smartphone or computer. For packages and goods of all sizes
  • Have parcels sent to the office easier than ever. With a MyLocker24 box in the company. For happy employees
  • Goods that shouldn't get too warm? No problem. The cooling system of the MyLocker24-Box ensures optimal temperatures
  • The MyLocker24 box is more than just a locker. It is also a new, attractive and modern advertising platform, around the clock. Foils and screens for videos - both on the front and on the sides

“Our digital delivery and collection station is robust, secure and particularly flexible thanks to the wide range of compartment sizes.”