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The Beauty Industry: Innovative Xanadu Med Spa is a Game-Changer


“Being able to meet the client where they are is important. It is an aesthetic journey and we want to be able to facilitate that journey in the most comprehensive way possible.”

The aesthetics industry is one of the fastest-growing and ever-changing industries in the United States. In fact, the US is lagging behind several other countries in this evolution, but it’s catching up quickly. This is not an industry where you can hang your shingle and call it good. To stay at the forefront means to constantly engage in educational opportunities, do research about the latest aesthetic technologies, be willing to make adjustments as you go, and sometimes to even admit defeat after purchasing a major piece of medical equipment that just doesn’t live up to the promises that were sold to you.

Furthermore, hiring talented staff and creating an environment for staff retention are equally important. The devices can only do so much but having the best staff who know their craft allows those devices to become pieces of magic that achieve the best results possible. There are medical spas all over the place that have the equipment, but they don’t understand how to get the most out of that equipment.

In light of the foregoing, we’re delighted to present Xanadu Med Spa — the premier destination for top-line skin rejuvenation and anti-aging techniques. The Xanadu team is committed to exceeding expectations and enhancing natural beauty through their local day spa and med spa services.

The company’s goal is to address all cosmetic concerns individually while providing and maintaining natural, healthy-looking results no matter what age or skin type. It provides in-depth consultations prior to any service and customizes each treatment plan to cater to specific goals and needs.

The Silicon Review reached out to Xanadu Med Spa’s Colorado headquarters and spoke with Mark Koepsell, who is the owner of the company. Here’s what he said.

“The overarching strategy involves combination therapies to achieve the best outcomes available in the marketplace. That means being able to provide a wide range of treatment modalities within our practice. Many times we can provide multiple options as well. Think of it like a good, better, best mentality. For example, we can provide microneedling (good), RF Microneedling (better), or an Opus Plasma (best) treatment option. They all work to achieve the same outcome, but will achieve different levels of results or simply faster results depending on the modality chosen.”

“Being able to meet the client where they are is important. It is an aesthetic journey and we want to be able to facilitate that journey in the most comprehensive way possible. Sometimes, financial considerations come into play, other times it is simply the comfort level of the client connected to the various treatment options. To be able to start in a space and walk along and hold the hand of the client is important to our overall client success and results. We recently added a 3D scanner to provide a full skin analysis of both the dermis, and more importantly, the subdermal layers of the face. This is important as it helps us develop comprehensive treatment plans based on science as opposed to just the naked eye.”

A Meaningful Acquisition

The original owner of Xanadu Med Spa owned a tanning bed business, which directly did not lead to the establishment of the company it is today. What became a turning point for the creation of Xanadu was when she visited a medical spa for treatment as her skin had developed some kind of abnormalities. This is where she quickly became engaged in the industry and redirected her financial resources toward building out a medical spa for herself — that provided minimal laser treatments, Botox, and fillers. She retired in 2015 after selling the company to Mark Koepsell. He has since expanded the service menu four times with a true focus on medically driven aesthetic services under the medical direction of Dr. Eric Olsen. Mr. Koepsell has truly transformed the company since the takeover. As a result, it has grown exponentially during the last seven years.

Recently, Xanadu moved into a beautiful new facility that provides almost double the space of the original location. Within the marketplace, the company arguably provides the broadest approach to aesthetic conversation, offering the widest selection of service offerings from a talented team of over 20 qualified individuals.

Facilitating a Viable Change

Understanding the changing marketplace and being able to communicate to potential clients about what is available is important. More and more millennials are exploring the world of prevention at a much higher rate than past generations. Men too have jumped into this pool. How one presents and communicates becomes an important part of the equation. All of these things go hand in hand toward creating and maintaining the most successful aesthetic practice.

“I am currently in the process of securing the doctors suite right next door to our current location, and turning it into a fully functioning Body Contouring Center featuring body contouring, body sculpting, medical weight loss, and even nutrition guidance. The fact of the matter is that some clients just don’t feel comfortable coming into a place of beauty for these treatments when they just don’t feel beautiful themselves. The idea of creating a separate space that is a little more clinically driven exists for two reasons – one to create that safe space for those clients, and two to have a more medically feeling and focused location to help the patient navigate their weight loss and body transformation experience.”

Services Portfolio: In a Nutshell

This is a long list. Know that within each category there are a plethora of treatment options and modalities: Botox/Neuromodulators, Fillers/Injectables, Non-Invasive Face Lifts, Laser Facial Treatments (for tone, texture, clarity, and pigment), Dermal Resurfacing, Scar Removal, Acne and acne scar treatments, Vein/vein removal Treatments, Skin Irregularities, Tattoo Removal, Microblading and Permanent Makeup, Vaginal Rejuvenation (urinary incontinence, dryness, and sexual performance), Hormone Replacement Therapy, Body Contouring, Body Sculpting (including muscle tone and definition), Laser Lipo and Body Cavitation, Non-invasive facial sculpting and contouring, Cellulite Removal, Medical Weight Loss, Nutrition Guidance, Advanced Facial Treatments (HydraFacials, OxyGeneo+ Facials, Chemical Peels, etc.), LED Facial Treatments, Signature Facials, Lashes (Tint and extensions), Teeth Whitening, Massage, and At Home Skin Care through Medical Grade Products. Following are two client success stories.

“One young woman had severe acne pitting/scars. She was engaged to be married and just wanted to improve the texture of her skin before the big day. After the final treatment in a series of microneedling with PRP, she looked in the mirror and began to cry, stating that she didn’t know it was possible that (she) could look so beautiful on (her) wedding day!”

“A client who was recently divorced started with us for simple Botox treatments. From there she explored the world of filler injectables, laser facial treatments, and finally body sculpting and contouring. One day she just cried advocating that she “felt pretty again”. Not in an extreme Hollywood way, but in a natural looking way that had her friends all simply advocating how great she looked and asking ‘what did you do?’”

Mark Koepsell | Owner & Operator

Mark Koepsell is a visionary leader bringing over 30 years of experience in establishing operational optimization across diverse organizations. He has been recognized and awarded for both strategy development and providing corporate vision. Mark is distinguished for an entrepreneurial mindset with creative problem-solving ability combined with operational effectiveness, converting strategic plans into tactical reality. He may be most known for devising and implementing new programs and initiating successful processes to produce new revenue opportunities in a world that doesn’t compromise the all-important human experience.

“I am currently in the process of securing the doctors' suite right next door to our current location, and turning it into a fully functioning Body Contouring Center featuring body contouring, body sculpting, medical weight loss, and even nutrition guidance.”