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Your Digital Transformation Hub: BroadVision

thesiliconreview-dr-pehong-chen-chairman-president-ceo-broadvision-2017We are a group of communication and technology experts with a passion for revolutionizing business through collaboration.

In this new digital revolution, the winners will be organizations who can successfully transform the way people work across the extended enterprise ecosystem. Companies are looking for ways to streamline information and procedures to ensure they remain agile and competitive, to continually deliver the best service to their customers, both internally and externally.

One of the ways this is being achieved is by adopting a digital strategy within their communications, opening a myriad of options. Choices are in abundance when it comes to enterprise communication tools, and whilst some seem on the surface to be very appealing, they are not all cut from the same cloth: many of the popular solutions are simply transitional – they are adopted as part of an overall hardware strategy or they fit with current office suite. But, they don’t fundamentally change how communication is handled and that doesn’t lead to a change in how people work or how customers are looked after.

Instead there’s a need to go back to the root cause and deliver a transformational change instead. Transitional tools do not lead to real transformation, it is simply chasing the latest quick fix. A transformational change is about unifying information and communications into one single source, leading to less clutter, less fragmentation and ultimately delivering time and money savings. Companies around the world have trusted BroadVision with their communication, collaboration and e-business needs since 1993.

Deep Dive into BroadVision

Founded by Dr. Pehong Chen, BroadVision is a global provider of social business solutions, focused first and foremost on real people and how they work. With a continuous focus on its customers, BroadVision understands that if you provide reliable, personalized services designed with your customers’ needs in mind, strong business results will follow.

This understanding allows BroadVision to build the business tools that companies can afford and easily implement, making the most of their existing capabilities while tapping into undiscovered talent. The result is a more agile, dynamic, and productive organization with a truly collaborative workforce at its core. The difference is in its point of view—how BroadVision sees your unique business. Every player must synchronize perfectly with the others, and every act must be performed flawlessly, every time. The company work tirelessly to help you succeed, and celebrates when you do.

Flagship Product- Vmoso

Vmoso is a workplace collaboration and business engagement hub for empowering enterprise digital transformation. It unifies four important workplace concepts:

Communication and Collaboration

The fundamental basis for any digital transformation is improving the way we communicate and work together, both inside and outside the company. Inside the company, it is called “high value collaboration” – enabling employees to communicate quickly, exchange information, retain that information, and most importantly, find it again later, eliminating wasted time searching for information. Outside the company, it is called “high touch engagement” or “customer experience management” – giving customers, and business partners, a focal point for all their communication with the company.

Knowledge Management

Today’s conversations are tomorrow’s knowledge. Vmoso’s collaboration features have knowledge management built in, so everything you create now is retained and indexed for rapid access when you, or your co-workers, need it again. That knowledge becomes interwoven into a holistic web of information via links to users, activities, groups and specific content and documents. The web of knowledge is then easily and readily accessible by everyone, serendipitously.

Collaborative Process Management

Vmoso Collaborative Process Management brings structure and accountability to collaboration and brings an end to chaotic, email-based communication. Task assignments mean everyone knows what they need to do, when they need to do it; task assigners can see at a glance who’s completed their actions, and who’s the bottleneck in the process. But Vmoso never removes the flexibility to change the direction of a task if circumstances change. Collaboration and communication is built into every step of the process.

Enterprise Integration

The last thing any company needs right now is yet another standalone communication tool. The digital workplace needs to be integrated into legacy communication systems like email, and into the systems of record that power your business, your ERP, PLM, CRM systems. These often form the context and trigger for any collaboration going on around the company.

By bringing all the elements together – collaboration, corporate knowledge, the processes that define how the company works together and integrate these to the core systems, BroadVision believes that’s a perfect platform for all the other digital transformation projects an organization might do: building a foundation for everything else to be built on, rather than just trying to build on sand and never succeeding. The success or failure of any adoption depends on changing the way the people work and behave, so the company couples the product with an enterprise transformation methodology that is designed to help organizations make these changes.

Greet the Founding Head

Dr. Pehong Chen, Chairman, President, and CEO: Named Master of the Universe by Business Week as one of the 25 most influential e-business leaders in the world, Dr. Chen has been a pioneer in driving innovative solutions to deliver business value in areas such as one-to-one personalization, knowledge management, e-commerce, e-banking, enterprise social networking, unified communication & collaboration, etc. Prior to starting BroadVision, he was Vice President of multimedia technology at Sybase, responsible for the company’s interactive initiatives. He founded and was President of Gain Technology, which was acquired by Sybase in 1992 (a division of SAP AG since 2011).

He is an active participant in the Silicon Valley success story. Having personally started and run two successful enterprise software companies in the past 25 years, Dr. Chen has also helped many others do the same. Dr. Chen received his PhD from University of California at Berkeley, MS from Indiana University, and BS from National Taiwan University, all in computer science. He is also a graduate of Stanford University’s executive program in business and management.

"Today’s conversations are tomorrow’s knowledge. Vmoso’s collaboration features have knowledge management built in, so everything you create now is retained and indexed for rapid access when you need it again.”