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Your one-stop-solution for innovative biotechnology solutions: NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.


NextGen Life Sciences was established in 2014 to become a frontrunner in the distribution of innovative biological products and services for the Life science research and diagnostic market while also providing complete solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents, CRISPR solutions, Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing, Bioinformatics services and customized solutions to Scientists and Researchers. The company wants to deliver the right products of scientific needs in minimum possible time at the doorstep to facilitate research findings to bring improvement in the human health and environment. The company is poised to become one-stop-solution to cater to the research needs of scientists in the field of Molecular biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Healthcare, Protein Biology, Drug Development, and Bioinformatics.

New Delhi based NextGen with a team of 12 people works very closely to gain recognition, success, and growth with a focus on scientist’s research needs. Collaborating with partners from USA, Europe, Singapore and other South East Asian countries for distribution business, manufacturing, and R&D, the company is serving almost 75 plus Research Institutes, Pharma R&Ds, Hospitals and B2B clien with a prime focus on clients like National Institute of Immunology, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, AIIMS, JNU, Strand Life Sciences, Mankind Pharma, Delhi University.

Why NextGen Life Sciences?

The NextGen group bridges the gap in understanding the needs and pains of the researchers of the Life Sciences/ biotech industry. It helps scientists gain insight into the recent innovations and technologies, assuring a sound knowledge of the subject matter. At first, it tries getting an insight into the customer requirements by exchanging ideas, then understands the complete workflow and expects results, which in turn help us to suggest customers best possible customized solutions. The methods of measuring success are not conventional. The company measures success in different scales like Conversations with clients, ROI, Conversion rate, Customer satisfaction, and others with parameters like referrals from existing clients, growth, profit from the revenue, conversion rate, sales target, and a lot more of organization benefit factors.

In current times, according to a report by Grand View Research, Inc., the global biotechnology market is estimated to reach 727.2 Billion USD with a growth rate of 7.4%. The Indian Biotech Industry's share in the worldwide market is about two percent, valued 11.6 billion in 2017, and is the third-largest in the Asia-Pacific region. NextGen aims to capture 30-35 percent of the Indian market by 2020. Arriving at the right prospects for sales and growth rate was instead a daunting task. The efforts of the dedicated and hardworking team paid off well to serve Research Institutes, Pharma R&Ds, Hospitals, and Diagnostic labs.

The company has maintained a long-term relationship with clients by rendering quality services. To provide such services company majorly focus on reducing TAT (Turnaround Time) for the product deliveries, efficient Inventory management, understanding customer needs by microanalysis of work profile and project running at prime customers site, addressing customer problems in time with best possible solutions, maintaining highly skilled and trained sales and technical team. In addition to that, it also has a dedicated team to look into after sales and services.

With its augmenting spectrum of products and solutions, NextGen Life sciences empower the mounting realm of research to solve complex analytical challenges in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental and industrial research, and the clinical laboratory. The company’s products address a wide range of requirements right from the sample, material characterization, and chemical analysis to clinical diagnoses and biological-based therapeutics handling. The company offers products and services for Cell Analysis, Cell Culture & Transfection, Cloning, DNA & RNA Purication, Gene Expression Analysis & Genotyping, PCR, Protein Expression & Analysis, Real-Time PCR, Sequencing, Synthetic Biology, Cancer Research, Stem cell research, Drug Discovery and development, Plant Sciences, Epigenetics and Services for Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics.

NextGen is enthusiastic about innovations in Biotechnology like Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in clinical laboratories, NGS Data analysis, and interpretation of unknown genetic variants. The company has its significant presence in North India and is planning to expand its business plans in West and South India. The company would be emphasizing on retaining employees with an exceptional level of satisfaction and skill development with innovative in-house programs as well as training.

An eminent organization committed to being the premier and a research-intensive life science company; NextGen Life Sciences is devotedly providing leading innovations and solutions for the present and future of the biotech world. NextGen Life Sciences is keen on transforming the modus operandi of research and future need for scientiļ¬c discoveries and innovations.

The driving force behind the organisation, Dr. Nagma Abbasi

The dynamic Founder and CEO of NextGen Life Sciences, Dr. Nagma Abbasi, is leading the development and execution of long-term strategies with the vivid vision of expanding the organizations’ footprints across the global market. Dr. Nagma is responsible for communicating with shareholders, government entities, and the public on behalf of the company. She attended Institute of Management Technologies, Ghaziabad, AMU, Aligarh, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Delhi for her studies in Business Administration, Doctoral studies in Molecular Genetics and Post-Doc in Molecular characterization of viruses and published several research papers in National and International journals. She learns from her experiences, failures, and updates herself about the worldly changes through reading. She wants to be the best entrepreneur and an example for the future generation. Her career spans over a decade working with Esteemed Research Institutes and leading Multinational companies in Life Sciences / Biotech industry across various verticals like Product management, Key Account Management, Brand management, Revenue generation and Strategic marketing and Planning.

"With a prime focus on creating real value for clients, collaboration with hospitals to contribute in the improvement of human health, we are planning to launch our own Brand products of International standards. Our eminent activities in the coming time include Freezer programs at prime client sites and creating a buzz on recent innovations in Universities, Schools, and colleges. This would generate interest in youngsters and train them towards human health and environmental enhancement.”