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June Edition 2020

Your projects have unique needs. Caserta is here to work with you on your terms


Data as an asset is still in the early adoption phase, which makes it a competitive differentiator for other leading organizations as they focus on transformation of organization as a whole. In turn, data and analytics become strategic priorities. Business and IT leaders trust Caserta to transform their organizations by and through their data. Its strategic assessments with actionable roadmaps, innovative designs and architectures, and advanced implementations leverage the latest technologies and proven frameworks and methodologies.

Dedication to solving its clients’ toughest data challenges with the fastest time-to-value is a hallmark of its firm. Its consultants are force multipliers that strengthen your team with deep domain expertise in data architecture, data engineering, and data science.

The company works with clients from a few key industries, but also have clients that are outliers. It specializes in all things data and analytics including big data, modern data architecture, cloud migration, enterprise data management, business intelligence, data visualization, advanced analytics, and machine learning.

Caserta is helmed by industry thought leader and best-selling author, Joe Caserta, who founded the company in 2001.

Data and Analytics done right

Strategic transformation through and by data

Caserta helps leaders looking to gain competitive advantage for their companies and to improve their process operational efficiencies innovate by and through their data. Its data and analytics consulting services are design-led and framework-based, which reduce time to delivery and improves accuracy and impact of the outcomes. Unlike technology led solutions, its services combine both strategic advisory and technology to align business needs with proven and emerging solutions that drive targeted business outcomes.

Its strategic data and analytics consultants are force multipliers for its world-class clients, and have the deep domain expertise across the full data stack to help solve your challenges in weeks, not years.

Its client engagements start with an initial assessment and blueprint. After that it delivers a data and analytics strategy and delivery roadmap. Caserta’s unrivaled data management consultants provide end-to-end implementation of its assessments when you need the right talent to get the project done right, on time, and on budget. It ensures post-engagement support to make sure the hand-off to your team is seamless. Its consultants, unrivaled in their talent, have deep domain expertise across the full data stack.

Its technology consulting firm specializes in transformative strategic technology consulting and implementation across the full data stack including: Business Intelligence (BI), Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), alternative data for analytics platforms, data intelligence, cloud migration and cloud transformation, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), GDPR,  data security, Google Cloud Platform,  Amazon Web Services, data visualization, augmented reality, data lakes, Master Data Management, Data Warehouse Architecture,  apache spark and more.

Cloud Consultant to Ensure a Successful Migration or Transformation

Caserta is a proven expert in cloud transformation and has transformed the cloud architecture of many companies. Its technology consulting and implementation firm is a certified Google Cloud Platform partner as well as a certified AWS Consulting Partner. Join us for top tier cloud migration consulting services!

Data Warehouse Implementation

Caserta’s highly skilled network of data warehouse consultants are experts in data warehouse architecture. They enrich your environment with world-class data warehouse knowledge that enables staff members to stop wasting huge amounts of time manually gathering data whenever a decision must be made. Its goal is to reduce or eliminate expensive, error prone processes by standing-up automated, systematic data collection, reporting and analysis.

Its well-designed, modern data warehouses put an end to the tedious task of manual data gathering by introducing a single, consolidated view of your information.

Opting for Caserta for your data warehouse design needs means choosing a business-driven data warehouse for your company. Its tools save you time and money and provide your staff with an accessible, easy-to-use data analysis platform.

Master Data Management

Caserta’s take a holistic view of master data management solutions. It is a framework of people, processes and technology that help to manage the information that is deeply embedded in its businesses.

Whether your business requires a single master data management system to master your customers or products, or a complete enterprise MDM content provider using SAP, Oracle we will craft a solution to address the specific needs of your organization.

Data Governance

A crucial component of any newly designed reference architecture is a pragmatic amount of data governance. Caserta approaches the design and implementation of data governance components as an integral part of the overall enterprise solution, implemented with proven methods and best practices for enterprise data architectures. Caserta is a leader in this area, leveraging its experience to define new best practices for the industry as technologies and datasets evolve.

Caserta originated the concept of the “Enterprise Data Pyramid”, actively being adopted as a standard for implementing modern data platforms that leverage the concept of “tunable governance”, also a Caserta concept.

Meet the leader behind the success of Caserta

Joe Caserta, President: Joe is an entrepreneur, technologist and founding President of Caserta Concepts (now Caserta).  He is one of the most respected data technologists and thought-leaders in the industry today. His work was first publicized in 2003 when his innovative approach to Clickstream analytics was featured in Intelligent Enterprise magazine, which became the standard for analyzing web data.

In 2004 Joe co-authored The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit, an industry bestseller that has become the de facto standard for preparing data for analytics. He is currently an established authority on enterprise data analytics and his relentless creative thinking allows him to continually innovate and invent new ways to stream and analyze data.

“Whether it be an existing tech stack that you would like to stay with, a tight budget, or a time frame that you need to adhere to, our team will work with you to get it done right.”