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30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2022

Increase efficiency of complex processes at scale, while improving quality and accuracy: Yseop


Widespread acceptance of artificial intelligence is contingent upon presenting data in a way that empowers businesses and employees to trust it. We must leverage the best of AI and natural language processing without losing the human touch only our employees can provide. Let’s face it: we’re drowning in data. Organizations across industries are seeing the volume of data growing exponentially, and the connectivity of that data is increasing so rapidly we simply cannot keep up. The issue isn’t how to store data, we’ve figured that out. And teams of highly skilled data scientists have been trained to analyze and process it. The problem many organizations face today is how to interpret large amounts of data to make it truly valuable. This blend of human expertise working in harmony with technology to drive better outcomes is what’s referred to as the augmented workforce. This type of AI has long promised more efficient employees, consistency of output, increased volume of work, and a reduction of human error. In a 2021 survey of C-level and senior management professionals, 66% said they expect the rise of the augmented workforce to be the most disruptive technological trend in business this year and beyond. Even still, while the augmented workforce has received a lot of hype, it suffers from acceptability and explainability at its core. Many employees simply cannot accept what they don’t understand.

The next industrial revolution is being led by artificial intelligence and the automation of repetitive tasks to enhance human capacity in the workplace. At Yseop, the team is leading this workplace revolution. Yseop’s vision is to empower people to work smarter and faster, liberating them from tedious, repetitive tasks, by automating complex business processes. Yseop does this through advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology and its suite of specialist tools that support report writing, sales management and other business processes. These leverage artificial intelligence to make sense of complex data sets, generating written narratives accurately, quickly and at scale. Yseop’s love of language and technology expertise underpins everything that it does; ensuring that its written narrative is always high-quality, across all 7 languages. That is why the company has built a strong global team of linguists, as well as AI specialists, to develop its technology, and will continue to accelerate speed and accuracy, with natural written style, as it grows.

Yseop’s New BI Solutions

Yseop’s Augmented Analyst BI Solutions bring report automation and deeper insights to data visualization tools like Tableau. Yseop is proud to announce its new Business Intelligence tool, a suite of enterprise-grade plug-ins that automates report writing with natural language generation (NLG). The application instantly connects Yseop to BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, and soon, Power BI for improved decision making. Yseop expands on the native capabilities of BI tools to automate report writing. It is designed for business users and helps reduce the massive administrative burden felt by analysts and their support teams. The plug-ins connect directly with data to automate otherwise manually generated reports so skilled professionals can focus on higher-stakes research and analysis. As workflows increasingly shift towards visual analytic platforms, analysts can now elevate their reporting insights with NLG. Yseop BI solutions are built on the Augmented Analyst platform which leverage advanced Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning technologies for automated commentary, with the assurance that data privacy is always paramount. Teams can gain advanced control and precision often lacking with native BI. According to Gartner, individuals make ~35,000 decisions per day. Solutions like the Yseop Tableau extension provide support to teams for high-stakes decisions made at business-critical moments.

Q. How do Yseop BI solutions complement Native BI Solutions?

Yseop BI solutions are not intended to replace a company's existing BI platform. The plug-in is designed to complement existing capabilities while offering more precision and control to the end user through an easy-to-use configuration interface. As a standalone offering, native BI solutions have a low adoption rate (22 %), Yseop aims to drive adoption by combining its powerful NLG with native tools. Through the extension, users will: 

  • Control precise output when compared to black box, native solutions
  • Scale meaningful NLG using a configuration interface
  • Expand on query features like Ask Data, which only provides visuals
  • Produce more in-depth, drill down analysis compared to Data Stories and Smart Narratives
  • Generate text in multiple languages 

Meet the leader behind the success of Yseop

Alain Kaeser Founder and Chief Science Officer of Yseop Co-Founded the company in 2007 after many years of extensive research and testing into artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering and the science of languages. His first exploration into the application of NLG in finance came in 1985, when Alain created a software program which helped accountants make financial decisions through language generation and the management of business rules. The program was extremely successful and won a CPA Golden Disk award, encouraging him to pursue further research surrounding artificial intelligence and making an inference engine "talk". This was when Alain began to expand the technology's focus to include domains such as marketing and sales, which ultimately has led Yseop to where it is today. Alain received his diploma in mathematics from the prestigious Ecole Normale Supérieure of Cachan (France), where he also taught for two years, and has a postgraduate degree in computer science from the University of Paris VI.

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