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Zaloni: A Provider of Enterprise Data Management Solutions for Hadoop

silicon-review-ben-sharma“Big data is at the foundation of all the megatrends that are happening today, from social to mobile to cloud to gaming.” – Chris Lynch

As Hadoop Data Lakes become more central to a data strategy, quality, governance and workflow automation becomes critical. Headquartered in North Carolina, USA, Zaloni offers software solutions to address these concerns and unleash the power of Hadoop in real-world production environments. It provides enterprise data management solutions for Hadoop which enable customers gain competitive advantage through organized, actionable Hadoop data lakes. Serving the Fortune 500, Zaloni has helped its customers build production Hadoop implementations at many of the world’s leading telecommunications, financial services and healthcare companies.

Founded in 2007, the company’s specialties include Map Reduce, Data Management, In Memory Analytics, Hadoop, Data Visualization, EDW Offload and Operational Intelligence Platforms.

Product and Service Offerings
The flagship products of Zaloni are Bedrock and Mica.

Bedrock- With Zaloni’s Bedrock, customers get an out-of-the-box, proven solution for building and maintaining a healthy Hadoop Data Lake. The industry’s most comprehensive data management platform for Hadoop, Bedrock makes it easy and cost effective to implement a manageable, scalable Data Lake, where companies can derive value from all of their data. It helps in removing the obstacles associated with building and operating a powerful, enterprise-ready Hadoop Data Lake, while accelerating time to market and removing significant operational expenditures. On an average, Bedrock allows customers to remove 70% of their OPEX.

Bedrock is a unified, easy-to-use solution for the managed ingestion, organization, enrichment and extraction of data in a Hadoop Data Lake. It is the only fully integrated platform that operationalizes the entire data pipeline to maintain a clean, actionable data lake. It makes it easy to ingest data into the data lake – regardless of volume. With Bedrock all steps of data ingestion are defined in advance, tracked and logged. The process is repeatable and scalable. Bedrock makes it easy to organize and manage data, regardless of volume. It captures operational, technical and business metadata. Consumers can search, browse and find the data they need for analytics, reducing the time to insight for new analytics projects. Bedrock is compatible with all major Hadoop distributions, most data processing engines and applicable to both on-premise and cloud-based deployment models.

Mica- It enables customers to see what data is available across an enterprise. They can blend data in the lake without relying on their IT team and perform ad hoc data-driven transformations. It provides an enterprise-wide data catalog that is easy to explore and search for datasets. This allows clients to see sample data to ensure that they are interacting with the right data set. It also facilitates data curation, allowing them to contribute valuable business information to entities to improve search and usage. It provides business users with the needed tools for interactive and visual data preparation. With Mica, data can be transformed to reduce preparation time and interact with sample data to detect patterns and outliers. Integration with Bedrock, the Hadoop data management platform, allows clients to operationalize transformations. It leverages Bedrock for the data organization, metadata management and execution of logic on the Hadoop cluster.

Zaloni Professional Services offers expert Big Data consulting and training services, helping customers plan, prepare, implement and deploy their Data Lake Solutions.

Zaloni has a distinguished customer base such as Verizon, NBC, IRI, Honda, GE, UnitedHealthGroup, MetLife, American Express, NetApp, Orange, etc.

Knowing the Masterminds

Ben Sharma, CEO

Ben is a passionate technologist with experience in business development, solutions architecture, and service delivery of big data, analytics and enterprise infrastructure solutions. Having previously worked in management positions for NetApp, Fujitsu and others, Ben’s expertise ranges from business development to production deployment in a wide array of technologies including Hadoop, HBase, databases, virtualization and storage. He is the co-author of Java in Telecommunications and holds two patents. He received his MS in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Bijoy Bora, COO and Co-Founder

Prior to Zaloni, Bijoy held positions with Optus, IBM, Bank Of America, South Western Bell, Fujitsu, Cap Gemini IOC and NIC in both the technology and services domains. He has also worked at multiple Silicon Valley startups designing and developing Enterprise software. Bijoy has worked and lived in India, the UK, Australia and the US. He holds a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from NERIST India, and a Masters in Engineering Management from University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

“We are the industry’s most comprehensive data management platform for Hadoop”