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Zebware AB – Securing customer's absolute sovereignty of their data in cloud environments


With time, technology and various other technology-related factors have evolved concerning how companies function digitally. Most companies now utilize the benefits of digital data storing and sharing, which makes their work extremely convenient and efficient. In the US, almost all major companies use a distinct form of cloud computing! This technology due being used more commonly now is also greatly trusted. Since its rapid growth in the past few years, the evolution of technology has taken over the world, with which the proliferation of cloud computing has greatly increased.

Zebware AB is a software company providing the tools for organizations to seize the full benefit of being truly cloud native while securing complete data sovereignty. With its globally available, market-disrupting software, it applies a close-to-application abstraction layer to the cloud, allowing the customers' full security and all benefits from being truly cloud native.


It is lightweight middleware software designed to enable true multi-cloud compute and storage and to secure cloud data deployments better than ever before. On top of the multi-cloud enablement and security functionality, Orchesto also provides an excellent toolset to ensure data governance no matter if the data is placed in a private, public or hybrid cloud. On the backend side, Orchesto supports, through one single interface, connectivity to 15+ cloud suppliers ranging from the very largest to specialized local ones. The introduction of Orchesto marks a radical shift in how new operating environments can be set up, leveraging the best opportunities from private and different public clouds By providing direct integration to 15+ separate cloud service providers, the Orchesto platform facilitates a true multi-cloud architecture and design. They are constantly integrating additional cloud service providers and are looking forward to soon onboard a number of Swedish suppliers.

Orchesto provides a unified interface for the connection of applications to the cloud. It is implemented by mapping one gateway to one application storing data or performing operations. The data could sit on-premise, in the cloud or be dispersed across a multi- or hybrid cloud setup. If the multi-cloud enablement features of Orchesto establish the first set of tools to empower the transition to true multi-cloud, then the multi-cloud orchestration tools enable an optimal setup at all times. However, what is currently slowing down the transition to cloud based solutions the most, is the lack of end-to-end security and ability to secure cloud data.

 Orchesto provides not one solution to this but a whole set of unique security features to allow companies and organizations to overcome this most important hurdle to increased cloud deployments. On top of protecting data from unauthorised access, interception and/or faulty handling of any sort, Orchesto is capable of further protecting data by dispersing it across multiple clouds. Data is dispersed using the unique Zebware Information Dispersal Algorithm (zIDA). When activated, zIDA transforms a data object into fragments which are then dispersed to different clouds. This procedure makes it practically impossible to retrieve the original data from any other place than the original source. Adding zIDA on top of the other Orchesto security features, such as gateway side encryption, TLS, IAM and configuration of immutable buckets, completes the comprehensive set of security functionality offered by Orchesto. This set effectively reduces the risk for and mitigates the impact of data loss and data breach.


ZebClient boosts the access speed of cloud data, adds protection and data redundancy, and disaggregates your data storage from compute. To put it simply, ZebClient saves you time and resources with minimal upfront effort. ZebClient makes big data fast & cloud data safe. Think of ZebClient’s functionality as a redundant and persistent cache that also protects your data, stores your file data in object data format and disaggregates your data storage from your computer resources. ZebClient is designed to accelerate data access speeds of large volumes of stored data, allow for flexibility in cloud storage solutions and eliminate the need for local storage. Save time and resources with ZebClient. ZebClient enables you to replace expensive local storage with inexpensive cloud storage with no loss in performance. When data is needed, ZebClient serves cloud data at ultra-high speed from persistent memory close to application. ZebClient act as a cloud data accelerator and makes cloud data available to applications at memory speed. When including lakehouse components such as metadata tables, data access speeds are accelerated even further and enables your chosen analytics application to use multiple data sources from multiple clouds.

ZebClient powers high-performance data lakes in the cloud. It accelerates the cloud data access speeds required for advanced analytics - enabling low-cost cloud storage for large scale data lakes. ZebClient is also compatible with POSIX to support AI or machine learning frameworks with a shareable, parallel file system. Scale your date lake to whatever size - and benefit from cost savings from day 1.‚Äč ZebClient is data acceleration software built on unique and patented technology. It provides data redundancy, disaggregates storage from compute and maximizes the utilization of underlying hardware to provide outstanding data protection and exceptional performance in serving data to applications. ZebClient enables lakehouse configurations to boost high-performance data lakes. You gain the scalability, cost-efficiency and data durability provided by the cloud storage AND the ultra-high speeds needed to power your advanced analytics applications. On top of that you can add multiple sources of data from multiple locations, providing you deeper and faster insights than traditional data silos.

Marie Johansson | CEO

"ZebClient accelerates cloud data to meet the requirements of HPC use cases like advanced analytics, AI and ML."