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December Edition 2021

Zeetta Networks – Providing Solutions That Deliver a Policy-Driven Service Assurance across Enterprise and Industrial Networks


Digital Transformation (DX) is one of the top priorities for organizations of all sizes around the globe. Yet, as enterprises pursue DX, there are a variety of challenges they must overcome. A network must be an enabler to digital transformation rather than a roadblock. To this end, enterprises are investing in key technologies to help advance their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure.

Zeetta Networks is a pioneer in the development of fully programmable, open ICT network infrastructures, made possible by the network slicing and network splicing® capabilities of NetOS®, Zeetta’s programmable network infrastructure platform. With ever-increasing demand on networks for more and more data traffic to be carried, the need for innovative, agile and economical network infrastructure solutions continues to grow. Zeetta Networks is dedicated to providing precisely these solutions. Zeetta’s core technology has been developed over the last five years by the High Performance Group in the University of Bristol as part of European, UK Government and Industry funded research.

Leveraging Best-In-Class ICT Network Infrastructure Products

Zeetta Visualise: It provides the real view of the network, showing how it is currently configured and proposes ways of how it can be reconfigured to achieve maximum efficiency. Visualise maintains an up-to-date view of the status of all the connected network devices, their configurations and the associations between them. This allows Visualise to quickly identify network issues which reduce overall network downtime, assist in root cause analysis of problems, discover under-utilized network resources and warn of deterioration in network performance. Visualise can save you time and resources with its automatic onboarding of network devices, full visibility of the whole network in five different ways, single-pane-of-glass monitoring across multiple vendors and technologies in real-time and integration with NMS and alarm systems. Your IT team can spend more time on creating value for the business than managing the infrastructure.

Zeetta Optimise: It can create and manage connectivity services in heterogeneous networks across different technologies, vendors and sites. It offers a framework of service orchestration that makes creation and consumption of network services easy and efficient.  Through service orchestration, Optimise delivers both control and data plane services in an automatic manner. This is in contrast to the conventional configuration management tools that require tedious, device-by-device human intervention for the provisioning of a service. Optimise takes an intent-based ‘service-centric’ view of the network and orchestrates services, end-to-end, across all the different technologies and vendors that make up the underlying physical network. This means that Optimise becomes the ultimate arbiter of all the services in the network.

Zeetta Automate: It enables scheduling and automated implementation of new network services or groups of services on demand. It brings complete programmable control for legacy and next generation networks driving down the cost of operations while increasing business agility. Automate enables IT teams and managed service providers to schedule configuration changes in specific times and dates. It helps to identify and remove expired or stranded services and configurations. It allows services to be standardized across multiple sites and provides a way to seamlessly reconfigure networks at the touch of a button to accommodate changes on demand quickly and reliably. Zeetta Automate uses the concept of network ‘mode’ to provide an intuitive yet powerful way to automate network configurations and deliver customized connectivity to networks with regular or frequent service alterations such as those found in multi-purpose and multi-tenant venues.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Vassilis Seferidis is the Chief Executive Officer of Zeetta Networks. He has over 30 years’ experience in Telecoms and Electronics. Previously, Vassilis was VP of Business Development for Samsung Electronics responsible for driving revenue growth and strategic development in Europe. He also held positions at BT, Toshiba, Philips, QIO Systems and British Standards Institute.  In 2011 he was included in the Euro50 list of the 50 most influential people in the European telecoms industry.  His academic qualifications include BSc in Physics, MSc in Telecoms, PhD in Electronic Systems Engineering and an MBA from City, University of London.

“Zeetta is dedicated to providing solutions that deliver a policy-driven service assurance across IEEE and 3GPP technologies for enterprise and industrial networks.”