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June Edition 2021

Simply the Best Healthcare Integration Platform: Zen Healthcare


The adoption of technology in healthcare over the years has led to better diagnosis and treatment of patients. Out of all the benefited sectors from technology adoption, healthcare is probably the most important one. Someone cannot argue that technology in healthcare is a new thing. We use medical technology from the most severe case to the simplest medical case, like breaking a bone. From plaster to robotic surgery, technological advancement is always present and undisputable. Nevertheless, behind every medical technology, there is the patient in mind. The transformative power of technology could not obviously be missing from the healthcare sector. Even though it is a sector requiring highly skilled individuals with many years of studies, it is also a very demanding one in infrastructure and tools. Globally there are various tech firms providing excellent solutions to the healthcare segment, but Zen Healthcare IT stands out from the rest.

Zen Healthcare is an interoperability technology and consulting company. The company helps health IT vendors, providers, HIEs, and payers simplify interoperability.

Gemini Integration Platform

Need a way to achieve clinical data interoperability without the cost of standing up your own platform? Getting tired of on-going interface development, monitoring, and maintenance? That’s why Zen Healthcare has created the Gemini Integration Platform – an Integration as a Service (IaaS) solution. The Gemini technology is an Integration as a Service Platform, meaning you can take advantage of integration tools with secure hosting and a team of integration engineers working with you to make your interface projects successful. Leverage your own interface engineers to build connections, but depend on Gemini as your fully managed infrastructure. Rely on the fully outsourced integration services, infrastructure, and interface development of the Gemini platform. If you are a healthcare organization required to exchange data within your own systems and third-party systems, Gemini is for you. Zen’s Gemini solution brings interface technology, engineering, and services together to help your organization succeed in the growing demands for data exchange. The Gemini Integration Platform acts as a hub with state public health reporting agencies allowing healthcare organizations and vendors to connect with vaccine registries. Gemini simplifies interoperability through advanced tools to acquire all types of data, transform the data to usable formats, and transport it to any healthcare organization. Common health data exchange initiatives such as Sequoia eHealth Exchange and Care quality, HIE connectivity, and clinical system interfaces are ideal uses for the Gemini integration platform.

Fully Hosted and Managed XCA Gateway Solution

Whether you are a healthcare organization, Health Information Exchange or a healthcare vendor, Zen Stargate IHE Gateway is your single connection point to national trusted exchange networks including Carequality™ and eHealth Exchange – saving thousands of dollars on onboarding. Stargate provides Adapters that are customized to integrate with EHR’s, CDR’s and other healthcare applications as needed. Stargate Adapters are designed to support a wide range of integration patterns. No need to change your existing data flow, Stargate Adapters will flex to meet your needs. Stargate is a part of the Gemini Integration Platform family of products, utilizing the same highly-scalable and redundant architecture and seamlessly integrated with the Gemini Integration Platform and other Zen hosted solutions like the Gravity FHIR data repository. Zen team members are subject matter experts in onboarding clients to the eHealth Exchange and Carequality trusted exchange networks. Onboarding services include performing security, smoke testing and content testing services. Stargate is not only a best-in-class gateway technology infrastructure, but Zen is also an official Carequality Implementer. This means that Zen clients can join Carequality through Zen, as a Carequality Connection.  This significantly reduces the amount of work required for on-boarding.

Innovative Healthcare Integration Message Archive and Data Management Tool

It has never been more important to have nimble data tools at the core of your health technology and information exchange infrastructure and Capsule will be a big help. Capsule is an innovative data management tool specifically designed to archive healthcare messages and also intelligently apply metadata tags, allowing for dynamic message retrieval, reporting and analytics. As a component of the Gemini Integration as a Service platform, Capsule leverages a FHIR data model and Zen’s expertise in working with a wide variety of clinical messages: HL7v2, CCD, C-CDA, claims, etc.

Meet the leader behind the success of Zen Healthcare

Jim Benson is the CEO of Zen Healthcare .Jim has a passion for helping people solve problems and a talent for building teams that have teams that possess hard to find expertise, and personality. Jim’s achievement portfolio is nothing short of impressive. 23+ years of entrepreneurship, executive and C-Suite experience, Jim has laser focused attention on outcomes; both for clients and employees.

“At Zen, we’ve assembled an incredible team of healthcare integration engineers and built a disruptive integration as a service (IaaS) technology platform built exclusively for the daily demands of healthcare data exchange.”