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Leveraging Purpose-Built Software for the Small and Mid-Size Businesses Driving the American Economy: Zenefits


Cloud Computing is not a recent buzzword. The technology has been here for more than a decade now. And no industry has been able to keep itself away from it, simply because it has a lot to offer. HR technology has also been largely touched by cloud computing. More and more organizations are making the move towards cloud-based HR systems and leveraging its capabilities to better manage resources and cut down on costs. HR cloud is driving the efficiency and productivity of organizations on a global level. As technology is taking an upward trajectory, access to innovation is getting easier for companies. Irrespective of their size, organizations can make use of Cloud HR software without investing heavily in it. Furthermore, the ease of implementation is what drives the companies towards cloud solutions. The system is already in place and installation/migration needs just minutes. Tasks such as payroll management, recruitment, applicant tracking, talent management, benefits administration, etc., can be carried out with much ease.

Zenefits is one such company that delivers a complete, all-mobile HR experience for small and medium businesses. The company offers cloud-based software as a service to companies for managing their human resources, with a particular focus on helping them with payroll and health insurance coverage. It offers a platform for small and mid-sized businesses to administer and manage benefits; HR functions such as time tracking, onboarding and employee record keeping, payroll, performance, and well-being. The company also offers users access to human resource and payroll advisors. The platform includes collaboration tools to assist managers with managing newly remote or hybrid workforces. Its People Hub integrates various messaging, collaboration, and interaction features inside Zenefits.

Providing Best-in-Class Cloud-Based HR and Payroll Software Solutions

Employee Onboarding: Entirely online, mobile-friendly, and all in one place, its Hiring & Onboarding software offers self-onboarding for employees and visibility into every step of the onboarding process for admins. New hires can onboard themselves, with information synced to Benefits and Payroll. Over 80 percent of new hires on the Zenefits platform complete employee onboarding before their first day at work, saving you time and ensuring they’re ready to go on day one. Zenefits streamlines your onboarding workflow by automatically connecting it with the rest of your HR system, including Benefits, Payroll, and Scheduling. During the hiring flow you can even provision new employees with accounts in the systems your company already uses, like G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, and Slack.

Employee Performance Management: Improve employee performance with user-friendly tools for goal-setting, performance reviews, and one-on-one meetings. Increase employee performance through easy-to-manage review cycles. Its performance review tools help employees get constructive feedback in a safe, positive environment and allow upward feedback so managers can improve their skill sets as well. One-on-one meetings are important for managers and employees to stay in sync. The tools help facilitate these meetings so both parties are better aligned on priorities, engaged and accountable.

Payroll Administration: From one-man shops to thousand-person enterprises, its payroll is built to address your unique situation. Every Zenefits plan includes all its advanced payroll features. Unlike most HR platforms, Zenefits’ payroll system automatically syncs with the rest of HR, making your life a little bit easier. Keeping a business compliant is a full-time job. Luckily its platform does most of the work for you, including automatically calculating and filing payroll taxes.

The Leader Upfront

Jay Fulcher is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zenefits. He leads Zenefits’ vision and strategy to level the playing field for small and mid-sized businesses by helping them manage growth, productivity, performance and compliance. Jay has more than 25 years of experience leading technology companies. Before Zenefits, he served as CEO of Ooyala and Agile Software. He was also a senior executive at both PeopleSoft and SAP. Jay also sits on the board of Onclusive. He regularly advises businesses and is a sought-after speaker. Jay holds a BS in Business Management & Economics from San Jose State University, where he also serves as a member of their Global Leadership Council.

“We provide innovative and intuitive HR and payroll software and services purpose-built for these small and mid-size companies.”