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October Monthly Special 2021

Improving Global Digital User Experience through Its Robust Edge Cloud Services: Zenlayer


For organizations looking to break beyond the limitations that traditional cloud-based networks impose, edge computing can make all the difference. Although cloud computing continues to play an important role in modern network architecture, the exciting possibilities offered by Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which are capable of processing the data they gather closer to the source, are forcing companies to rethink their approach to IT infrastructure. Often touted as the “next big thing,” edge computing differs from more traditional data processing solutions. Edge computing not only has the ability to deliver a direct on-ramp to a company’s preferred cloud platform, but it also can help achieve flexibility and nimbleness when it comes to ensuring a streamlined, efficient IT infrastructure.

Zenlayer is one such company that offers on-demand edge cloud services in over 180 PoPs around the world, with expertise in fast-growing emerging markets like India, China, and South America. Businesses utilize Zenlayer’s global edge cloud platform to instantly improve digital experiences for their users with ultra-low latency and worldwide connectivity on demand. In addition to its range of edge cloud services, Zenlayer is best known for “wowing” partners and customers with above and beyond service.

Next-Generation Edge Cloud Products and Services Offered

Bare Metal Cloud: Improve digital experience instantly with on-demand servers in more than 25 countries. Users can get the high-performance computing power of bare metal combined with the flexibility of the cloud for optimal user experience. Meet demand with as many servers as you need. Use the Zenlayer Portal to add or remove servers at any time or shift resources to another region. Choose either hourly or monthly billing. Combine the best of public clouds and private servers with a customized hybrid-cloud solution. Use direct connections and cloud bursting to handle sudden demand spikes or transfer data between regions.

Edge Data Center Services: Improve user digital experience around the world with Zenlayer Edge Data Center Services. Custom colocation and managed hosting options available in over 180 locations. Combine colocation or managed hosting with Bare Metal Cloud, Cloud Networking, and IP Transit to create a solution customized to your needs. Let Zenlayer experts provide region-specific strategic and regulatory guidance; technical advice; and assistance with purchasing, delivery, and customs clearance. Professional and remote-hand services are available in all Zenlayer Edge Data Center Services locations, including equipment racking, configuration, inspection, and troubleshooting.

Cloud Networking Service: Zenlayer improves digital experience instantly by creating a private network on demand. Make instant, dedicated connections to public clouds and data centers. Add additional connections to offices and private clouds for a complete network solution. Users can use the Zenlayer global, private backbone to avoid latency caused by public internet congestion and improve user experience. Reduce latency and jitter by up to 40 percent during peak periods. Establish direct connections to public and private clouds across six continents, including in emerging markets like China and India. Choose connection speeds from one Mbps to 10 Gbps. Users will get ultimate network flexibility with full-mesh support at every Cloud Networking location. Minimize latency with connections between every node in your network.

IP Transit: Improve digital user experience worldwide with Zenlayer’s global network. Optimize connectivity with access to a blend of the best ISPs in every region and more than 15 Tbps of bandwidth spanning long-haul routes and intra-regional connections. Let Zenlayer’s network automatically give you the best blend of connections between POPs, or choose specific routes and carriers for granular control. In addition to competitive bandwidth prices, Zenlayer offers a one-on-one service that helps us optimize access for local operators in many countries. Support responses are quick. It usually takes one business day to get final answers to questions. Speed up every stage of application use from the first mile to the last. Its global backbone resource covers Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Oceania. Directly connect to multiple public clouds via VBR.

The Formidable Leader

Joe Zhu, founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Zenlayer. As a telecommunications professional with over 20 years of experience in the Pacific region, Joe has always been passionate about the exchange of ideas and commerce between Asia and the rest of the world. Prior to founding Zenlayer, Joe was the SVP of Global Business at ChinaCache, where he built the global business unit of China’s largest CDN provider.

“We strive to exceed customer expectations and deliver a wow experience at every touch point. We focus on consistently creating value for customers.”