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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2021

Team driven by passion focused on easing the massive scale of IT services and infrastructure, high performance and security: ZEVENET


We live in a digital world where enormous data is produced at an unprecedented scale like never seen before. Over time, technologies to maintain these data have also evolved significantly, but the main question here is, how far have we reached? To keep things running smoothly and secure the datasets, we use cybersecurity. However, miscreants are evolving quickly, and that is where things like Application Delivery Controller (ADC) come into play. In simple terms, ADC is a computer network device that is an integral part of the application delivery network. Sometimes it is also used to deliver load balancing for user data. ADC provides the necessary access and security to applications at peak times. As we move our computing capabilities to the cloud, ADCs help us perform tasks previously done by custom-built hardware.

Globally there are various companies specializing in delivering excellent ADC solutions, but ZEVENET stands out from the rest. ZEVENET offers the easiest and most accessible high availability solutions within the ADC market. The company’s main aim and strength are to provide an easy to use and high-performance application delivery controller focused on high availability and scalability of services developing next-generation technologies based on the open core and thanks to the ZEVENET elite force developers and also to the contributions of our wide-open community. ZEVENET does not believe in limitations per core, memory, or throughput because its ADC solution performs with the maximum resources available. The company researches and develops open high technology to gather the best performance, scalability, and high availability. ZEVENET was founded in 2012, and is based in Seville, Spain.

In conversation with Laura García, CEO and Co-Founder of ZEVENET

Q. Today, systems communicate across continents, sending sensitive data all over the world. These transfers don’t undergo sufficient protection and are easier to break into. How do your solutions protect these networks?

Our solutions are developed to work not only with encrypted traffic, accelerating the communication, but also with a high range of different levels of security protections for a wide range of network and application attacks made easy. That makes our customers totally confident in our reliability.

Q. Hackers have many strategies for hiding their locations, IPs, identities, and methods. The cybersecurity field, on the other hand, is a lot more transparent and open for research – data, created by businesses, is easily accessible by criminals. Tell us about your cybersecurity strategies.

Our transparency policy allows open collaboration to create a security-based workforce against the latest and innovative attacks in a very quick way by detecting and replicating the protections everywhere. The community interaction makes it also a smarter way of keeping us totally alert on news and different developments.

  • Support of local and remote IP and network lists per service, fully customized and automatic list update scheduler from high reputation lists
  • More than 200 preloaded automated protection lists per zone or geolocation, private networks, bad peers, botnets, spam lists, web scrapers, bogons, TOR nodes, spyware, anonymous proxies, brute force hosts, web exploits, and more
  • Configurable DoS and DDoS protection rules per service including connection limit per second, total connections limit per source IP, bogus TCP protection, reset requests limit per second among others
  • DNS Blackhole lists for real-time DDoS protection services based on high reputation lists
  • Web Application Firewall with more than 400 rules to protect application-level attacks like DoS attacks, protocol, and method enforcements, scanners, local and remote file inclusion, remote code execution, injections, vulnerabilities exploitation, cross-site scripting, session fixation, data leakages, among others

Q. How do you design user experience and automated interfaces to make application reliability technology easy?

We use standardized and coherent APIs definition for process automation but also consistent with instinctive and user-friendly web and command-line interfaces.image

Q. What are the factors that affect the development of new ADC solutions?

ADC modular software based on cutting edge technologies in
order to be deployed in every platform but also enhances the quick adaptation of new requirements and technology challenges.

Q. Tell us about the scalability and affordability of your ADC solutions.

Our solutions make it possible to scale via different methods: local network, wide area network, web application, SD-WAN, or data center level. In addition, they are open core, providing a Community Edition solution but also Enterprise Edition for professional and critical environments that could be complemented with different support plans that fit every need.

Q. Trust is a difficult attribute to measure and a delicate dynamic to maintain. How do you maintain this with your clients?

We make a foundation of trust by ensuring a really quick resolution of issues, doubts, concerns, or requests, also by providing reliability on every commitment in regards to bug fixes, security patches, improvements, or new features. And of course, by constantly listening to the needs of every customer in a personal way.

Q. What does the future hold for ZEVENET and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We are facing challenges in regards to multi-cloud, SD-WAN, micro-services, and SASE. We are so excited to continue developing and facilitating new solutions and services while digging into new fields to make our customers' work and life easier and faster.

Meet the leader behind the success of ZEVENET

ZEVENET was born with the mission of offering simple and innovative solutions that improve the security and availability of services on the network. Based on advanced technology and open source, they have developed a flexible portfolio of ADC - Application Delivery Controller products - easy to install and manage in any ‘Datacenter’ environment: proprietary hardware, market computers, virtual machines, or cloud service. The development team is the heart of ZEVENET. Highly specialized and with deep knowledge of the latest technology, they develop an agile and productive work that allows us to constantly improve our catalog, adding new functionalities to it. Laura García is ZEVENET project co-founder, which was started on an open core base software development on Load Balancing, and reaching to High Availability, Web-Scale and network Security as well. Computer Engineer in Spain, where she has developed her professional career as a software engineer in Linux for big companies and corporations for more than 10 years and currently co-leading her own already named project and contributing to other collaborations based on Linux Netfilter Project. Laura is an extremely committed professional, highlighting her agility, passion, intellectual and high level of intelligence. She often volunteers to participate in conferences, consultations, and specialized articles as an expert speaker and lecturer, and as a committee and jury as well.

“Our processes, from sales to software development, are highly automated in order to provide the lowest response times and become as agile as possible”